Ripple (XRP) has a chance to become the best Cryptocurrency investment in 2022

Ripple (XRP) has a chance to become the best Cryptocurrency investment in 2022

Welcome back to Comprehensive Mind! In today’s article, we talk about why Ripple has a chance to become the best Cryptocurrency investment in 2022. And will it hit $2 in 2022? Blockchain technology is at the heart of many well-known cryptocurrencies. For security, it cycles transaction data and saves it in blocks. 

Ripple, unlike most cryptocurrencies, uses a revolutionary 'hash tree' paradigm rather than blockchain technology. Similar to blockchain technology, XRP uses a futuristic technique to record transactions. Ripple, on the other hand, has been steadily declining since the beginning of the month. 

After reaching a record high of US$1.33 in November, XRP has been gradually dropping. As a result, we look into whether Ripple has a shot at becoming the best cryptocurrency investment in 2022.

The Adventures of Ripple

In the modern digital economy, cryptocurrencies have evolved to become the focal point of financial transactions. More people are experimenting with the decentralized concept as digital tokens grow more popular. 

Even if blockchain is the most prominent actor on the ground, do investors explore other underlying concepts? In fact, they did. As a result, Ripple has become the best cryptocurrency investment in the digital world. Ripple is a fintech company known for its proprietary 'RippleNet' payment network, which it uses to provide global payment solutions. 

RippleNet is built on the XRP consensus ledger, which is open source and futuristic. The best cryptocurrency, 'XRP,' is supported by the Ripple platform. Ripple uses the XRP ledger and the XRP currency, although they operate independently of the firm. 

Furthermore, the well-known Proof of Work and Proof of Stake concepts are not used in XRP. To confirm accounts and move payments across nodes, it instead relies solely on a protocol consensus technique.

The Biggest 2022 Trigger Is Ripple vs. SEC

Ripple Labs, XRP's parent business, is involved in a legal battle with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States (SEC). According to the SEC, the sale of XRP tokens was of unregistered securities. 

Ripple refuted the notion, arguing that XRP does not meet the definition of security. Because of the legal battle, XRP prices have dropped in the last year. Experts, on the other hand, feel the matter is close to being resolved. 

Despite the slow pace of the judicial process, they believe the case has progressed. As a result, it will expire in 2022. Furthermore, the litigation between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission is about more than Ripple Labs. Even the outcome of the case is expected to have far-reaching consequences.

Furthermore, Ripple XRP is a well-known cryptocurrency that also happens to be one of the most intriguing. It does not support decentralization, unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other well-known coins. Rather, Ripple is closely related to a number of banks, investment firms, and businesses all across the world. 

When many traders believe that the most important selling point of cryptocurrency is its independence from other firms, this may appear counterproductive. Crypto experts are increasingly claiming that it may be the deciding factor in Ripple's success. 

Despite the fact that the cryptocurrency world is notoriously difficult to predict, some believe Ripple XRP's unique market position will allow it to sidestep some of the industry's turbulence in the future years.

How Ripple varies from the majority of other cryptos on the market

To understand any Ripple price prediction, you must first understand what Ripple XRP is and how it differs from the bulk of other cryptos. Ripple was launched in 2012, and like Ethereum, its name is frequently used to refer to both its payment platform and its native currency. 

Ripple XRP is its cryptocurrency, while RippleNet is its platform. Despite the ongoing lawsuit, Ripple's CEO spoke out on a variety of topics, including XRP's tendency to ignore stratospheric highs and create even more millionaires than it already has. 

The SEC's preference for assets with higher emissions, such as bitcoin, over a cryptocurrency with a very low carbon footprint, such as XRP, was also mentioned.

Price Forecast and Positive signs for XRP in 2022

As you may recall, Brad Garlinghouse raised the possibility of an exchange-traded fund for XRP going public in the United States in November. Furthermore, the Ripple CEO hinted that he would respond to the SEC's calls for clarity and transparency right now, but he didn't. 

Because the SEC had conveniently allowed XRP to be traded in the US for more than seven years, these exchanges were already aware that the SEC planned to de-list XRP, which is part of the SEC's sworn duties. 

It was traded on over 200 exchanges and was actively traded all over the world before the action was filed. Furthermore, with XRP moving in lockstep with the rest of the market, we're still expecting the best, given that this asset class has yet to witness considerable gains. 

