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Why Does Demon Slayer Get So Much Hate?

Why Does Demon Slayer Get So Much Hate

With the Demon Slayer Mugen Train movie just recently being showcased throughout the world, millions of fans have expressed their love for the series and of course are mesmerized by the insane animation forged by Ufotable. But with every good side also comes a bad side and it’s something I’ve wanted to talk about for a while, and that is the question of ‘Why does Demon Slayer get so much hate?’ 

Now in this article I just wanted to discuss the rise of such a phenomenon, Demon Slayer shook the world with its out-of-the-world animation and simple storyline but to others, it was seen as a mediocre Shounen series being carried by the amazing animation like I just mentioned.  

This article will contain spoilers from the Manga, you have been warned. In this article I’m going to be as unbiased as I can so that we can all see both sides, the good and the ugly, to determine the unexpected hate this series has gained. 

Basis of Demon Slayer

Basis of Demon Slayer

So what does the storyline of Demon Slayer entail, well it’s a Shounen series about a young Tanjiro Kamado who lives in the mountains with his family, however in the Demon Slayer world lurks various, powerful Demons wh feast on humans, simple right? 

The story takes a big turn when Tanjiro’s simple family life is destroyed when he arrives back to his home with his entire family massacred by a Demon, he bares witness to this hell when he notices that his younger sister, Nezuko, was the only one breathing and tries his best to look for help whilst carrying her on his back. But the concept of Demons, which seemed like a myth to Tanjiro at first was then proven to be real when his sister attempts to bite him, as Nezuko loses control and becomes a Demon. 

After this, the story that follows is Tanjiro becoming a Demon Slayer, wanting to find a cure for his abnormal Demon sister who goes against the norms of what a Demon is supposed to become. On top of that wanting to put an end to the king of all Demons, Kibutsuji Muzan, and discontinue the lineage of Demons. That was the basis of Demon Slayer, pretty simple, a plot that has everything that we expect from a Shounen series targeted to young people. But where does the disdain for Demon Slayer originate from? 

demon slayer hate

One of the minor factors for this would be the fandom, I mean every fandom has its bad apples which is to be expected when a series becomes popular, there’s no way in hell that you can gatekeep a series completely and expect it to be safe. Personally, I don’t delve into fandoms like that, when I enjoy a series I might make a video or an article on it or post something about it on Twitter and move on with my life, but from my perspective even I was able to notice the bad apples in the Demon Slayer crowd - constantly pushing the agenda that Demon Slayer is the greatest series ever written since it has so many sales. 

It became this competition between different fandoms all of a sudden and unfortunately Demon Slayer was always the one leading the charge, going to war with the likes of One Piece and Naruto, completely disrespecting the forefathers of Shounen Manga. Like I said it’s the few bad apples that made some people change their views on Demon Slayer to the point where they now see the fandom as a rotten bunch, however, there are casual readers like myself and so many others who genuinely enjoy the series for what it is and don’t force their agenda or opinions down other peoples throats. 

The popularity of Demon Slayer

demon slayer movie

Well, that brings us to the next topic and that is the massive popularity which Demon Slayer gained since the Manga gained an Anime adaptation. Before the western fanbase took over, Demon Slayer became such a big hit in Japan, it skyrocketed and was so popular amongst the Japanese. One of the reasons I believe Demon Slayer grew so much in Japan is the series being created by the backbone of Japanese history, culture, and tradition, is set during the Taisho era, the early 1900’s. 

This period in time was also a big step for Japanese development, one of the biggest creations was certainly the railroads which correlate with the latest movie, Mugen Train. Anyways, Demon Slayer was able to take the top spot from renowned series such as One Piece, creating endless debates on which series is better. 

It was also stated that during 2020 Demon Slayer’s first 22 volumes were the best-selling manga volumes of that year, this broke all records set by the previous respectable series. It’s not every day where a completely new series takes away the top spot so effortlessly, it usually takes years of dedication to even get near the top 5 best-selling Manga but that’s where Demon Slayer flourished and went against the odds which were stacked up against them.

demon slayer explained

So does the popularity of a series necessarily mean that it is actually good? I mean a lot of us hope to think so, but unfortunately, it isn’t, some of the reviews which I came across on My Anime List all had some really valid points, I’m not trying to discredit Demon Slayer at all but when you put it into perspective it’s a pretty solid Shounen series, however, I would never compare it to the likes of One Piece, Naruto or even Bleach, the main cause for Demon Slayer’s rise to the moon is because of Ufotable's incredible work animating the show they went and took Demon Slayer to heights unknown. 

