Is Algorand the blockchain for the future ? Is the ALGO price peaking?

Is Algorand the blockchain for the future

Is Algorand, the blockchain for the future, trending in the market? Is the ALGO price peaking? Here is all you love to hear about the ALGO latest updates. 

What is Algorand?

Algorand is a decentralized network that aims to address the blockchain trilemma of performance, security, and decentralization all at the same time. Algorand's permissionless and accessible blockchain has been employed in various industries. It includes real estate, microfinance, and copyright. 

After the government of El Salvador picked Algorand to create government blockchain infrastructures in September 2021, the carbon-negative blockchain network grabbed news. 

How has Algorand performed recently? 

The Algorand blockchain, which solves the blockchain trilemma, is now one of the most popular developers. As a response, the Algorand Foundation has announced a collaboration with the University of Florida to build a Blockchain Lab. 

According to the statement, the Algorand blockchain will fuel the construction of the blockchain lab. In addition, Algorand will develop a thorough program to assist blockchain education with particular use of Algorand's technology as part of the one-year cooperation. 

Several central banks worldwide use Algorand's blockchain to construct Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). In addition, the CBDC Dashboard was just launched by Algorand. A further area where Algorand is gaining traction is among decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols developers. 

DappRadar has revealed that it now follows Algorand dApps as Algorand's Defi market increases. Zone, the first GameFi initiative on the Algorand blockchain, earned $2.35 million in fresh capital before launching its initial coin offering on January 15 as Algorand's reach in the DeFi industry increases. 

Grayscale Investment, worldwide asset management, is interested in Algorand's possibilities. Grayscale listed Algorand's indigenous token, ALGO, as one of the tokens under evaluation to be included in the digital assets it owns in a recent statement. 

Algorand has stated that it is developing an NFT marketplace on its blockchain. In addition, TxnLab noted on January 21 that it had raised $1.25 million to develop Algorand's name services and market. Algorand's first NFT market, as per TnxLab, will debut in Q2 2022. 

In addition, resources are being spent to construct and grow Non-Fungible Domain, a reliable name and identification solution for the Algorand community. Before introducing NFD, Algodrop has announced the release of an NFT platform on Algorand on January 30. 

Monkelab's NFT platform has the potential to transform the Algorand NFT landscape completely. Algorand's recent performance echoes the suffering crypto industry, which has seen large sell-offs because of worries of interest rate rises and rising inflation. 

Algorand has lost a lot of money since the beginning of 2022, despite gaining 2% in the previous 24 hours. Algorand is now trading at $0.953, unable to maintain its $1 price. With a market worth of $6.22 billion, Algorand is now the 25th biggest cryptocurrency. 

Despite its recent foray into decentralized banking, Algorand is a relative novice, having invested just $3.4 million in four dApps. Furthermore, compared to other DeFi networks, tokens such as ETH, ALGO, SOL, and LUNA have been seen to be more overpriced. 

Algorand's one-of-a-kind solution to the blockchain trilemma has attracted a large following. Furthermore, Algorand's decentralized design ensures that community members are involved in project decision-making. 

Today, the ALGO community comprises ardent supporters who regard Algorand as the DeFi's future. Following the January fall, the price of Algorand has begun to coil up underneath a strong resistance barrier. 

As a result, ALGO has remained tightly wrapped, implying a breakout shortly leading to a fast run-up. Over the last 11 days, the Algorand price has tagged the $1 local resistance barrier three times, indicating that it is difficult to overcome. 

However, given the optimistic nature of the crypto markets as a whole, there's a considerable probability that purchasers will band together and force a move higher. A breakout will be signaled by a four-hour candlestick closing above $1. 

After that, Algorand's price is expected to slowly rise to $1.16, representing a 24 percent increase from its current position of $0.934 at the time of writing this article. There's a good chance that this rise will be limited to $1.16. However, if bulls can turn this stumbling block into a footing, Algorand's price might extend its rally and retest the 50-day SMA at around $1.317. 

This move would increase the overall benefit to 40%. A rise in negative momentum that lowers Algorand's price below $0.818 for a four-hour candlestick closure will result in a lower low. This occurrence will tilt the odds, even more, favoring the bears invalidating the bullish premise. 

In this scenario, ALGO might drop 18% and return to the $0.675 support level, where it could collect the sell-side volatility that has accumulated below it.

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