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A researcher invents a toilet that turns human feces into cryptocurrency

toilet that turns human feces into cryptocurrency
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Toilet generator

A researcher at a South Korean university designed a toilet that converts human waste into energy, Reuters reports. As an added incentive, they each use rewards, uh, spoilers with a small amount of digital currency that they can exchange for coffee or a cup of noodles on campus.

The toilet pumps your excrement into an underground tank first, which means it uses less water upfront compared to a traditional toilet. The microorganisms then break down the waste into methane, a usable energy source.

In short, it is a delicious new method of converting wastewater into energy.

Make manure

"If we think outside the box, feces have precious value for producing energy and manure," inventor Cho Jae-weon, professor of urban and environmental engineering at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology (UNIST), told Reuters. "I have put this value in ecological circulation."

According to Cho, the toilet could convert roughly a pound of solid human waste, the average amount a human defecates in a day, into an impressive 50 liters of methane gas. That means it can generate half a kilowatt-hour of electricity, enough to drive an electric car for three-quarters of a mile.

And because it's 2021, a time when nothing is safe from the world of cryptocurrencies, Cho came up with a virtual currency called Ggool, or "honey" in Korean. Each use of the bathroom gives you 10 Ggool per day, which can be used to buy things on the university campus.

"I had only thought that the feces were dirty, but now they are a treasure of great value to me," a graduate student, Heo Hui-jin, who won and spent Ggool, told Reuters. "I even talk about stool during meals to think about buying whatever book I want."

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