The Bionics x Konami Venom Hero Bionic Arm is designed for amputees below the elbow

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The Open Bionics x Konami Venom Hero Bionic Arm provides mobility for people with amputations below the elbow and can change people's lives. 

It works for adults and children who have upper limb amputations, and even eight-year-olds can use it. The design of the bionic arm is based on Venom Snake, the main character of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. 

Because the character wears an iconic version in red and black. Although the arm of the fictional character comes with attached weapons, the arm of the hero does not. Even if you prefer to experiment with different designs, you can. 

Open Bionic uses 3D printing and scanning to build each Hero Arm. With this feature, you can customize it with magnetic covers for clips. Overall, it is a life-changing portable device that delivers lower arm movement.

source: thegadgetflow

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