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15 Gravity Falls Scenes That Were Changed In Other Countries

15 Gravity Falls Scenes That Were Changed
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Welcome back, Disney lovers! From theme parks to movies to television shows, Disney is a global giant that reaches audiences in all countries. However, streaming shows like Gravity Falls isn't as simple as streaming the same episode to different audiences. Episodes shown outside of the United States may have some subtle and not-so-subtle changes based on censorship, language barriers, and acceptable streaming content.

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Throughout both seasons of Gravity Falls, there have been multiple editions, including some surprising choices and even some alternate names for Mabel's beloved pet pig, Waddles. So let's go into Mystery Shack and see what's in store. 

As the brother duo uncovers multiple secrets, they come across newspaper headlines and newspaper clippings. One of the biggest revelations is the headline that says "Stan Pines Dead." Clearly, there is something that Stan has been hiding and the dramatic title drives him home. Only if he was watching in Latin America, the headline would be a little less dramatic. 

The Fez Stan Pines wears typically have a symbol, which looks like a cross between a fish design or some kind of riff on Pac-Man. The entire design is actually based on a group known as the Shriners. The group was previously known as the Ancient Arab Order of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine and is a society of members known for wearing their characteristic Fez hats. 

Two different episodes use the word and it is edited from various international versions of the show. The first example is found in the episode "The Deep End". Watch the below video to see all the censored moments and learn exactly why they are removed from other countries.

Here are 15 times scenes were altered or removed entirely in other countries when it comes to Gravity Falls!

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