Furthermore, the bubble burst, leading prices to soar to previously unimaginable heights. Moreover, the case will result in the creation of billionaires for XRP, ensuring Ripple's victory. A number of exchanges are now discussing the possibility of re-listing the Ripple cryptocurrency. 

The fact that uphold already supports XRP as a trading pair suggests that getting the cryptocurrency is no longer a problem. Ripple, being the largest cryptocurrency exchange, appears to be doing well right now. Coinbase is considering re-listing the ripple coin just months after it was first added to its trading pairs.

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong, citing Forbes senior writer Rosalind Layton, expressed his goodwill toward Ripple and its current dispute with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Brian Armstrong's Twitter thread has been criticized for mentioning some questionable behavior. 

The cryptocurrency exchanges that delisted the Ripple asset after the SEC deflated the coin were among the first to list the coin after the SEC deflated it. Furthermore, the Securities and Exchange Commission vowed to sue Coinbase, threatening to pay interest in the SEC's regulation enforcement. Coinbase understood the repercussions of the SEC's enforcement efforts. 

The CEO of Coinbase, on the other hand, has openly expressed his enthusiasm for Ripple and has remained excited about Ripple's case against the Securities and Exchange Commission. On the other hand, Ripple's native token, XRP, continues to outperform on both technical and fundamental levels. 

XRP has retained its status as one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies in the world despite several hurdles. Ripple's price has never soared to the dizzying heights of Bitcoin, which peaked at $68,789.63 per coin on November 10th, 2021, but it has seen substantial fluctuations in the nine years since its inception. Examining previous performance is one of the most important steps to take when looking for the finest cryptos to buy-in. 

Let's have a look at how the price of Ripple XRP has changed over time. 

Ripple XRP was first listed on a cryptocurrency exchange on August 4, 2013, at a price of $0.01. Its price remained basically steady after that till 2017. In 2018, the cryptocurrency industry had a fantastic year. 

Bitcoin's price increased by 2,000 percent, but it was nothing compared to Ripple's 36,000 percent increase in January 2018 to an all-time high of $3.84. XRP's second dip was lightning fast, but it never recovered from the lows it reached in its first five years.

During the coronavirus crash in March 2020, Ripple's price remained relatively constant, which was unusual. Between the first of March and the first of April 2020, the asset's price jumped from $0.163 to $0.215, breaking the market trend. 

It was also ahead of the game when the industry-wide bull run began at the end of 2020. Ripple began to gain traction on October 1st, whereas most assets saw price gains in December. XRP then rose from $0.242 to $0.625 between October 1st and November 1st.

Despite the fact that its price has fallen as a result of the SEC investigation, the stock's recent rise has given many investors new optimism. Following an initial price increase in early December 2020, the asset continued to appreciate rapidly in March-April 2021, breaking beyond the previously elusive $1 barrier. 

The price of Ripple swung significantly in April and May, appearing to be on a strong bearish trend. However, prices began to rise again in July and August. The price of XRP will almost surely climb in 2022, according to Wallet Investor and Previsioni Bitcoin, hitting a peak of $2 or $1.90. 

On the low end, according to The Economy Forecast Agency, it might plummet to $0.56 by the end of the year. In 2022, PrimeXBT predicts a high price of $12 for Ripple XRP. Many people believe that investing in cryptocurrencies like Ripple for the long run is the ideal plan; after all, the early Bitcoin investors would have made a tremendous return if they had ignored the skeptics and stuck to their guns. 

Is it feasible that XRP will follow in the footsteps of Bitcoin? 

Brad Garlinghouse, the CEO of Ripple, believes this as well. Back in 2018, he encouraged Ripple investors to think in terms of months and years rather than days and weeks when anticipating gains from their investment. 

According to Garlinghouse, institutional investor interest is growing as the crypto market surges in 2020-2021. In addition, he sees Bitcoin as an excellent inflation hedge. Ripple XRP, according to Garlinghouse, is both necessary and valuable for payment solutions. Ripple has a bright future ahead of it in 2021. 

XRP is one of the most rapidly developing cryptocurrencies this year. Furthermore, given XRP's recent achievements, we may conclude that XRP is a cryptocurrency to consider investing in this year. As the XRP community and the greater crypto market continue to thrive, we may see XRP reach new heights. 

The bullish XRP price forecast for 2022 is $2.62. As previously stated, if investors believe that XRP, along with other famous cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum, is a good investment in 2022, it might reach $5.


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