Top 4 Most Promising Metaverse Crypto to Invest in 2022 to Get High Gain

Now, as we all know, Bitcoin's value has ebbed and flowed over the year. And, while it has consistently proven to be a solid investment for early adopters, it is currently somewhat costly. So, if you're a cryptocurrency investor trying to diversify your holdings, where should you begin? What are some of the most affordable cryptocurrencies available right now? Anyone who has been following the metaverse news throughout the year is certainly aware that there are other cryptos performing well outside Bitcoin.

1. The Atlas coin

The Atlas coin
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The Atlas coin is the first on our list today. Star Atlas gives you the ability to expand your experience beyond the realm of the physical. The sky is the limit here, and you have the freedom to explore an entire universe of possibilities. 

You can use your own starship to explore a unique metaverse, join or start a faction, and create your own unique planet. ATLAS is the metaverse token that powers this one-of-a-kind world. It is the key to thrilling new vistas and possibilities, and it runs on the Solana metaverse blockchain. 

The Solana metaverse blockchain is similar to Ethereum in that it is quick, safe, and secure, but it is more scalable and less expensive. You can buy any of the digital assets you need to immerse yourself in the Star Atlas universe using ATLAS metaverse currencies, including land, ships, crew members, and equipment. 

You can also use ATLAS to buy POLIS, an in-game money that you'll need to handle some aspects of your game. POLIS, in particular, will be required to control your new world by issuing decrees and governing your society. 

While the Star Atlas metaverse is a new concept with a useful metaverse token, some may find the two tokens — ATLAS and POLIS — to be confusing or frustrating. Nonetheless, the advantages outnumber the disadvantages, and Star Atlas is a dynamic, intriguing environment with NFTs that provide a lot of virtual bang for the money.

2. SAND Coin

pic credit: The Sandbox

The second on our list is SAND. The Sandbox is a virtual world where metaverse currency called SAND can be used to buy and sell virtual land and other goods. With the power of SAND cryptocurrency, you may construct and transform anything you can imagine while selling your virtual experience. 

SoftBank, one of today's most powerful digital investment firms, is backing The Sandbox. You can buy, sell, and stake your virtual plots and valuables. The Sandbox is a play-to-earn metaverse that lets you select how you want to use it. 

You can make your own game, play other games, own virtual land, and gather, construct, or control real estate. The Sandbox's metaverse is built on the Ethereum blockchain, which ensures the highest level of safety and security. 

However, this means that you may have to pay high gas prices from time to time. Nonetheless, its editor allows you to build unrivaled animations and models while also providing you with strong tools to construct the virtual environment you desire. Away from that, NFT initiatives have been popping up on a daily basis for the past few months. 

But how can you go through all of the noise to find the most promising projects to invest in? Given the size and scope of the NFT world, it's realistic to assume that not all of these assets will appreciate. However, we now have a few projects that are both reasonable and have the potential to make you a fortune in the future.

3. Enjin Coin

Enjin Coin
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The Enjin ecosystem is one of the most fascinating NFT initiatives that has gotten a lot of attention from the crypto world. Enjin, a cryptocurrency, was first introduced in 2017. Because Enjin Coin is an ERC-20 token, it can be sent and received using an Ethereum wallet. 

Enjin's technology, on the other hand, does more than only deal with that one currency. Enjin is meant to work with games; you may use Enjin Coin as money and buy, sell, and trade NFTs with the Enjin wallet. 

Enjin describes itself as a crypto engine with a lot of horsepowers. It's a fascinating site that takes a novel approach to gamification. It aims to assign a monetary value to every game or, more likely, a platform-based item.

Enjin has gained a lot of traction thanks to its unusual approach, and it's getting more popular every day. Although the Enjin coin can be traded, it is mostly used for NFTs, games, and other assets and apps on the platform. Enjin allows game producers to use the Ethereum blockchain to tokenize in-game assets. 

Currently, each ENJ token costs $2.46, which is close to $2.50. While no one can predict what the future holds, we are confident that ENJ currency will continue to grow in the crypto market. Enjin has a bright future ahead of it, and as more people use NFTs, the price of ENJ tokens is sure to skyrocket.

4. DeRace Coin

DeRace Coin

Finally, there's DeRace, a cryptocurrency that's been doing well in the metaverse. DeRace is a competitive NFT horse racing ecosystem, to begin with. Its goal is to establish a new benchmark for the betting business. 

DeRace is a play-to-earn NFT horse racing metaverse that allows you to engage in horse races, breed NFT horses with unique features, develop your own NFT hippodrome, and profit while doing so, according to their official website. Simply said, DeRace is a blockchain-based virtual horse racing environment powered by $DERC. 

DERC is presently trading at $3.87, with a market capitalization of $142.6 million. There are 34.2 million DERC tokens in circulation, with a total supply of 120 million. The option to stake DERC tokens on the Uniswap liquidity pool is one of the most appealing features of DERC tokens for investors. 

DeRace is a concept that sees a huge opportunity in the lack of gambling-themed video games. Similarly, horse racing has been plagued by corruption scandals and a lack of technology in recent years. 

As a result, individuals have lost faith in centralized gaming solutions and are less interested in them. Because most platforms have sluggish transaction settlements, this is the case. DeRace, on the other hand, is come to revolutionize the game! 

DeRace guarantees a completely fair and transparent gaming environment. Players can participate by purchasing one-of-a-kind NFT horses that offer a bespoke gambling experience that is unrestricted by regulators. The nicest thing is that members benefit from cheaper and speedier transactions.


NFTs and crypto are eventually the keys to gaining access to the metaverse's virtual world. You can use NFTs to access digital assets such as virtual homes and enterprises, as well as digital apparel, art, and other virtual products. 

Your NFTs are protected by the metaverse blockchain, which prevents them from being duplicated or hacked. Although metaverse blockchain technology is well-established, the metaverse as a whole is still emerging, therefore it hasn't yet taken shape. 

While there is a lot of speculation about what that will look like, the value of non-fungible tokens remains a source of great uncertainty. Many NFTs, including those listed above, have demonstrated their development and potential, which is why they are increasingly being viewed as an investment option. 

The metaverse has the ability to open up a world of possibilities, but it is the user who holds the actual promise. Through the monetization of your digital crafts, you can benefit from digital assets. Fundraisers, games, and collectibles may all be turned into digital assets that can subsequently be tokenized as in-game assets or made into play-to-earn games. 

Users can invest in and exchange non-fungible tokens in order to make real money without ever having to play. It's even conceivable to construct a virtual reality that is identical to our own and improve on key features of it. However, employing a metaverse blockchain that secures and certifies the data it contains — as well as money that supports it — is essential.

Finally, the ideal cryptocurrency for future use is one that allows you to enter the world you choose. So, there you have it, guys, the four crypto projects that are now shaking the metaverse. We believe that these three projects will also boom in 2022, so keep a watch on them. So, what do you have to lose? Make sure your backpack is secure so you don't get left behind when they travel to the moon!

Disclaimer: Please keep in mind, We are not licensed, financial advisors. All articles on this website are intended for entertainment purposes only. 

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