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9 Rude Conversation Habits Ladies You’re Probably Doing

Rude Conversation Habits
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There are things you should never do when you have a conversation with another person.  And I really want to instruct you what those things are in this article because these are some of the reasons why sometimes people lose interest in us. People reject us. People don't want to hang out with us. 

Okay? So don't do these mistakes ladies, and you're going to have great networking success as you upgrade in your life. My dear elegant ladies welcome back to a new article. Ladies. I want you to really master the art of conversation because this is really going to take you far in life. Especially when you know that I've been speaking so much about your network is your net worth. 

But how do we become a good person in conversation? How do we become the person that people feel is totally present? Has this aura around makes them feel good because when you have that aura, you naturally draw people in and you naturally also keep people around you. 

People won't feel immediately that, okay, you know, I have to go to the bathroom or I want to talk to somebody else. No. They actually want to have a conversation with you and that's going to be of great benefit, ladies. So let's dive straight into those 10 things that you should absolutely not be doing when you're in a conversation with a person. 

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1. Do not yawn at any point. 

I understand that from time to time, you know if people are talking about something, it happens to everybody that we feel that we may be, you know, we're getting a little bit tired, but it's not necessarily because of the other person. It is because of ourselves. 

Then please really try and first of all, never do any yawning gesture. We don't do that and yawning is not an elegant way and it is a very rude way when you are in public. I would personally not even do any form of cover-up or face because sometimes that's what we do when we're trying to kind of control the yawning a bit. 

I would personally try and control this. I would not yawn whatsoever, but if it's uncontrollable, then I would literally just bite myself as much as I can in order to control and not to show the yawning that's currently happening without my control basically. It's the same principle as when you're trying to control a sneeze, sometimes you actually manage. So you can also control a yawn.  

2. Checking your time. 

It's incredibly rude because let's say, somebody, is talking to you and you're checking your time. What does that say? 

Number one, you're not listening. 

Number two, that you're bored. 

Number three, you're probably just finding an excuse to leave or something like that. 

So do not do that. No checking time. 

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3. Looking around in the room. 

So let's say you're standing there and you're talking to me and we having a conversation.  And as you're talking, I'm just glancing elsewhere and not looking at you. How rude is that? It's again saying that, okay, what you're saying is not interesting and that my mind is currently wandering and yeah, I'm a little bit bored. 

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So let's see what's else is out there basically. So do not do this ladies. And I see this a lot. I always see this happen and it's very hard not to do. Sometimes even I do it by mistake. However, this is why it's very important to stay as present as you can in a conversation and really focus on the person you're communicating with. 

4. Wandering mind

And again, this happens to all of us in conversation. However, it's very important that you bring yourself back to where you are right now into the conversation, into the present moment. And you refocus on what you're doing right now. 

I understand not everybody is interesting, not what everybody says is interesting. And sometimes, stories can be a little bit too dragging. I get it and it happens. However, if you make it obvious that you are zoning out for a second, that signals rudeness. You shouldn't be doing that. And you should just try and focus on being present. 

If you feel like your mind is wandering off, just make yourself aware in that moment that ah, I'm wandering off.  No, that's rude. Let me pull myself back in again.  

5. Giving monologue

And this is definitely if now is your time to speak. It's very rude to have a monologue. One thing is to express a story that of course is a bit longer. That's fine, but when you're just having a monologue and you're just talking and talking and talking and you never let anybody else talk, or if people are trying to talk, you just speak over them. 

And then what happens is that it becomes a one-way street of communication. And that's one of the worst things I personally really do not like to be in conversation with people who love monologues. And there are loads of people like that. Loads of people who love to have all eyes on them who think that they know everything and they know best. And it's really frustrating. 

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So please be aware in conversation. Always remind yourself when you're talking, how long have I been talking for? Has anybody else had a moment to pitch in or say something? Do people look interested right now? Or are they starting to zone out? If you're noticing that people are zoning out, it's not necessarily because they are being rude. It's actually sometimes because you are just keeping a monologue and it's very, very difficult to stay present.  