I’m a massive fan of Koyaharu Gotouge, her art style is perfect for me and I know for a fact that if Demon Slayer didn’t get an Anime adaptation it would still be competing with the top 5 series in Shonen Jump regardless. 

Bad Writing?

Staying on the topic of Koyaharu Gotouge, a lot of people mentioned Demon Slayer and its bad writing. Personally, I don’t have a problem with it at all because I tend to enjoy plots like Demon Slayer but I sort of understood where those select few were coming from. 

demon slayer anime

One of the bigger problems for me was definitely the pacing in Demon Slayer, the way we were forced into a new arc without a proper transition was off-putting, it was basic as well going from a big fight for development then a training arc to get stronger and then another major fight, it was rinsed and repeat - the way that some of the Demons were introduced and how their backstories were fleshed out felt like Koyaharu Gotouge was rushing her way through the series, which is understandable since she had personal matters to attend to. 

An upper moon demon that was done justice was most definitely Akaza, giving us enough time to gain that attachment to their characters and understand why they do what they do. A few more things that myself and so many others wanted to know was for sure the mystery behind the Blue Spiderlily as well as previous Hashira’s, those 2 factors would’ve made it much more interesting especially the doctor who had given Muzan the blue spider lily eventually turning him into the very first demon. 

The Finale of Demon Slayer

demon slayer op

This next part is probably the biggest reason why so many people turned their back on Demon Slayer, and that was the ending. Most recently there has been a lot of backlash on how a creator should end their series, the biggest example is the way Attack on Titan had ended, to the point where Isayama felt pressured to add some extra pages to do it justice but it still wasn’t enough for the fans and I understand. 

Most people want a poetic ending or even a cliffhanger if it’s done right, not how Attack on Titan ended. The final arc of Demon Slayer was milked differently, we were stuck on the final battle with Muzan for years and it got really tiring to even read. It was a back and forth with Muzan, we saw the upper moon demons showcase abilities better than Muzan which is not meant to work that way. 

The tension surrounding Muzan’s character was building up, we were all questioned on what sort of abilities he could have and how overpowered he could be but our hopes and dreams were shattered when all Muzan really did was elongate his limbs and made them sharp, in the beginning, I was so intrigued with Muzan’s character only for him to turn out being this easy, simple villain. I mean when Muzan turned into a baby I remember some people trying to justify its form and give it this metaphorical meaning, but I wasn’t having it. 

demon slayer manga

Since Gotouge made Muzan’s sharp limbs very powerful compared to Tanjiro’s frail body, she was pushed into a corner to totally nerf the situation and force Muzan to be this giant, uncontrollable baby which didn’t really sit right with me. One part which I thought was perfect for the finale was Tanjiro inheriting Muzan’s memories, but that was cut short with the power of friendship. 

I mean there were so many alternative routes that could’ve been taken to make the ending a little bit better but we didn’t get that. The final chapter revealed the happy ending trope, like I said endings can be perfect if they are done correctly but since Gotouge had to rush her way to end Demon Slayer, she gathered regenerated versions of the main characters and ended off the series with the descendants of the Demon Slayers to be living a happy life. 

My Thoughts & Opinions

demon slayer reaction

Well, we essentially broke down some of the reasons why Demon Slayer gained a lot of hate, the fandom comparing the sales of its series, the insane popularity because when a series becomes more mainstream it gains a lot more hate than expected, the next one being the so-called bad writing but for me, it was just the pacing and how certain arcs were set out. 

The main one being the last arc of Demon Slayer and how it had ended, these are all major factors but one thing that we must understand Koyaharu Gotouge must also still have regrets about ending the series the way she did, her situation must’ve been dire for her to rush the end of Demon Slayer. 

I wouldn’t of minded if she took a 2 or 3-year break and came back to do Demon Slayer justice but it is what it is, however asides from all the bad points I really love Gotouge’s art style and even though some arcs in Demon Slayer felt like they were there just for convenience, I honestly enjoyed the series as a whole, it really doesn’t deserve the hate that it receives on a daily basis. 

demon slayer new season

Imagine having to work weekly on a Manga without any proper breaks or holidays, the Anime & Manga industry needs to change and stop slaving away its authors and animators. To believe that Demon Slayer Mugen Train Movie earned well over $400 Million and only paid Koyaharu Gotouge $20,000 is a complete joke and a disgrace, to top it all off most animation companies don’t even pay their animators the basic living wage, the industry really needs to do something about this or we might see a collapse in Anime & Manga

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But anyways I hope you guys learned something new from this article, But what do you guys think of the Demon Slayer series, does it deserve the unnecessary hate, and do you think its popularity was a big factor in this, be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. 

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