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Shiba Inu coin holders ready for the big rise! Shiba Inu token price prediction

Shiba Inu token price prediction

Recently, after Bitcoin started the battle for the price of $ 50,000, altcoins have enjoyed great growth since then. Some were able to recover more than 60% from past peaks. For example, over the past month, Dogecoin has already grown by more than 50%, another Shiba meme token has grown by only 15% in a month. Why this happened and how Coinbase can push the price of SHIB to the moon?. This question will be answered today. We will also discuss if this is a good time to invest in Shiba Inu.  

Many people know Dogecoin, although a competitor, a kind of mentor and older brother of meme-coin Shiba Inu. Due to the fact that Dogecoin appeared much earlier than Shiba, one can understand from its history what will happen with the Shiba Inu token in the future. At one time, Dogecoin was listed on Coinbase Pro

After some time, Shiba Inu was also listed on the same platform for investors. Now the Shiba project is rapidly developing, improving the ecosystem, thinking over new chips for the token, and perhaps in the near future Shiba will become not a "little brother" for Doge, but an equal competitor. 

So what did the Coinbase listing give for Shiba? 

Shiba Inu Token Rises 27% Following Coinbase Pro Listing Announcement The cost of the Shiba Inu token increased by 27% per day after listing, to $ 0.00000905. It began to rise after the American crypto exchange Coinbase Pro announced the listing of the altcoin. 

Adding altcoins to Coinbase Pro means listing on the main Coinbase marketplace. The company will make a separate announcement if it decides to add cryptocurrency support to its main trading platform. Coinbase recently added support for the Shib coin token to Coinbase Custody, a system that allows people to deposit and withdraw cryptocurrency assets. 

However, the appearance of the Shib coin on Coinbase Custody "does not mean listing" on Coinbase, according to FX Empire. The company will make a separate announcement if it decides to add cryptocurrency support to its main trading platform. Instead, the move allows investors to "store their crypto assets through cold storage hardware wallets that are self-contained compared to hot wallets that are stored online," according to FX Empire. 

Why isn't Shib listed on Coinbase? 

Shiba Inu coin investors have been waiting for the Shiba coin to land on Coinbase Pro, which was originally advertised in June. The listing is likely to result in an increase in the price and value of the coin. "Coinbase added shib a little over a month after the coin's creation, in stark contrast to the addition of Dogecoin, which looks like it took doge years," reports. 

This is exactly what Shiba will list on the main Coinbase platform, and not on Coinbase Pro, as it was before, and can send the price of the token to the moon. 


So, What's going on with the Shiba now?

At the moment, Shiba has many factors that interest ordinary crypto investors: Simply put, the developers will create a token burning system. They will also restrict the circulation of the issued tokens. An important moment for its ecosystem was the emergence of the NFT platform for sales. 

Now NTF is becoming more and more popular, which means that there will be more and more burns, which is exactly what everyone is waiting for. The developers also announced that they will have their own blockchain in December. It would seem that this is a very big step for such a meme coin, as everyone thinks. 

You can understand that it is required that most of the coins were burned, then this will give an impetus to the rise in the price of the moon. Restricting the circulation of coins will also contribute to outstanding appreciation. 

From all of the above, we can conclude: the ecosystem, developers begin to amaze with their efforts, more and more cold tricks are invented and applied, which will only benefit the all Shiba project. This project is definitely not standing still, it is supported by both developers and developers, and most importantly - fans of this project. 


If at first, it was possible to simply bypass a nondescript project, now it begins to stand out, it cannot but attract. The very idea of ​​Shiba is also attractive: they will leave all bugs in the past and get only the best features and developments in the future. 

The coin and ecosystem will only improve, and the number of fans will not decrease, but rather the opposite. I think the developers are heading in the right direction, the Shiba community will probably support them in any situation, but they do create a better project. This is great news. 

Maybe the time is not far off when the connection of all these factors will show us a price that will shock us all. If for a long time we were fed only with promises, now the developers are already emotionally carried away action and starting to do the really required things. 

After quite a long time of promises, the developers finally released the decentralized exchange - Shibaswap. They also kept their promise regarding the release of new coins - Bone. There is already the second coin in the ecosystem, Leash. Its total issue is only one hundred thousand rubles coins and the cost is $956, according to Coinmarketcap

It's excellent news that the developers hold their promises. Also, the project itself turns out to be quite interesting. A whole ecosystem is growing around the token, it stops being a joke. This requires successful south and developments the developers and excellent support the army fan, and more supporters of such a project are needed Maybe something fascinating is waiting for us.


The latest update to the Ethereum network

The latest update to the Ethereum network, on which a large number of cryptocurrencies are built, caused the growth of not only the base currency - ether, but the entire market. On Sunday, the bitcoin rate surpassed the $ 45K mark, and the Ether rate was $3000, updating three-month highs. 

Experts expect the bullish game to continue in the coming days, including amid expectations for the bitcoin network update. However, they note a significant share of speculative activity, moreover, macroeconomic factors, including the expected tightening of the Fed's monetary policy, may restrain the activity of "cryptocurrencies". 

When will the rapid growth of bitcoin begin? 

In April, the price of the main cryptocurrency exceeded $ 64 thousand. Experts predicted whether the digital coin will be able to reach a new high in the coming months. In the first half of 2021, the crypto market experienced rapid growth. From the beginning of the year to mid-April, bitcoin grew by 123% and updated its all-time high at $ 64.8 thousand. 

Over the same period, Ethereum, the largest altcoin in terms of capitalization, has risen in price by 482%. The analyst claims that the next wave of explosive growth in the crypto market will begin in October-November this year. Long-term holders continue to accumulate bitcoin, Wu said. When the accumulation of cryptocurrency reaches its peak, an impulse will occur, which will provoke a rapid growth in the digital asset market, the specialist is sure. 

A similar forecast was given by the analyst and author of the Stock-to-Flow PlanB model. In his opinion, the price of bitcoin will reach $ 100 thousand by the end of this year. The next months will be key for the course of the main cryptocurrency, the analyst noted. 

Technical analysis confirms that a period of strong and long-term growth in bitcoin may fall in this fall, according to many experts, the charts clearly demonstrate an upward trend, which can intensify in the fall and last until spring. In short, many factors suggest that it won't be long before new peak prices in the crypto market.

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At the same time, it should show the growth of the Shiba coin, at the moment it does not show much of what it is capable of. But during the height of the alt season, or rather even at the end of it, Shiba should show significant growth. After all, most meme coins grow during this period. 

The developers are really trying to improve their project, introduce new features, improve the ecosystem, and the like. Perhaps many now do not understand that if there is a continuation of the bull market, then you need to pay attention to coins that have not yet given strong growth. One of them is Shiba. 

The development of the project from the developers and a strong army of fans are two things due to which the Shiba Inu can fly to the moon.  

Disclaimer: We would also like to mention that we are not financial advisors and nothing mentioned in this article is a piece of financial advice. Therefore, readers are requested to kindly conduct their own due diligence before proceeding forward with anything that you read here. It is very important to keep in mind and remember the volatility that you may experience while you invest in this market; therefore, a cautious approach will certainly be beneficial for you in the long and the short run.


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