What are the most mysterious cases in the world? 5 chilling unsolved mysteries

A good mystery is something that everyone enjoys. But what if a mystery never reaches its satisfying conclusion — the Scooby-Doo reveal of the culprit? The 5 unsolved cases listed below are bizarre, disturbing, and frustratingly unsolved. They are some of history's most confusing unsolved mysteries.

Number 1. The Jamison Family 

The Jamison Family
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The first case on our list is bizarre, and it has been unsolved for nearly a decade. On October 8, 2009, the Jamison family, which included Bobby, his wife Sherilyn, and their six-year-old daughter Madyson, went missing. The Jamisons had made the decision to leave their lakefront property and start over in a new location. 

The family drove 30 miles from their house near Eufaula to a remote location in Oklahoma on October 8th in the hopes of purchasing a forty-acre plot of land. They drove up to the lonely Sans Bois Mountains in their white pickup vehicle but never returned.

A Latimer County Sheriff discovered the family's abandoned vehicle on the side of the road on October 16th. Wallets, IDs, cell phones, a GPS system, roughly $32,000 in cash, and even the Jamisons' pet dog, who was on the verge of starvation, were all found inside the locked truck. 

The family's skeletal remains were discovered roughly 3 miles from where their truck was abandoned, almost 4 years later, after police undertook a massive search operation but found nothing. An autopsy was carried out, but the remains were in such poor condition that the cause of death could not be discovered.

Security cameras from their home captured the Jamisons loading up their truck the day before they vanished; detectives said the couple appeared to be in a trance-like state, walking from their house to their truck over 20 times without speaking to each other. The Jamison's were extremely thin and emaciated at the time they went missing, leading to speculation that they were addicted to crystal meth. 

However, no narcotics or drug paraphernalia were discovered in the house. The Jamisons had become increasingly paranoid in the months leading up to their disappearance and had informed some of their friends and family that their house was haunted and that they had seen spirits.

Bobby had even told a preacher about the spirits and asked if he could get special bullets' to shoot them with. Sherilyn Jameison had bipolar disorder, and the Jamieson's had both struggled with depression throughout their lives. 

unsolved mysteries
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This picture of 6-year-old Madyson was taken in the mountains and was discovered on Bobby's phone. It is thought to be the last photo of her ever taken. The family claims that the shot was not taken by Bobby or Sherilyn because Madyson isn't looking at the camera and appears to be afraid. 

There are numerous theories concerning this case, ranging from the family's disappearance to abduction, cult sacrifice, cartel murder, and murder-suicide. However, nearly 11 years later, no one knows for sure what transpired on that tragic day.

Number 2.  Amber Tuccaro

Amber Tuccaro
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Amber Tuccaro, a 20-year-old woman, went missing on August 18, 2010. Amber, her 14-month-old kid, and a female friend flew from Fort McMurray, Alberta, to Edmonton International Airport the day before. When the three arrived, they checked into a motel in Nisku near the airport and stayed the night. 

Amber left the motel the following evening to grab a ride into Edmonton. She chose to hitch a ride with an unknown male, which turned out to be the worst decision she'd ever made. Ambers' friend informed her mother the next day after not hearing from her, and she reported her missing.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police released 61-second cellphone audio of Amber's discussion with the unknown man she hitched a ride with to the public on August 28, 2012. The recording was obtained in an unknown manner, but police hoped that someone could identify the male's voice. Here's the call recording conversation.

Amber: Where are we by? 

Driver: We're just heading south of uh, north of Beaumont. 

Amber: We're heading North of Beaumont Yo, where are we going? No, This is a.. 

Driver: the backroads.. 

Amber: Are you f****** kidding me? 

Driver: No I'm not kidding you. 

Amber: You better not take me anywhere I don't want to go, I want to go into the city, okay? Yo, we're not going into the city, are we? 

Driver: We are, we're going.. 

Amber: No, we're not. Where the f*** are these roads going too? 

Driver: To 50th street. 

Amber: 50th street, are you sure? 

Driver: Absolutely. 

Amber: Yo, where are we going? 

Driver: 50th street. 

Amber: 50th street? 

Driver50th street. 

Amber: East, right? 

Driver: East.

Amber's bones were discovered by horseback riders on a rural farm near Leduc County just four days after the recording was made public. The unknown motorist stated that he was traveling north on the recording, however, RCMP detectives suspect that instead of driving north to the city, he went southeast through Leduc County's rural roads. 

Although authorities published the 61-second clip, the call actually lasted 17 minutes, which is roughly the time it would take to drive from Amber's last known position to where her body was located. 

The call came from Ambers' brother, who was imprisoned at the Edmonton Remand Center, where all outgoing calls are monitored, according to CBC News. Hundreds of leads have been received as a result of the recording, but police have yet to identify the mystery driver.

Number 3.  Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann
pic credit: 9 News

Kate and Gerry McCann traveled to Portugal with their three young children and a group of friends in late April 2007. Madeleine McCann, 3, was reported missing at 10:14 p.m. on Thursday, May 3rd. A call was received by Portuguese police alleging that a three-year-old British girl had been kidnapped. 

Earlier that evening, around 7 p.m., The McCanns put their children to bed, claiming that all three were sound asleep by 8.30 p.m. They then left the apartment and went to a tapas bar, 50 yards across the pool from their apartment, to meet up with seven of their friends for supper.

The McCanns claim that every half-hour, they checked on the kids to make sure they were safe. Gerry McCann arrived at the ground floor apartment in Praia da Luz at 9:05 p.m., saying that all of the children were still sleeping and Madeleine was in her bed. 

