With the Virtuix Omni One VR treadmill, you can move 360 degrees



Disclaimer: Hello friends, how are you, friends, today I again appear in front of you with a cool gadget. So friends, like my old articles, I will say for this article too that it is not an advertisement, nor do I have any agreement with this company. I am not an affiliate of this product in any way, so friends just wanted to tell you about this amazing gadget which I found on the internet, so I have written this article.

What you need to make the most of your virtual reality experience at home is to be able to go anywhere. With the Virtuix Omni One VR treadmill, you can do just that. 

In fact, this VR treadmill at home can move you up, down, side to side, and 360 degrees. What’s more, it can even detect when you are crawling or kneeling, as you were probably familiar with during your games. Besides, the Virtuix Omni is only four meters in diameter. 

That it will not take up much space in your home. And you do not have to worry about getting rid of yourself because you have to wear the vest first. With an adjustable height, this gaming device is suitable for a wide variety of users, feels like an extension of your body.

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