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There Are So Many CONSPIRACY Theories About The DEATH of XRP

Ripple XRP: There Are So Many CONSPIRACY Theories About The DEATH of XRP! (Don't Be FOOLED!)

Ripple XRP

Hello my XRP gang; like always, today I have some fantastic news that will change everything you knew about Ripple and XRP. We've had doubters along the way, and I know some of you sold their coins. That's mainly because there are so many conspiracy theories about the death of this coin. But XRP still keeps coming on top. 

So, whatever theory you might have in mind about XRPs death, I'm here to prove to you otherwise with facts. Most of all, we'll also look at the charts because numbers will never lie. 

In today's article, we'll head straight to the court to determine what is happening with this coin and the SEC. As a matter of fact, most theoretical deaths about XRP stem from the current lawsuit against Ripple and the CEOs. As we all know, Ripple has been in a legal battle with the SEC for quite a while now, but most times, the SEC ends up looking like a fool. 

It's true! I'm really not trying to defame this regulatory body, but they always seem to be unprepared for what's coming their way. To the extent they claimed that the Ripple and XRP fans are, for lack of a better word, attacking them. Well, there have been several protests against this lawsuit, but I don't think it's gotten to that extent. 

Anyway, the current situation revolving around this lawsuit is that the SEC doesn't want to produce documents on how they decided that XRP is a security. So now the regulatory body has asked for more time, extending the court case by 60-days. Let's check out some tweets from XRP enthusiasts to see precisely what is happening in court. 


@CryptoLaw shared a tweet stating, 'All three-letter Motions granted by Judge Netburn on today's case docket are available in our DOCUMENT LIBRARY (1/4).' The picture shows the letter motions that judge Netburn granted. 

The SEC has been awarded a two-month extension on the discovery battle. That will technically slow down the court case, and that will have adverse effects on the roadmap of Ripple and XRP. The extension will go up to August 31, while the expert discovery is pushed to October 15. 

The DEATH of XRP_1

The rest of the orders granted requests from Execs Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen on 6/2 and 6/11 to request letters to foreign entities to obtain international discovery documents. Things are about to get heated in the courtroom, even with the extension. 

From my perspective, I think the SEC has something cooking that will require two months to complete, hence the request. And if that happens, Ripple's defense might have their work cut out for them. The other idea is that the SEC probably doesn't have any cards up their sleeves, so they are further trying to stall the court case. 

That could be shady, but I don't think it's a far-fetched dream. Unfortunately, since this lawsuit was filed, the SEC has been making a mess of things, especially regarding how they are conducting themselves against Ripple. As a bystander, Ripple is winning, and the SEC doesn't know what to do next. 

@Finlaw tweeted, '#XRPCommunity #SEC_NEWSv. #Ripple #XRP Court grants in part the SEC's motion for additional depositions and deniesSEC's request for documents post-dating the complaint, about Ripple's lobbying efforts, and for documents from General Counsel and Deputy Counsel. Order below.' This is a good sign for the fair notice defense.

@Finlaw tweeted

Judge Netburn has made it clear to the SECyet again that the focus of that defense is on the activities of the SEC and not on Ripple. That's a win for Ripple's defense team, so we'll continue to monitor how the proceedings will unfold. 

Deaton also tweeted that, 'The SEC now loses its argument that allowing #XRPHolders to intervene and participate would cause a delay.' I also think that this being a pivotal case with potentially huge repercussions, she wants to be 100% sure she gets it right.

XRP Community

In retrospect, it's probably a good thing for Ripple as it will allow her time to gain a greater understanding of what the SEC is up to here. Attorney Jeremy Hogan is also one of the few lawyers following this case closely. 

In his recent tweet, Jeremy says, 'Again, the SEC's decision to sue Garlinghouse/Larsen bites them in the butt (that's the legal term). Ripple wants the SEC's own trading guidelines- and I would bet they do NOT say, "Don't trade XRP." Without the individual Defendants, those documents are probably not relevant.' We all know that the SEC has some hidden agenda, and this tweet helps us see that vividly. 

Ripple wants the SEC's own trading guidelines

The SEC's trading guidelines probably suggest that this coin is safe to trade on. What keeps bugging me is that why did they go after this coin? It's eight years since the discrepancy was discovered. So what kept them waiting all those years? And why now? 

I think they waited for it to pick up and went back to the drawing board to find any dirt they might have against XRP. Before the lawsuit, XRP was headed straight to the moon, and since then, it's had a rough time. I'm not the only one who seems to have the same line of thought.


