The monotony of the monoliths? Another mysterious structure appears and disappears in California

In social networks, there is a video showing a group of men removing the monolith and replacing it with a plywood cross.

The monotony of the monoliths

A group of hikers discovered a metallic monolith on a mountain route on the central coast of California, in the United States, two weeks after a similar structure was found in the Utah desert and another with similar characteristics was found in Romania.

This was reported on Thursday by the local network KKFX, affiliated with Fox television in San Luis Obispo, a city located in the center of the coastal region of California.

The metallic monolith then suddenly disappeared this Thursday (12/03/2020) in what appeared to be an imitation of one that appeared and then disappeared in a Utah desert.

"I can't say they are aliens, but he was here and now he's gone," said Terrie Banish, deputy city manager of Atascadero, California, a city of about 30,000 along Highway 101 near the central coastal city of San Luis Obispo.

"She showed up alone (Wednesday) and in the middle of the night someone took her out," she said.

"It is under investigation by our police department, but it has not been reported as stolen."

Young people would have removed the monolith

For her part, on social networks, she began to shoot a video that shows a group of men removing the monolith and replacing it with a plywood cross.

"It bothers us that these young people felt the need to drive 5 hours to enter our community and destroy the Monolith," Atascadero Mayor Heather Moreno said in a statement. "The Monolith was something unique and fun in a stressful time," he added.

The eight-foot-high monolith in Utah, found by officials counting bighorn sheep in a remote desert last month, caused astonishment around the world and drew crowds of pilgrimage hikers to see it.

The similarity to the film "2001: A Space Odyssey" by Kubrick

Another mysterious structure appears and disappears in California

The event resembles Stanley Kubrick's 1968 film "2001: A Space Odyssey," based on a novel by Arthur C. Clarke, in which alien monoliths appear mysteriously.

The 1968 film follows the journey to Jupiter with the HAL computer after the discovery of an alien monolith that affects human evolution.

Kubrick was personally involved in the design of the monolith and its shape for the film. The first monolith design for the film was a transparent tetrahedral pyramid. This was taken from the short story "The Sentinel" on which the first story was based. Kubrick approached a London company to provide a 3.7-meter clear plexiglass pyramid and, due to construction limitations, they recommended a flat slab shape.

Kubrick approved of the design but was disappointed with the glassy appearance of the clear fixture on set, prompting art director Anthony Masters to suggest making the monolith's surface matte black.

The appearance of this monolith occurs after in mid-November another very similar one was found by surprise from a helicopter in a remote and desert area of ​​the state of Utah, which was removed at the end of that same week.

Another mysterious structure appears and disappears in California

According to information from local media, a group of four environmental activists removed the monolith from that area because its appearance caught the attention of hundreds of people who drove through the desert those days in search of that structure.

During these last weeks, another monolith with a triangular base was also found on the hill of Batca Doamnei, located in the Romanian city of Piatra Neamt, in the northeast of the country.

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