Safemoon wallet update Will Safemoon reach one cent this year?

Safemoon wallet update

Since the wallet's launch, the SafeMoon development team has been working nonstop to fix bugs and add new features. I'll show you the latest SafeMoon wallet upgrade in this article, which will bring SafeMoon to $0.01.

Safemoon wallet update 

The SafeMoon army and development team celebrated a personal success with the launch of the SafeMoon wallet. With the wallet having been delayed three times and the drama that surrounded Hank quitting the team and making a big deal about it, many people assumed the wallet would never be released.

However, it's been a few weeks since the SafeMoon Wallet was released on both Android and iOS devices. There have been over 330,000 downloads in total, with the wallet ranking in the top 25 on the Google PlayStore and the Apple Store just 24 hours after its launch on many continents.

Despite the fact that the wallet has worked admirably since its inception, the development team has not rested on its laurels. Bugs have been repaired, and there have been a few important changes. After testing and reviewing the wallet, beta testers have nothing but positive things to say about SafeMoon.

Traders in the SafeMoon community became concerned after the dev team failed to fulfil its deadline for the release of the SafeMoon wallet three times due to what they described as a technical problem. As a result, the price of SafeMoon plummeted, reaching an all-time low on September 29th.

With the successful rollout of both the Android and iOS versions of the wallet, the token has now rebounded from its price drop. After testing key features and improvements, beta testers have only had good things to say about the app.

We previously informed you about a wallet upgrade that now allows wallet users to purchase Binance Coin with a single click of a button. So far, the feedback on that update has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating that the development team did an excellent job on the back end.

safemoon CEO Karony tweet

Now, CEO Karony has announced more wallet changes to look forward to, implying that SafeMoon will become even more bullish. But, before we get into that, there was a storey that a wallet investor purchased $225,000 worth of SafeMoon.

SafeMoon'stop 50 whale wallet domination dipped below 15% just a few days ago, on October 13th. Safemoondev has also practically sold out his whole bag, worth over 8 trillion SafeMoon, lowering whale dominance in SafeMoon even further.

Whale domination is common among the top 30 altcoins, such as Doge and SHIB. SafeMoon, on the other hand, is spread evenly among wallet addresses with varying amounts. SafeMoon is thus less vulnerable to the whims and caprices of whale control, making it safer and less hazardous for potential investors.

Following the successful introduction of the SafeMoon wallet, another whale has invested $225,000 in the SafeMoon project, which is currently worth roughly 125 billion SafeMoon. 

SafeMoon still maintains a low whale dominance, however with the debut of the wallet, SafeMoon's values are expected to surge again. Guys, there's no better time to HODL than now. Meanwhile, there's more good news before we get to the update.

As a specific Redditor shares, SafeMoon is becoming increasingly famous on social media. SafeMoon is the 5th trending cryptocurrency on Twitter in the previous 72 hours, according to Utradea.

redditor utradea on safemoon

Hello, everyone! I wanted to keep you up to date on what's hot on social media (mostly Twitter). SafeMoon is ranked fifth. The dashboard is still under construction, but it has proven to be beneficial in tracking cryptocurrency trends and gauging social media sentiment thus far.

Mechanics of Tracking The data for the algorithm comes from the Twitter APL. It then maps mentions against price over a set period of time. You can browse at 72 hours, 1 week, 2 weeks, and 1 month right now. In addition, we show emotion, the number of posts, likes, and retweets. Spacy and a text classification dictionary are used to determine the sentiment.

Tracking Mechanics

The top trending tickers this week are shown in the screenshot on the screen, which is taken from the Social Sentiment Dashboard. After bitcoin, Ethereum, Shiba Inu, and Dogecoin, SafeMoon is ranked fifth. This suggests that retail interest in SafeMoonis is growing, implying that another price surge is imminent.

CEO John Karony answered some queries in the SafeMoon Discord, and his responses revealed some major SafeMoonWallet upgrades in the works. First and foremost, there will be new hires. This, combined with the fact that SafeMoon has a new headquarters, clearly demonstrates that the company is growing.

This is fantastic news for the SafeMoon community since it means more exciting advancements are on the way, and SafeMoon will soon be on fire. The new hire, according to John Karony, is a specialist in the subject of logistics.

SafeMoon community

Specifically, said person was a vice president of operations in a logistics company. In that situation, if hired, this person would have outstanding organisational and coordination skills on a large enough scale to assist SafeMoon in realising its mission.

And, as you surely know, that vision is to be the source of unbanked people's freedom. According to CEO Karony, this entails much more than giving people the option to save money. If you've been a member of the SafeMoon community for a time, you're probably aware of Karony's destination: Operation Gambia.

For months, the SafeMoon team has been hard at work on Operation Gambia. It's unclear what the initiative is all about. However, Karony stated that it will aid in the facilitation of innovation and learning in the Gambia.

The team has also hinted that wind turbines may be featured, leading to wild conjecture about what function the wind turbines will play in the scheme. However, it appears that some IoT will be included. But, as always, only time will tell.

And, based on the timeline, that time would most likely be in December. Meanwhile, the SafeMoon development team is hard at work on new products that will hopefully be published by the end of 2021.

There's also the SafeMoon Exchange, which is expected to launch following the V2 upgrade. The V2 and consolidation projects, by the way, should be completed any day now.

It will follow the release of the iOS wallet, according to John Karony, so we should expect it soon. However, while the community waits for it, the SafeMoon blockchain is also on the way.

SafeMoon blockchain

Each of these initiatives will now have beta testers, as the team has announced. And, as this new update also implies, major marketing campaigns will be launched around each product very soon in order to attract more investors.

The SafeMoon community can anticipate yet another major price increase. The wallet has already been updated to include a BNB buy button, allowing you to purchase Binance Coin with a single click.

The developers have now confirmed that a reflection tracker will be available for both SafeMoon and any custom tokens that provide reflections. The announcement of the reflection tracker was well received by the SafeMoon community, since a reflection tracker was a much-desired feature.

Anyway, SafeMoon has attracted another 40,000 holders in the last 12 days, thanks to all of these updates and the company's growing social media presence! As a result, we currently have over 2.6 million holdings and only a few whale investors.

This is fantastic news! And we can be certain that there will be more on the way because intensive wallet promotion should begin soon, resulting in a massive increase in the number of downloads and SafeMoon holders.. 

Disclaimer: This article does not encourage you to buy any of the cryptocurrencies / or investing at all. This is just the opinion of an amateur, not a financial advisor. Before investing in cryptocurrency, I recommend talking to your financial advisor and do your own research.


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