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Signs That She Doesn't Want A Relationship With You

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In today’s article, we will be talking about the 7 signs that indicate she doesn't want a relationship with you. In the early stage of dating, it can be confusing at times to know whether the woman you like is interested in a relationship with you. But women tend to give off certain signals to show their lack of interest. Below are the 7 signs that she doesn’t want a relationship with you. 

#1 She puts you in the friend zone 

How do we know if the woman puts you in the friend zone? She may have already communicated   that to you by saying, “Let’s be friends.” Or she may be giving you subtle hints such as   “Hey, how have you been, my friend?” Or “Sure, bro!” Pay special attention to the language she uses, or how she addresses you when she communicates with you. 

Sometimes she may be too shy, or it could be she doesn’t want to flat out reject you to hurt your feelings. Thus, she may send out signals like these in passing hoping that you get the hint. 

#2 She just wants you as a friend with benefits 

There may be many reasons why a woman may not be emotionally available for a relationship,   but she’s still sexually attracted to you. Thus, she may say yes to your sexual advances but doesn’t want to date you or be seen with you out in public by her friends or family. 

So she only spends time with you in the bedroom, and not invest in quality time on dates outside of the bedroom. If you want a serious relationship, this is a clear sign that you need to walk away from her as she only wants something casual with you with no envisioned future. 

#3 She avoids physical intimacy 

If you have been dating for at least 3-6 months and she rejects you, either with her body language or flat out rejects your attempts for physical intimacy without religious reasons or explanation, she may not want a relationship with you. 

If neither of you had talked about dating exclusively, please don’t assume exclusivity. When she is not interested in intimate connections with you, this is a sign that she may not be physically attracted to you. If she is not ready to pursue a more involved romantic intimate relationship with you, perhaps because she still has potential options with others that she’s considering. 

#4 She doesn’t call, text back, or cancels dates 

When a woman is not interested in you, you are not going to be her top priority. Thus, obvious signs will show when you try to communicate with her, such as- she doesn’t call back, text back, or doesn’t confirm with you when you try to set up dates. These are common signs that she’s not interested to dive deeper into a relationship with you. 

#5 She doesn’t want to be exclusive with you 

Ok, if you’ve asked her to be exclusive after you have dated for some time,   and she doesn’t give you a definitive answer, this is a clear sign that she’s either hesitating or she already knows you are not the one she wants to invest in a relationship with. 

It doesn’t matter if she verbalized this out loud or not; most likely, she doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. If you have already given her the chance and communicated clearly your intention for a relationship and she doesn’t reciprocate right away, that’s your cue to move on. 

#6 She is still hung up on her ex or has just broken up 

There may be times that she said she’s ready to date but she actually is still in the phase of being hung up on her past relationship (recently divorced)   or she has just recently broken up with an ex-boyfriend (within 3 months). You need to be aware that you may potentially be entering a rebound relationship with her. 

You need to gauge how she shows up during your dates to know if she’s mentally ready to be in an exclusive relationship or if you should move on. Please understand that if she’s emotionally not available to invest in a new relationship, you are compromising on the success of the relationship and risking yourself to waste more time, money, energy, and potential heartbreak. 

#7 She’s going through major life-stage transitions 

She may be experiencing major transitions in her life that she can’t put a romantic relationship as her top priority. Situations include moving/relocating, grieving over deaths of loved ones, job/career change, divorce proceedings, etc. 

If you’ve sensed this during the dating stage, you need to consider your own timeline of finding a woman who is relationship ready. There is no need to wait for a woman who is not ready because she may never be ready, or you might go through the emotional rollercoaster with her during those life stages, which creates stress and minimizes the success of the relationship. 

Better yet, some of these signs are for you to determine if she is at the right stage in her life to focus on cultivating a romantic, intimate long-term relationship with you that you desire and deserve. 

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