OpenSeed Meditation Pod creative escape gives you a calm space at work

OpenSeed Meditation Pod creative escape gives you a calm space at work

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OpenSeed Meditation Pod's creative escape provides a space at work that you didn't know you needed: a place of calm. This capsule is more than a retreat, it also integrates sound, meditation, essential oils, light, and technology. 

Sure, it's nice to break away from the hustle and bustle for a moment and recharge your mind and body batteries, but that's not all. Because of all of the integrations in this escape from the work area, you have access to higher states of consciousness and creativity, which increases your effectiveness. 

The meditation capsule is equipped with a built-in touchscreen and guides you through sound therapies, experiences, and meditations. In terms of looks, the handcrafted exterior is gorgeous and can seat three people. Don't worry, there is also a ventilation system. 

The hidden speakers deliver impressive 3D sound and the noise-isolating housing ensures that this creative short break does not disturb anyone outside.

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