@Matthais also suggested the same idea in a tweet, saying, 'It just seems so blatantly obvious what the @SEC_News is doing. Do nothing for 8 years, then sue a company that has solved a huge problem in the world, in order to stop them so the banks/investment managers that "own" the SEC can catch up and design their own solutions…" Matthias follows this tweet up with another one saying, '… do this in between executive administrations so it will take longer and courts will be more lenient on the timelines. 

@SEC_News is doing

I thought it was Communism where the govt controlled the means of production?" We all know that the SEC has been holding XRP in limbo for almost one year now. And all this is bound to have adverse effects on the price action of this coin. 

Thankfully, XRP is worldwide, and only a tiny percentage of this coin is traded in the US. Otherwise, if the crypto-only relied on theUS alone, it would have been in deep losses by now. The rest of the world is adopting XRP and Ripple into their markets, and the coin is doing reasonably well with all things considered. 

Unfortunately, Ripple has been dealing with some backlash from their partners, with most of them feeling skeptical about the company because of this lawsuit. But that hasn't stopped this phoenix from rising from the ashes and soaring even higher.


We expect this coin to be among the top crypto in the market in the next few months, even with the SEC lawsuit. One of the ways this company is dealing with the delays caused by the SEC is by launching an NFT support system on their platform. 

An article published on says, "Ripple's announced plan is aimed directly at minimizing these fees by integrating NFT marketplaces on its XRP Ledger. The assimilation to XRP will give both buyers and sellers a more cost-effective and overall pleasant experience operating in the NFT space. 

XRP Ledger

Another advantage of the planned integration is the green energy savings the XRP ledger is set to provide over proof-of-work blockchains that mint NFTs. The statement claims that: "Because the XRPL uses a novel consensus process for validating transactions, it consumes negligible amounts of energy and is 120,000x more efficient than proof-of-work networks. 

As a result, building on the XRP Ledger provides developers a unique opportunity to run more sustainable NFT apps and marketplaces while eliminating a heavy burden for the planet." This move by Ripple is a huge step forward and a massive increase in efficacy for the process of minting and trading NFTs as far as the environment goes. 

Additionally, the company is also increasing its staff members in the wake of their CBDC ventures with several world banks. Yes, that's right! World Central banks have already adopted the RippleNet framework into their systems to ensure fast and affordable cross-border transactions that will spearhead the launch of CBDCs. 

Ripple is working tooth and nail to ensure that XRP is the bridge currency between the crypto and the fiat world. But the crypto faces opposition from every corner even though its objectives and mission are noble and will, without a doubt, forge a brighter future for the crypto world. 

Most cryptos are designed to wipe out the fiat world, which will reduce the government's influence on the economic field. That's obviously something the governments will fight, and it could slow down the adoption of cryptocurrencies. And that's where XRP comes in. 

But, see, with this crypto, there's no need for the governments to worry about the adoption of decentralized financial solutions. That's because, through the central banks, they can also leverage on the same market. 

xrp graph

So with all that in mind, let's take a look at the technical analysis. We are looking at a 4-hour time frame. Ripple dealt with massive bearish calls last week amid the drop from levels slightly above $1. Many analysts believed that the cross-border money transfer token headed for a significant dive to the support in May at $0.65 and perhaps extend the down leg to $0.5. 

However, XRP eagerly embraced support at $0.8, allowing bulls to push the price to higher levels. Nonetheless, since the week started, the international money transfer token has not made any appreciable gains above $0.9. 

When will Ripple's price come out of this crucial range? In the last few days, XRP sustained a narrow range between $0.8 and $0.9. The immediate downside sits on top of the50 Simple Moving Average so SMA support on the four-hour chart. As long as this support is intact, bulls will focus on gains above $0.9 and toward $1. On the other hand, closing the day under this same level may see XRP testing the lower range limit at $0.8. MACD indicator currently levels at the zero lines. 

This indicator identifies positions to buy the dip or sell the top, especially in a trending market, by following the asset’s trend direction and momentum. Note that the leveling motion has no definitive direction; thus, Ripple price consolidation will likely continue to the end of the week. However, the MACD line (blue) may help traders figure out the next breakout direction. 

A MACD line crossing above the signal will be a bullish signal, calling buyers to increase their exposure in anticipation of gains toward$1. On the flip side, the MACD line crossing beneath the signal line would imply that losses would take precedence. Apart from $0.8, other key anchor zones are$0.7, $0.65, and $0.5. Trade safely guys! 

Disclaimer:  We are not licensed, financial advisors. All articles on this blog are intended for entertainment purposes only. Tell us what you think in the comment section below and let's have a conversation. 

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