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Ripple XRP: We'll Soon Know How Important XRP Will Be In The World's Future

We'll Soon Know How Important XRP Will Be In The World's Future

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XRP hasn't shown any signs of backing down lightly, and that's what we are about to discuss today. This coin has continuously proven to us that it's worth every penny. And guys, if you haven't invested in XRP, you are about to miss on the biggest gold rush of the century. 

Yes, that's right! XRP is going to make its move to the top soon, which will eventually make the next lot of crypto millionaires. As we can all see on, the price of $1.12, and we are in the green zone today. This is a good sign. 

We'll Soon Know How Important XRP Will Be In The World's Future

To start us off is this tweet by JackTheRippler that says,  'The SEC wants you to believe that XRP is a security. If you did enough research, then you know that XRP is not a security. Central Banks want XRP as a bridge currency, and they are testing it on the XRP-Ledger. 

Do you really think they don't know about XRP? HOLD #XRP! Rocket'  The SEC is trying its best to ensure the world believes that XRP is a security which is not the case. This crypto has been working hand in hand with the government, and I'm sure they did all they could to avoid being branded as security. 

I don't know why but whatever is happening between the SEC and Ripple seems different from what we see out in public. This coin has time and time again showed the public its value to the crypto and fiat world.  Banks are currently testing the effectiveness of RippleNet, and some have already implemented it. 

As a matter of fact, as we speak, banks in other parts of the world are working on the RippleNet framework to speed up their cross-border transactions, which will be revolutionary. So, with that in mind, do you think the banks, especially central banks, would risk their money and reputation to join forces with a failing crypto company?  I mean, there are so many cryptos out there; why did these banks just go with Ripple even though the crypto company has issues with the regulatory body? 

In my opinion,   I'm sure the central banks saw a company that will eventually change the fabric of the crypto and fiat world together. Aside from the on-demand liquidity and cross-border transaction, RippleNet is indeed the technology that will push us to the next phase in the financial market.  And without a doubt, the banks have also noticed that as well. 

That is why no matter how many times the SEC tries to convince the public that Ripple is not as credible as it sounds, banks will still support this crypto company. It takes a keen eye to notice what is currently happening globally, especially with XRP and the SEC. And that's not all! The SEC has been known for not making the best judgment calls, especially regarding such matters. Don't get me wrong!


This regulatory body does an incredible job, sometimes. But at the moment, they might have just bitten more than they can chew. And apparently, that's not even the first time.  @XRPMr shared the fact that most people might have ignored.

XRPMr shared

In his tweet, he states,  'Fun Fact - Goldman Sachs is on The 15 Biggest SEC Fines in the History list. The fine/settlement was years after Gary Gensler's 18 yrs. employment & was $550 Million! FYI - Some of the most successful companies in history are on this list. 

According to this tweet, it's not uncommon for the SEC to issue fines to corporations or even financial dealings. That said, Ripple just joined the long list of SEC fines in history. Unfortunately, most people imagine that this crypto company will fail because of the lawsuit, which is not the case. 

Most of the companies in that list ended up being some of the most successful companies in history. Yes, I said it!  And I think Ripple is no exception. To be more specific, this crypto company is designed to be the next big corporation. Look at how Ripple is making partnerships with significant players in the game. Over time, this crypto will be too big to stop, which will happen sooner rather than later.

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Moving forward, we have this very controversial tweet from @CGasparino that has got everyone in the XRP community talking.   It says, "Maybe someone can answer this basic question: What is the real difference between  XRP and Ethereum. I get what the SEC is saying regarding Ripple, i.e., that it was financed by XRP. But wasn't Ethereum financed through an ICO?"

XRP and Ethereum

As we can see, many people left their comments on the tweet, including John Deaton, who says, THE SEC WAS WARNED INVESTORS WOULD LOSE BILLIONS. Considering the magnitude of an SEC enforcement action against the 3rd largest Digital Asset, XRP,   the SEC, and its Chairman, Jay Clayton, was sent a letter, prior to the filing of the action, from former Chief Joseph Grundfest. 

He warned Clayton and the SEC that the mere filing of the lawsuit, declaring XRP unregistered security, "would result in an UNPRECEDENTED scenario of billions of dollars in losses resulting from an exodus of intermediary market service providers.".  


Remember, XRP has been publicly traded in the U.S. and globally for SEVEN PLUS YEARS with the   SEC's full awareness and implicit permission. Despite billions and billions of losses to innocent investors, the SEC filed the most significant SEC case in modern history.  


