4 Best cardano projects hidden Altcoin gems and NFT with huge potential in 2022

4 Best cardano projects

If you are thinking about which CARDANO projects to buy, and maximize your profits; today is the day you will know the top latest CARDANO projects that you may think of investing in and become crazily very rich. 

Our purpose in this article is to ensure that you get the best knowledge about the crypto world and to help you in the decision-making processes during your crypto journey. Now, if you are interested to know the CARDANO projects that you’d wish to invest in; just make sure you read this article till the end!  

Sundae swap

Sundae swap

At number one is the Sundae swap. This token was launched on January 20th, 2022; and it is one of the newest projects launched on the CARDANO ecosystem. Well, Sundae swap being a new crypto token; means important news to the CARDANO holders. 

They say if you want to generate more just make sure you are among the first people to invest in that token, and Sundae swap is the new golden opportunity for anyone who gets into it first. The swaps are already available since their launch on 20th January 2022. 

It has a total locked value of $4 million in ETHER and SUNDAE, and more value will be coming into these pairs, and this is just the beginning for the entire ecosystem and Ether. This is why we have been seeing a rise in the CARDANO price. If you are looking to get more information about Sundae swap; we have just talked about this token in the past article



Number two is the Astroswap. Astroswap has been of great success for the CARDANO ecosystem; and is also one of the newest projects built on this ecosystem, that has helped CARDANO prices rise

AstroSwap IDO on ADAPad will take place on January 28, 2022, starting at 8:00am for the allocation round and at 1:00pm for the First Come, First Served round, while supplies last. AstroSwap will set a new standard for decentralized trading with automatic liquidity locking and ultra-high staking and farming returns. 

A revolutionary DEX from space. Powered by WagyuSwap and incubated by BlueZilla with the full support of their amazing full marketing team, it's sure to be another success! 



The next one is the Verve. The Verve is the new YouTube, TikTok, and Twitch. Verve gives you an opportunity to earn by just watching and streaming engaging interactive content. 

Verve is another project that has already been launched later this year. It has experienced a massive rise, and it can actually make you very rich.  

CNFT (CARDANO NFT market place)

CNFT (CARDANO NFT market place)

Now away from the crypto coins, we are receiving new visitors, who have come to dominate the crypto space at an exponential speed. And guess what are we talking about? You are right! These are the NFTs, and for the purposes of the topic of today; we would refer to them as the CARDANO NFT marketplace or CNFT. 

Something interesting about this project is that, even when the market is down, the NFTs could still give you a chance to choose on NFT projects. A piece of caution from us; these are some of the riskier investments that you just don’t go with a blind eye. 

This doesn’t mean that they can not be your perfect investment; the reason behind this is that, if you check your social media platforms, you’d definitely agree with us from the testimonies of different people that they can make you incredibly rich! 

So CNFT works vary similar to open sea or Solana art, the only difference is that these are on ADA. if you go to their minting guide it'll show exactly step by step How to upload your artwork, add metadata, decide tokenomics and then list for sale on CNFT.io.

This guide is basically designed for those who actually want to sell, but if you want to buy it can be even easier for you. Now those are some of the top crypto projects for now. Thanks for reading the article.

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