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 7 Mysteries Of American History

Mysteries Of American History

 There are various unexplained mysteries and events in American History. From the old times to recent times, questions are still unanswered, crimes unsolved, strange creatures in lakes and forests, missing people. Some mysteries will remain unsolved and remain subjects of debate. A lot of weird things have happened like Bigfoot, zodiac killer. To find out more about such mysteries, read on. 

1. Henry Starr & his Treasure 

Henry Starr & his Treasure

Out of the many famous criminals who terrorized the Wild West, one of the most interesting ones is HenryStarr, yet few people remember him. At a very young age, Henry got exposed to a life of crime. He started his career as a bandit by stealing horses, eventually leading to the murder of Deputy US Marshal. 

He was arrested, and after he got released, he started the high-profit pursuit of bank robbing. His last stash of loot turned into a mystery. According to him, he buried it at a spot near Cimarron River where nobody can find it. This holds true even 95 years after his death as nobody has found it till now. 

2. UFO Sightings in Levelland 

One of the major UFO sightings occurred on 2nd November 1957 when over a dozen of strange things were spotted in skies over Levelland, Texas. There were calls from scared citizens in the sheriff’s office reporting that there are bright lights in the sky. 

After dozens of reports, Airforce conducted a brief investigation and concluded that these lights were due to weather anomalies. Many still claim that something truly paranormal happened that night. 

3. Death of Meriwether Lewis 

Death of Meriwether Lewis

Meriwether Lewis partnered with William Clarkin the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition. After completing the long trek, he returned to St. Louis, Missouri. For a year he tried in politics and was appointed as the governor of Upper Louisiana Territory

On 3rd Sep, he set out to resolve some business matters in Washington, D.C. But he never reached there alive. It is believed that he stopped at an inn and he was found with gunshots on the floor. Lewis death is assumed as suicide, but it's still unclear. 

4. Momo 


There are various versions of Bigfoot. We have all heard of Sasquatch and Yeti, but very few have heard about the terrifying beast of Missouri. There were various stories of Momo all over the Northeast area of Missouri. 

In 1972, young boys were playing in the woods, and something scared them, and they ran back to their house. Their sister ran outside as she heard some voices. She saw a creature with its face and body covered with dark hair standing in trees with a dead dog in its hand. After this, similar occurrences were reported. So, far it has remained a local legend. 

5. St. James Hotel of New Mexico 

St. James Hotel of New Mexico

Henri Lambert was a chef in for President Lincoln. After Lincoln’s assassination, Henri left Washington and ended up in Cimarron, New Mexico, where he created St. James Hotel. This hotel was a nice inn and saloon in every way.

Over the years a lot of famous people stayed here. It also became the site of various killings and murders. This is why it is known as one of the haunted inns in America. 

6. Knights of the Golden 

Knights of the Golden

KGC or Knights of Golden was a clandestine group of sympathizers of the South. When there was a fight between states, they grew in terms of power and number. After the civil war, KGC went underground and hid their vast treasure with codes, treasure maps, etc. They just disappeared, and till date, nobody knows where they went. 

7. Killings of Gypsy Hill 

Killings of Gypsy Hill

A number of gruesome murders took place in the California Bay Area in 1976. The Murder of five women-led to various investigations and continued to create public interest all these years. 

All the girls were young and faced car troubles before getting killed. They were stabbed multiple times. Over 30 young women were found in fields. Most of the murders have remained unsolved. 

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