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The 5 FACTS of Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

The 5 FACTS of Zelda

For many, it was a disappointment and for others the best game of all The Legend Of Zelda. The importance of Skyward Sword is so great in the saga, that it is essential to play it if you are a Link fan. Now Nintendo Switch receives an updated and remastered version of this video game, which came to Wii at the end of its life and of which we tell you the 5 most important news. Here you have the 5 keys to Zelda: Skyward Sword HD

1. The amiibo of Zelda and her pelican

We know that many of you use amiibo as a decorative object, but from time to time Nintendo takes to apply some really important function, or at least outstanding. This was the case, for example, of the Wolf Link amiibo in Zelda: Twilight Princess on Wii U, which unlocked a special dungeon and allowed a companion to be brought to Breath Of The Wild

The Zelda amiibo with its pelican is one of the great novelties that the HD version of the game brings. By reading this amiibo while we are in the Lower Realm, we can make Link ascend to the heavens, without having to visit any specific point. 

The amiibo of Zelda and her pelican

On the contrary, if we are in heaven, we can return to the place where we used the amiibo for the last time. Something like a restore point that we can use in any situation. It is not something that was raised in the original game and is not necessary to enjoy the experience, so we see it more like the Bowser amiibo in Bowser's Fury; simply a shortcut for those who want more facilities in the game. 

It must be said that this amiibo is one of those classified as "special", due to its size and complexity. As with the Yoshi wool one or the Detective Pikachu one, it will be a little more expensive than the normal ones. And personally one of the most beautiful that has ever been made. 

2. More resolution and better performance

If you see no visual differences between Skyward Sword HD and the original for Wii, the same is that you have a very good memory of the game. Wii was a platform that did not reach high resolutions, which made Skyward Sword look a bit blurry. 

Why Zelda Skyward Sword is so important

This was solved with a very flattering art style, inspired by the French painter Paul Cezzane, and which caused the backgrounds to dissolve as if painted with watercolor. Now, on Nintendo Switch, the game reaches high definition for the first time, but not only that: the performance has been increased up to 60 images per second. Double the maximum on Wii

As you can see, technology has advanced a lot in these ten years, going from having an exclusively desktop game, now on a laptop on Switch and working better than ever. 

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3. The most realistic Zelda

As a playable novelty, Shigeru Miyamoto and Nintendo wanted to create The Legend Of Zelda in which the player could directly control Link's sword. This was accomplished using the advanced sensors of the Wii Motion Plus on the Wii, and now the Switch's Joy-Con is taking over. 

The most realistic Zelda

Despite the fact that when it came to Wii, the result was very good, we hope that on Nintendo Switch the motion control will be greatly improved with everything Nintendo has learned since then. Games like 1, 2, Switch! have shown how well these controllers and their motion sensors work, and it's time to prove it in the most complex Nintendo game ever released. 

Using the controls to directly wield Link's sword and shield gave off a great feeling, more realistic than ever. 

Skyward Sword HD Joy-Con

To celebrate the launch, some special edition Skyward Sword HD Joy-Con will go on sale, in blue and with some serigraphs of the saga. Perfect for wielding the master sword like never before! 

4. Also traditional controls

Although if you are more traditional, there is also something for you ... Skyward Sword to Nintendo Switch should not have been easy at all. The game was completely focused on using the motion controls and Link's sword, but we remind you that the Nintendo Switch is also a portable console, so using the controls attached to the console becomes complicated. 

Nintendo Switch is also a portable console

Nintendo has managed to create special controls for this game mode, only using lever strokes to simulate trajectories of movement of the sword. It is the most logical solution to this problem, and we are sure that it is functional, but we are also sure that the best way to enjoy Skyward Sword will be with motion controls, as it was conceived at the time. 

traditional controls

With the addition of full button control and handheld mode, Zelda: Skyward Sword is more accessible than ever. We remind you that it is the precursor video game of Breath Of The Wild, and many of its mechanics, such as the use of a parachute or an effort bar, can be seen for the first time in this title. 

5. The most important story of Zelda

The most important story of Zelda

In case you are not very aware of the situation; The events that occur in Zelda: Skyward Sword take place much longer than any other The Legend of Zelda video game. Skyward Sword was the video game that was launched in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the saga

Now on its 35th anniversary, a delivery that no fan can miss returns, since it tells the origin, why and the final revelation of the saga, essential to understanding from the first to the last of the games released so far. It is not common for Nintendo to place such importance on the plot in one of its games, but Skyward Sword was the exception. 

In addition to this, it also tells how Master Sword was born and where it comes from, the weapon that Link uses in almost all the games of the saga. So yes, this game is extremely important if you have played or are going to play any The Legend Of Zelda game

Image Source: Nintendo/com

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