Early Investors Can Make Millions in These Best 4 Crypto Gaming Projects

Every mobile game developer hopes to make a terrific game with a monetization mechanism that allows them to maximize ad revenue. Before being able to access advanced content, most crypto games now ask players to purchase virtual reality goods with real money. 

Using bitcoin instead of money would make the process much easier for NFT gamers and developers if it were implemented. Many developers are catching up, and their digital treasures can now be tagged. 

We felt it would be a good idea to build a list of the best upcoming NFT games and where to find them, given the rising recognition and popularity of NFT games. We examined a wide range of NFT game genres in order to ensure that everyone can find something they enjoy.

Blankos Block Party

Blankos Block Party
pic credit:venturebeat.com

Mythical Games, the creators of Blankos Block Party, have announced the alpha launch of a marketplace where players may buy and sell "Blankos," the game's in-game characters. Blankos Block Party is an open-world multiplayer game in which players compete on levels created by the community. 

It is currently in open beta on PC. Players, similar to Roblox, build their own games within the game and determine their own rules. Blankos Block Party is a game in which everyone dresses up as a Blanko, a brightly colored blocky vinyl creature. 

Some of the earliest Blankos were designed by top vinyl artists, and they're only available to the first 5,000 gamers who get their hands on them.

According to Mythical Games, every Blanko is recorded on a blockchain, which authenticates its ownership and allows it to be traded. As the game's audience expands, early assets and specialized releases will become increasingly scarce and perhaps more valuable in the secondary market, according to the company. 

In video games, players spend a lot of time battling enemies in order to increase the abilities of their characters and weaponry. The Mythical Marketplace, as it's been dubbed, would allow gamers to earn not only from the sale of rare characters but also from the selling of characters they've leveled up through hours of gameplay. 

Buyers will be able to filter marketplace listings based on skill level and other factors to find the exact character they're looking for.

Phantom Galaxies

Now we'll go on to Phantom Galaxies, our second upcoming NFT-based game. Phantom Galaxies, a PC and console game from Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands, will be released in 2022. According to the developers, Phantom Galaxies will be built on blockchain technology and will use NFTs to allow players to own digital rights to the game's assets. 

Phantom Galaxies
pic credit: phantom galaxies

Players join the Ranger Squadron to fight the Sha'Har, an alien race hell-bent on wiping humanity out after humanity desecrated their tomb worlds. The Lancer, which excels at stealth and agility, the melee-based Breacher, the artillery-based Buster, and the Assault mech will all be available. 

Ben Lee, CEO of Blowfish Studios, said, "Phantom Galaxies is a fantastic and evocative combination of everything we love about science fiction and action RPGs." We're ecstatic to be working on an online mecha space opera, and we can't wait to take everyone on an adventure later this year." 

In a word, Phantom Galaxies will be a third-person shooter with action RPG elements that will allow you to level up your suits and gain new equipment to use in Sha'Har combat.

The action will take place on Earth as well as in space, where players will battle pirates, scavengers, and several factions each with their own goals. In addition to fighting the Sha'Har, players will have additional objectives to perform, such as tracking down bounties or participating in smuggling missions. 

Every move a player takes will affect their reputation throughout the galaxy as well as the story's progress. I hope you have a good understanding of how the game will work once it is released.

BIG Time Metaverse 

BIG Time Metaverse

Now it's time to discuss the third game on the list, Big Time! Yes, it is as enormous as its name suggests. The Big Time NFT game has attracted NFT vendors and buyers. So, what's all the fuss about? Players can form teams, level up their characters, design their time machines, and obtain rare collector items in Big Time, a multiplayer role-playing game. 

Big Time has truly leveled the playing field with their new NFT game. They've just announced their participation in the NFT Marketplace! Because anyone can now trade NFTs for fascinating new blockchain entertainment technology on Big Time, this is a game-changing announcement. 

Users can explore the world of Big Time through space-time adventures in which they can obtain rare and exotic products, according to their game. You will be able to obtain these treasures by utilising NFT technology. 

You may enjoy the Big Time universe on the online application, which is compatible with PCs and mobile devices. You may trade, buy, and sell things directly on the app's Marketplace without using any crypto wallets. Big Time's Timelines system allows characters like "Time Warrior," "Chronomancer," "Shadowblade," and "Quantum Fixer" to upgrade their skills. 

Players can use a Battle Axe, Dual Blades, Two-Handed Greatsword, Sword and Shield, Quantum Staff, and Warhammer from a weapon arsenal that includes a Battle Axe, Dual Blades, Two-Handed Greatsword, Sword and Shield, Quantum Staff, and Warhammer. 

Each weapon has its own set of advantages and talents in battle. You can also customize and modify your own Time Machine, which transports you through the Timelines. Plus, you'll be able to play with a friend. Isn’t the game interesting? Would you get in while they are beta testing right now? 

Monkey Ball

Monkey Ball
pic credit: buzztify

Now let's move on to today's final game, which we believe has the most promise right now and has the potential to be a big hit in 2022

Monkey Ball is the name of the game. MonkeyBall is a next-generation esports metaverse that combines high-production-value online gameplay with Solana blockchain technology, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized finance to produce a thrilling, turn-based play-to-earn soccer game that is simple to pick up but challenging to master. 

MonkeyBall is a game that sits in between FIFA Street and Final Fantasy. The Unity game engine is being utilized to construct the game, which means it will be able to run on both desktop and mobile platforms in the future. 

The 4v4 arcade soccer game is easy to learn but challenging to master. Players assemble a team of four monkeys to fill the roles of striker, midfielder, defender, and goalkeeper. Matches are played between two teams in stadiums owned by the players and visible to other players, known as Spectators. 

MonkeyBall introduces the concept of asset portability. Players own the game's assets, Monkeys and Stadiums, in the form of NFTs, while the in-game money, tokens ($MBS), is owned in the form of tokens. 

The game offers a variety of play-to-earn techniques, giving players a lot of options and excitement when it comes to how they play. Players can also employ a DAO governance token ($SCORE) to exercise control over the gaming platform and treasury. It's time to talk about how to play it. 

Players put together their perfect MonkeyBall team, which includes four monkeys who play striker, midfielder, defense, and goalkeeper. Despite the fact that each Monkey may play any position, it has unique abilities that allow it to excel at a certain task. 

Matches are played in two teams and last 12 rounds (6 rounds per half). The round is concluded after both teams have completed their turns. 

In their turn, each team has three options: move a player, dribble, pass, or shoot the ball, or perform Special Moves. The turn ends when a player completes their activities or taps "End Turn."

So that brings us to the end of today's article. And let us know which of these games you'll be playing in the comments section below.

Disclaimer: Not financial, legal, or tax advice! Just opinion! I am not an expert! I do not guarantee a particular outcome I have no inside knowledge! You need to do your own research and make your own decisions! This is just for education & entertainment purposes!


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