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Us Election 2020 :The verbal war intensified between Trump and Biden.

US Election 2020: The verbal war intensified between Trump and Biden.

Source: Wahington| Agencies 

us election 2020

Biden accused the US president of pitting people against each other.

The war of words between the two candidates has intensified in the presidential election to be held in the US on November 3.

Democratic Party presidential candidate Joe Biden accused President Donald Trump of pitting the American people against each other on the grounds of race, caste, and the national anthem, while Trump accused Biden of corrupt leaders saying he spent the past 47 years. He did nothing but fool the Americans.

Target the trump?

At a rally in Minnesota on Friday, 77-year-old Biden said that the US could not afford Trump as president of the country for another 4 years. He said the only thing that could isolate America and that America is itself, and Donald Trump has been doing this from the beginning, dividing America. It is wrong to pit Americans against each other on the basis of race, caste, and national origin. We are not like this. Everyone knows who Donald Trump is. Let them know who we are. Joe Biden is strictly following the rules of social distance during the campaign. In 2008 and 2012, you trusted me and Barack Obama. We were in his office every day until 2016, working for you and the whole community. In the same way, I will do the same. Biden said that six generals who worked directly with the Trump administration have left work, saying Trump is not eligible to become Commander-in-Chief of America. They said that this did not happen with any other president.

Biden has a craze for power

Trump said that Biden is a lousy and corrupt leader who has done nothing but deceive you in the last 47 years. He will look into your eyes and turn around and stab you in the back. He is only worried about gaining power. They told supporters that they can protect their dignity only by giving them a decisive victory in the presidential election to be held on November 3.

Facebook suspended all political groups

Facebook Inc. has suspended all political groups before the election. It confirmed on Friday that it has temporarily suspended all political groups in the wake of Tuesday's presidential election, due to which they cannot send messages. Zuckerberg said that as a precaution we have taken steps to block recommendations in groups for all political content or social issues group

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