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10 Things Happy Couples Do Before They Go to Sleep

To have a happy relationship, it is important to spend some time with your partner before going to bed. It doesn't matter if it's just a few minutes, the point is, you just have to have fun with each other. We've compiled a list of some of the simplest but most effective pieces of advice from psychologists.  

Number 1. Switch your phone to silent mode, and put them away. 

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Connecting to social networks can be addictive and it releases less of your body oxytocin, a hormone that plays a role in a variety of behaviors such as pairing, intimacy, and social beliefs. Counselor and psychiatrist, Carol Carey gives us simple advice: we should turn off our phone at 9 pm and put it in the drawer until the next morning. 

Number 2. Forget about work. 


Don't check your emails after you go to bed. Forget about work and relax a little. If you do this, you can work more efficiently and become more productive the next day. 

Besides, spending time and talking with your spouse before going to bed makes your relationship emotionally stable and you both feel relaxed. You should not talk about work, money, or anything that could threaten your relationship. 

Number 3. Go to bed at the same time as your partner. 

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It is quite common for couples not to go to bed at the same time for different reasons. It gets worse when you don't see each other all day. Psychologist Kurt Smith says that if we want to keep our relationship close, we should go to bed at the same time, after brushing our teeth. Many couples do not see each other all day and get into the habit of sleeping at different times. 

Number 4. Follow a routine. 

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It is said that if we have a bedtime routine can make us sleep better. Following that routine, day by day, our brain and body learn to interpret our habitual actions and prepares themselves for sleep. It is worthwhile doing it together with our partner because it maintains intimacy and reliability. 

Number 5. Speak from the heart. 

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Listen to what your spouse has to say, because sometimes people just want to hear, want to feel the care and support they can get from their love. As psychologist Ryan Howes suggests, it's a good idea to show and tell your spouse positive emotions because it will end your day happily and make you both feel better the next day. 

Assure your partner of your love by expressing your feelings even through words. Leave your problems out of the bedroom. It will be easier to deal with them fresh and light the next day. 

Number 6. Don’t argue or get into heated conversations. 

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Arguments before bed are unhealthy, as KurtSmith warns us. Problems cannot be solved by fighting in bed. It makes us hard to fall asleep, resulting in sleep deprivation, boredom, and sadness, the next day. 

Number 7. Keep your bedroom baby free. 

Letting your children sleep in your bed is a controversial issue, but psychologist Michael Winer-Davis says it's only acceptable if a child has nightmares. Otherwise, the bedroom is the parent’s realm, their place for privacy, and intimacy. 

Number 8. Do not share a bed with your pet. 

The same is true for pets. Research shows that 63% of people who sleep with their pets are deprived of sleep. No pet can usually rest all night, as a result, it will not let you sleep. Not to mention the “bedroom is parental territory.”

 Number 9. Massage each other. 

Scientists at the National Foundation for fact Sleep have confirmed the fact that the quality of your sleep before bed can be enhanced by a relaxing massage, as it brings us closer to our partner. 

Number 10. Don't forget about hugs and kisses. 

It is always important to hug and kiss your partner as often as possible, even more before bed. It is not only comfortable, but it also gives us positive emotions. The basic truth confirmed by many psychologists is that if you hug your spouse who is falling asleep, your relationship will be as great and rock solid. 

Have we missed any of the things that happy couples do? Don’t forget to leave it in the comment section below.

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