6. Looking at your phone

It happens often that we might be sitting and we have our phone next to us and we might glance on our phone, or let's say, we're standing up at an event and we have the phone in our hands. Please do not start checking it or quickly tap your screen to see if there's anything new that popped in on your screen. 

Please, ladies, your phone does not exist when you are in a conversation with another person. Even if you just quickly want to glance, that immediately screams rudeness. Just hide it away in a conversation and ideally, also switch off the sound of the phone. 

This is just such basic social etiquette, but yet nobody really does it. People even bother to respond to messages and pick up the phone in the middle of a conversation. Of course, there is the exception if you are, let's say with close friends and you are having more of a laid-back relationship or ambiance. 

Let's say you are sitting in the restaurant with your friends, maybe playing with a phone is not necessarily the right environment for that versus if you're just hanging around in somebody's living room and it's more of a casual setting, then that's different.  

7. Smiling when it's not appropriate

And this is something that I don't think everybody actually thinks about, but I'm talking about smiling or having a light smile in your expression of the mouth when people are sharing something negative.  So this is what people don't actually pay attention to. Your facial expressions respond to what they're saying. 

So if somebody's saying some, let's say a bad experience or a challenge that they're having, or something like that, and you are sitting there and listening and your facial expressions are signaling that you kind of enjoying what they're saying, in a way that, okay, you're enjoying the negativity that they're saying, etc.  

And this is really important to pay attention to because I read into this a lot.  This tells me when I communicate with people. If I share something and I'm a very open person, I'm very transparent and I have an easy time being vulnerable with people, as you can see on my platforms. I notice in the reaction and really pay attention to it. How are these people responding to me? If I say that I had this horrible thing happened to me and you can see in their eyes that they're actually enjoying it. That they're a little bit happy for it. It shows in their facial expressions. 

So really pay attention to this because a lot of people don't, and it's a big giveaway. You can easily find out if people are genuine with you or not just by reading the kind of micro-expressions or their facial expressions. 

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8. Fidgeting

And I think we all know that fidgeting of any sorts, let's say playing with your hair when somebody's talking or keep adjusting your clothes,  or keep moving around because you, I don't know. For whatever reason you're fidgeting, it could be you're nervous. It could be you're bored or you're just insecure of some sort. Who knows why, but it signals rudeness. And I don't want you to be moving around too much. 

Let's say you are bored because it does happen, there's a lot of boring people out there. I'm sorry to say. And you are going to encounter a few from time to time, but please do not show people that you are bored. Do not start like pulling your hair because you just like waiting for the conversation to finish. You see what I mean? When situations like that happen, we really have to practice our patients, ladies. 

This is what shows true elegance versus somebody who doesn't really care that much.  Because true elegance is about really sticking in there, really work with your patience and work with yourself. You have control of your emotions. You're able to hold yourself in a certain manner. And this is what's really important. 

And also think about the fact that you are a kind person. Your soul is kind. Okay, somebody is boring, but do you want to hurt their feelings because of that? No. So make sure you do not signal it. And fidgeting is one of those things that really gives a big tell that you are really not that engaged in the conversation.  

9. Crossing your hands

Ladies, I don't want you to cross your hands. I don't want you to sit closed off. This means the closed body language signals that you are protecting yourself. Maybe you're insecure. Maybe you don't trust the person you're talking to. This is probably the worst. This doesn't look like you are open to talk to. 

You don't look very friendly like this. You look a little bit like you don't care. And body language is everything. This is silent communication. People read into it more than you actually think. People really read probably into it more than your own words. 

Rude Conversation Habits_3

So make sure you open yourself up, have an open inviting posture, show people that you are friendly. Have a smile signal that you are inviting, that you are an outgoing person. If you're somebody who feels like your natural appearance is that you easily look a bit closed down, then really work on these things, open yourself up. And you're going to see that you are going to have an easier time meeting new people, and that is going to elevate you in all aspects of your life. 

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