Top Reasons why CARDANO hit a 100X it’s potential in 2022?

Top Reasons why CARDANO hit a 100X it’s potential in 2022?
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Most crypto enthusiasts are now debating whether Cardano is a good investment or not. There has been much discussion in the cryptocurrency community as to whether this blockchain is dead or simply silent. CARDANO is seen as a joke by many in the cryptocurrency field. The issue now is whether CARDANO will reach 100X its potential this year. Let's see what happens.

There are a lot of people that are against this coin in the cryptocurrency community. Some may argue that this blockchain is incapable of processing transactions from its existing user base, but why? Because Sundaeswap clogged the blockchain when it became live, the protocol advertised transaction delays of up to 16 hours. 

Others would argue that smart contracts were scheduled to be released for a long time but were repeatedly delayed, causing investors to lose faith. Some critics even claim that Cardano is a research project that focuses too much on theory and overlooks utility, implying that investors are unable to invest in projects because they do not exist.

For our case, these criticisms come from investors in the other Ethereum-killer blockchains such as Solana, Avalanche, and Harmony one- this is all because these coins share a similar goal with CARDANO as being a fast and a cheap alternative to Ethereum. We highly believe that CARDANO is in for a big BUST this 2022, and let’s see why…

First, is its tokenomics

Users are protected from inflation via CARDANO's tokenomics. CARDANO's ADA tokens have a maximum supply of 45 billion and a cumulative supply of 34 billion, meaning 75.5 percent of ADA's maximum supply has already been created. 

The eutxo advantage is the second benefit. 

The eutxo model of CARDANO offers two distinct benefits over Ethereum's account approach. Users can check transactions to determine whether they will succeed before they are established using one of the eutxo models. 

Second, if the same inputs are not utilized, a eutxo model enables multiple transactions to be processed in parallel, resulting in faster transactions.

With CARDANO, staking is easy

Staking is one of the most valuable aspects of owning ADA. Users can delegate ADA to decentralize the network and be compensated tokens since CARDANO is a proof-of-stake blockchain. 

CARDANO's scalability has also been increased because of hydra scaling methods. Hydra will increase network scalability to make CARDANO the fastest blockchain in the world, and this will be accomplished by adding off-chain transactions.

Lastly, CARDANO is now peer-reviewed and secure

Because of its rigorous development strategy, CARDANO is one of the finest choices for institutional adoption. It has been termed the "measure twice, cut once" approach, and all blockchain modifications are peer-reviewed before being deployed. 

In terms of security, all improvements and new features are designed, examined, and agreed upon by academics before being implemented, giving consumers peace of mind that their assets are safe.

Those aren’t the only reasons that CARDANO will BOOM in 2022

CARDANO is also up 65 percent in terms of trade volume over the last several days. What is the source of this surge in popularity? One thing that investors seem to enjoy is the authenticity of the company's newest digital wallet, Daedalus. 

Daedalus is now only available on desktop computers, and it has undergone a number of changes in recent weeks. One specific modification, for example, was to improve the blockchain verification process. 

Furthermore, the majority of CARDANO's investors appear to be optimistic about the company's prospects. Even after the Alonzo hard fork, the crypto sector has continued to grow and entice investors with new developments.

CARDANO, for example, announced last week that it had reached the 1000 smart contract milestone, and there has been even more good news for the ADA cryptocurrency lately. 

Let's see what the experts think about this coin's price forecast

Coinquora feels ADA is the clear winner, citing its popularity and potential for innovation. This year, the site forecasted a bull-case price of $3.12. 

According to Crowd Wisdom, the value of this coin will be $2.63 per coin, which is more than double the previous year's worth. The same comments were made by Crypto Newz, who estimated the price to be $2.15 per coin.

With all of this optimism, we believe CARDANO will have a great year this year. We have great hopes for further good growth in the coming years because CARDANO development has never slowed, and if the Ethereum team does not stay vigilant, CARDANO may soon surpass Ethereum.

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