Mini's Vision Urbanaut concept looks like a living room on wheels: Future Technology

Mini's Vision Urbanaut concept looks like a living room on wheels

Autonomous vehicles can help you work or relax on the road.

Future Technology

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Mini had a strikingly autonomous driving concept to show off at BMW's NextGen event. If the Mini Vision Urbanout were ever to become a reality, it would have more interior space than any other Mini and would perhaps be the most hospitable way to get through the city.

The Mini Vision Urbanout has three main "moments" as modes: Chill, Wanderlust and Vibe, and the interior and exterior of the car will move to reflect them. "The chill moment invites you to take a breath and pause in the here and now. 

The car becomes a kind of getaway, a getaway where you can relax, or work with full concentration, during a trip," he says. Oliver Heimer Director of Mini-Design said in a statement. "Wanderlust is the only Mini moment when the Mini Vision Urbanaut is controlled or controlled with automatic driving functions. The moment that Vibe puts time with the center of other people, in every way."

You would switch between the three modes by placing the key hanger in the corresponding slot. Mini suggests that you can set your own moment with custom music, mood lighting, scents, etc.

Once the car is stopped, you can turn it into some kind of living room. The tabletop can be transformed into a daybed and you can open the front window to create a balcony space. 

The back of the Vision Urbanout would apparently have a quieter area with a so-called "cozy corner" that sounds like a solid reading corner. There is even a built-in table with a plant in the open central area.

In addition to comfort, Mini has sustainability in mind. It says that Vision Urbanout would use recycled materials without leather or chrome, and the main material inside would be knitted fabric. Meanwhile, the Vision Urbanout has a unique side door and folding swivel chair.

Autonomous living-room-style driving concepts have been around for years, though Mini is probably one of the biggest players yet to come forward with its vision for that bike format. 

There is no physical model of the Mini Vision Urbanout, so it is not sure how well it would work in practice. Still, traveling while watching a movie or playing a game sounds like hanging out and hanging out in a relaxing environment when you arrive at your destination pretty cool.


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