With DropLabs Ep 01 Sound Immersion Footwear you can feel what you see and hear

DropLabs Ep 01 Sound Immersion Footwear

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With the DropLabs Ep 01 Sound Immersion Footwear, your shoes can do more than just protect your feet. In fact, these sneakers use stereo haptic feedback to help you feel what you see and hear. 

So this immersive footwear will really add that extra bounce to your step. And these haptic feedback shoes offer up to six hours of battery life, so you can walk around for hours and feel your favorite beats. 

The DropLabs shoes offer more than a sensory experience and ensure that you stay focused and live in the moment. Simply connect these shoes to your Android or iOS device and you're good to go. In addition, they are compatible with almost every newer Bluetooth-enabled device. 

This way you can control the intensity of your experience. And when you want to use them to play, just plug them directly into your audio source.

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