How to find Lost Ark Pirate Coins rapidly and where to spend them

"Lost Ark: How To Find Pirate Coins?" is the title of our guide. Pirate Coins have become a key part of Raiders of the Lost Ark's nautical action, so here's how to get them, harvest them rapidly, and simply spend them.

How to find Lost Ark Pirate Coins rapidly and where to spend them
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Lost Ark: Quickly obtaining Pirate Coins

Fortunately, obtaining them is really straightforward, and we've provided our recommended cultivation techniques below:

 Participate in Marine Events: Marine Events are regularly scheduled and may be observed via the Stopwatch panel while at sea. They're usually found under the 'Voyage' category, and when completed, they reward Pirate Coins.

Fight Ghost Ships: The Marine Events section has a Ghost Ships component. For destroying them, players will gain Pirate Coins as well as a number of additional incentives.

Finish Una's Missions on a Daily or Weekly Basis: Completing Una's Missions on a daily or weekly basis may result in a big amount of Pirate Coins.

Completing Procyon's Compass Islands: If you complete the islands that appear during the Procyon's Compass restricted period events, you will receive Pirate Coins.

Catching fish: If you're out fishing, you could catch a bag of Pirate Coins by mistake (although a fortunate mistake).

Other coins, such as Gienah's Coin, Arcturus' Coin, Spectrum's Coin, Ancient Coin, and Sun Coins, can be exchanged for Pirate Coins in the Tea & Libra Guild Vessel.

How & What can you spend buy or with Pirate Coins?

It's fantastic to have a lot of money, but what good is money if you can't put it to use? Pirate Coins may be exchanged for a range of commodities for any merchant ship you come to discover. The blue Trading line marker is highlighted.

Getting Pirate Coins in a Different Way

The Marine events also provide a large number of coins, which may be traded for Pirate Coins rather easily. Make your way to the Harbor and engage with the merchant ships to do this.

The following are the current conversion rates for Voyage Coins to Pirate Coins:

10 Pirate Coin  =  1 Guiena's Coin


12 Pirate Coins = 1 Krater's Coin

15 Pirate Coins = 1 Arcturth Coin

17 Pirate Coins = 1 Ancient Coins

20 Pirate Coins = 1 Solar Coin

So that's all there is to it when it comes to finding pirate coins in Pirates of Lost Ark. We hope our 'Lost Ark: How To Find Pirate Coins?' advice was helpful. If you like our guide, please leave a comment below.

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