Dr. Matthew Oldfield, a friend of the McCanns, checked on the kids around 9:30 p.m. He claimed that the McCanns' bedroom door was wide open, but he left without peeking far enough into the room to determine if Madeleine was in bed since he heard no noise. 

Kate McCann investigated the apartment around 10 p.m., claiming that she observed the children's door was open wider than she recalled it being, that the window shutter and curtains were wide open and that Madeleine was no longer in her bed when she entered the room.

Kate dashed back to the tapas bar, where she screamed that her daughter had been kidnapped. The resort's missing kid search protocol was launched at 10:30 p.m., and 60 personnel and visitors, as well as the police, searched the estate throughout the night. 

Many mistakes were made by police in the first 24 hours of the inquiry, one of which was that the crime scene was not adequately secured, meaning that roughly 20 persons entered the apartment before it was blocked off, contaminating any potential evidence. 

The McCanns were instantly identified as suspects by Portuguese police, who could not accept their narrative and could not believe they had left their children alone.

They theorized that Madeleine's body was hidden and the abduction scene was fabricated after a tragic accident. Kate and Jerry were allowed to leave Portugal and return to the United Kingdom in September 2007, despite the fact that they were suspects. 

After a year of investigation, Portugal's attorney-general dismissed the case in July 2008, and the McCanns were no longer considered suspects. 

In 2013, a BBC show called crime watch reconstructed the night in question and released e-fit photos of a man seen by Mary and Martin Smith, from Ireland, after they reported seeing the mysterious male carrying a child matching Madeleine's description at around 10 p.m., 500 yards from the McCanns' apartment.

They claimed he was strolling towards the beach, didn't appear to be a visitor, and didn't appear to be comfortable carrying the youngster. The show also published e-fits of a group of people seen near the McCanns' apartment on the day of their disappearance. 

Madeleine may have disrupted a burglary, according to Scotland Yard. Unfortunately, there haven't been many further leads, but the McCanns are still hopeful that Madeleine is alive and will be discovered. 

Number 4. The disappearance of Timothy J Pitzen

The disappearance of Timothy J Pitzen
pic credit: Chicago tribune

Amy Joan Marie Fry-Pitzen went to Greenman Elementary School on the morning of May 11th, 2011, to remove her lone child from class and check him out of school. Amy and her 6-year-old son, Timmothy J Pitzen, then embarked on an unplanned three-day road trip. 

The brook-field zoo in Illinois was their initial stop, followed by the key-lime cove resort, where they slept the night. When Timothy's father, James Pitzen, went to pick up his kid from school, he discovered that his wife had already taken him out, which he thought was weird. 

Amy and Timmothy went to the Kalahari water park resort in Wisconsin Dells the next day. The next morning, surveillance footage from the water park shows them both waiting in line to check out.

Amy called several of her family members and friends shortly after, around 1:30 p.m., to let them know that she and Timmothy were well. Amy went to a family dollar store in Winnebago, Illinois at 7:25 p.m. to buy stationary. 

She then went to a neighboring Sullivan's Foods, where she was seen on a surveillance camera for the second time; however, Timmothy was nowhere to be found. Her final voyage ended around 11:15 p.m. in Rockford, Illinois, where she checked into the Rockford Inn. The next day, at 12:30 p.m., the inn's personnel discovered her dead. 

She had slashed her wrists and taken her own life by eating an overdose of antihistamines. Amy left a suicide note and two letters in the mail to her loved ones, claiming that Timmothy was safe and being taken to a place where he would be well cared for.

She also claimed that no one will ever discover him and that she "can't face the chance of Jim harming Tim as a result of her decisions." Timmothy's spider-man backpack, toys, and clothing, as well as Amy's stuff when she checked out of the Kalahari resort, were all missing. 

Amy's mother has admitted that she suffered from depression, but claimed she was not insane and never acted strangely. Timmothy has yet to be found.

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Number 5. Kayelyn Louder

Kayelyn Louder
pic credit: daily mail

Kayelyn Louder, 30, went missing on September 27th, 2014, at 7 p.m. The circumstances surrounding her disappearance are unusual. Louder had called 911 in the morning, alleging that someone had broken into her condo in Murray, Utah and that the burglar was still inside. 

She said, "I didn't see anyone, but I heard them chatting." Louder yelled numerous times for the intruder to go during the call. The report was investigated by police, but no proof of a break-in was discovered. 

Louder was captured on surveillance footage strolling barefoot in the rain outside her condo with her dog later that day. She looks to be having an animated conversation, according to cops. Louder began running about 7 p.m. for an unclear reason, leaving her dog, phone, money, keys, and the car behind.

She was last seen alive at this point. In a statement, Lounder's mother stated that she spoke to her daughter that day and that she seemed OK. Her cousin claims she was cleaning her condo and working on her resume that day because she had just been fired from her job as a social worker. 

Her family enlisted the services of a private detective in their investigation for her. Louder's body was discovered in the Jordan River in Utah, 5 miles from her house, two months after she went missing. An autopsy was performed, but it was not possible to identify how she died. 

A toxicology report revealed that she had no deadly or illegal substances in her system. Louder's family believes foul play was involved, and that the death was not an accident because she had no history of mental illness.

Investigators disagree, however, because the 911 call she made on September 27th was not the first time she had made a false claim. The day before, she had described a brawl at a wedding that never happened, leading them to suspect she was delusional. Kayelyn Louder's family is still searching for information as to what happened to her after she left her condo that day.

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