Considering no exigency existed, and there was no immediate need to file the case, Grundfest,   himself, questioned Clayton's and the SEC's true motive. He said applying existing securities' laws to XRP but not ETH calls into question the "commission's discretion." 

In short, Grundfest was saying, "if today's XRP is a security, so is ETH." Clayton and others were well aware that the mere filing of the enforcement action, not limited to specific distributions of XRP  directly from Ripple, but alleging that all XRP constitutes securities, could prove to be a KILL SHOT against Ripple and XRP. Considering the magnitude of this case, one would think that Clayton and the Enforcement Chief would certainly want to see it through.   

But, instead, they both left the SEC forever. But to answer his question, as we all know by now, XRP was created before the company Ripple existed, then 80% of all XRP was gifted to Ripple. Ripple was funded by venture capital. Never had an ICO. 

It is clear to me that steps were taken early on to follow the current law as closely as possible. The SEC just has another motive towards Ripple that we the public probably don’t know about. 

Ripple and XRP

Now, moving ahead, we have another interesting tweet from @JohnEDeaton that says, "The SEC is not only claiming when @Ripple sells the token,   it's a security, but it's arguing that ALL XRP - including secondary market sales of XRP   by non-Ripple entities - are ALL unregistered securities. 

The SEC is hurting users and developers utilizing the XRPL. Down pointing backhand index, It's absurd!"  This is precisely what the SEC has been doing for months now! And at this point, I think people are starting to get tired of all the drama surrounding this SEC case. And here we have it, now the abuse of power by the SEC. 

At this point, the Judge needs to say, "I have heard enough, XRP is not   a security, the SEC has not made a clear case to support their conclusion that it is a security; frankly, a lot of their evidence is nonsense." 

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As we wind up today's article, we have this tweet   from @RipplePandaXRP that says, "Ripple will redefine online payments, and I believe that  Ripple XRP will likely IPO and go public once its SEC lawsuit is resolved." - Goldman Sachs expert Andrew Lokenauth."Now, the unique selling point Ripple XRP adopted here was cross-border payments in countries where it takes days for a single payment of a mere   $2000 to be delivered to the owner of the money. Ripple XRP has enjoyed this unique selling point.   

Lokenauth believes that the future of banking is headed in the same direction as Ripple has set its brand standards and preparation for the new era of the banking and financial institution world. This unique selling point has enabled Ripple's XRP coin to sit in the front line of the cryptocurrency world since the brand aims to be a method of monetary transactions within the financial world rather than serving as a cryptocurrency for the world to trade and play around with. 

Yet, the XRP coin has its own uses despite being sold for as much as $1 at the time of writing. Lokenauth is adamant that the foundation will provide redefining moments to the financial world and the public initial public offering (IPO) as soon as the foundation has managed to resolve the SEC lawsuit issues. 

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Let’s take a look at the charts.  XRP is the 8th largest cryptocurrency by daily trading volume at the time of publishing,  however has remained in the top 10 and even top 5 for its lifetime as crypto. It is listed on over 200 exchanges worldwide and its daily volume continues to grow as the market evolves. While XRP has encountered some resistance in the US markets as a result of the SEC's enforcement action, it continues to trade billions of USD value daily. 

The sheer resilience of XRP amidst the world's most powerful regulator hints at its truly decentralized nature (no single government can stop it). Regardless of the outcome of the SEC case,  90+ percent of XRP's daily volume comes from outside of US borders and will continue its rapid growth. 

This combined with strengthening supply fundamentals as founders exhaust their supply, should drive the prices well beyond ATH. Daily wallets continue to increase at a  rapid pace, and many new projects such as Flare, Songbird, XUMM, Hooks, etc continue to evolve around the asset further strengthening its capabilities as a sustainable cryptocurrency.  

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While XRP got a late start this bull cycle, it is heating up with lots of interest from multiple communities; including the bitcoin community. This increased interest along with the resolution of supply issues and enforcement issues could very well have XRP pop back into the top 3 within the next 12-18 months. One thing is certain, we will soon know how important   XRP will be in the world's future within the next 18 months as these situations resolve.  

XRP is forming a macro cup and handle on strengthening fundamentals. This formation is highly constructive and depending on the timeline it takes to resolve, XRP could easily be at $19  by February of 2022 or $57 by July of 2023. 

Disclaimer: Trade safely guys!  Please keep in mind, We are not licensed, financial advisors. All articles on this website are intended for entertainment & Educational purposes only. 

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