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Latest Technology Trends in the Game Industry for 2021: Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online

 Latest Technology Trends in the Game Industry for 2021

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Report on the specialized session "Latest Technology Trends in the Game Industry for 2021". What is the impact of the latest technology used in new-generation consumer devices and VR on the game experience?

As an official program of "Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online", a specialized session "Game Industry Latest Technology Trends for 2021" was delivered. In this session, three experts in the game industry exchanged opinions in a panel discussion on new consumer devices, VR, social media, and expectations for 2021.

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New consumer game console PlayStation & Xbox

The first theme is about the next-generation PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X / S, which will be released one after another in November. Mr. Shin pointed out that the graphics have improved, and commented, "Given five years after the PS5 enters maturity, it has a great impact." Mr. Nishikawa also mentioned the improvement of sound and storage, and said, "I would like to expect a game experience that is one step higher than before."

Mr. Yanase also asked, "How will the game experience change?" And pointed out that increasing the screen resolution not only makes the graphics beautiful but also reduces the cost for humans to see and interpret the screen. 

As a result, the amount of information that humans receive will increase, and the game makers will be able to do more. On top of that, I expected that the shorter loading time due to the improved storage would also change the gaming experience.

Furthermore, Mr. Shin touched on the price of the next-generation machine, saying, "It is about 10,000 yen ($95) cheaper than expected. It is an aggressive price range, and it is accepted by many people with an impact."

When asked about the points of interest in the specifications of each model, Mr. Nishikawa pointed out that the CPU and GPU are the latest models of AMD at the moment. However, as for GPU, each model has its own performance, so there is also an aspect of how to judge from the viewpoint of hardware.

Regarding storage, it is the same in that it uses NVMe SSD, but PS5 uses 4 lanes for data transfer, while Xbox Series X / S uses only 2 lanes. 

Therefore, PS5 may have restrictions on external storage, but Mr. Nishikawa explained that he pursued maximum speed performance to the last. On the other hand, the Xbox Series X / S said it pursued versatility.

Regarding the sound, Mr. Nishikawa thinks that PS5 realizes stereophonic sound with its own "Tempest" 3D audio system, while Xbox Series X / S adopts general-purpose Dolby Atmos. He pointed out that the difference is apparent. 

He also mentioned that the Xbox Series X will be equipped with the audio engine "Project Acoustics." Project Acoustics is Microsoft's audio engine that realizes various expressions using sound, such as showing the size of a room by echo, but there are plans to provide it to other companies, Mr. Nishikawa said, "It has an interesting synergistic effect. I want it, "he said.

The next theme is about VR and social media.

In 2019, a stand-alone VR compatible headset "Oculus Quest" appeared, but Mr. Shin explained that it is more immersive than the conventional headset used by connecting to a PC or game console.

However, the current situation is that Oculus Quest is sold only in the United States, and it seems that the high degree of immersiveness is not fully conveyed in Japan. 

For example, in Japan, it is still pointed out that "VR games cannot be played without a large space", but with the advent of Oculus Quest, VR games that can be played while sitting as long as there is space to swing arms are becoming mainstream. 

And in October, the successor "Oculus Quest 2" will be released. It is expected that the penetration rate will increase because it is sold at home electronics mass retailers and the price has been reduced by 10,000 yen ($95).

Mr. Nishikawa pointed out that the price has dropped even though the overall specifications of Oculus Quest 2 are about 1.5 times that of Oculus Quest. Mr. Shin, who saw the actual machine, introduced that it has a function to upscan and display past games, "The screen display is very beautiful" "This is really good to sell at the 30,000 yen level I thought, "he said.

Mr. Yanase mentioned that VR has been attracting attention in communication-related fields in recent years. For example, even people who are not tech-savvy or not interested in games are enjoying VR chat using avatars, and in anticipation of such a situation, Facebook may have acquired Oculus. ..

Mr. Nishikawa also agreed with Mr. Yanase, citing the fact that physical distance can be disabled in VR and that it can have a greater presence than video conferencing systems such as "Zoom".

The topic also extended to games used for communication between players, such as "Fort Night" and "Atsumare Animal Forest". There have been games that presuppose communication, such as MMORPGs and competitive games, but although "Fort Knight" and "Animal Crossing: New Clothes Forest" are not necessarily designed like that, they are used for communication. Why?

Mr. Yanase cites that high-speed networks have become widespread worldwide and the technical hurdles have been lowered and that the spread of smartphones has made network communication common, saying, "Communicating in games has He expressed the view that "a natural flow".

Regarding "Fort Knight," he said, "It wasn't created for communication, but when so many people gather, it will become a place to share experiences," and "starting from there, it will become a place for communication." 

It is possible, and it is possible that SNS, where people originally gathered, will be used as a place for games. The technologies of the two will become indistinguishable. "

Expectations for 2021

The final theme was "Expectations for 2021", and Mr. Shin mentioned, "Communication regardless of real or virtual". He explained that it is now common to call in-game players on SNS outside the game, or to people in the real world from the virtual world, and next-generation machines and the next generation. He continued that there was no doubt that these things would evolve further.

Mr. Nishikawa said, "I hope the next-generation machine will support ultra-wide." According to Nishikawa, a 32: 9 ultra-wide display provides a more VR-like gaming experience than a typical 16: 9 display. It should be possible to support the specifications and technology of the next-generation machine, so I hope that it will be realized.

Mr. Yanase said, "I want to play something I can't imagine now," and explained that "the real thrill of a new consumer machine is to be able to realize an ideal game that couldn't be made because of specifications and technology." ..

In response, Mr. Nishikawa pointed out that "when the performance of game machines improved, game creators began to use the performance in unexpected directions in each generation," and Mr. Yanase said, "Technology research is practical. 

It will take about 10 years before it becomes a reality. In that case, the technology may be used in a direction that the researcher did not imagine. " Then, the father of the Internet, Jun Murai, showed an episode that he said, "I didn't think I could play a fighting game online."

At the end of the discussion, Mr. Shin mentioned that Oculus Quest 2 will be sold at home electronics mass retailers, etc., and there will be an experience corner, so when asked him what kind of experience he can experience with VR.

Mr. Nishikawa said, "In 2020, games such as" Ghost of Tsushima "and" The Last of Us Part II "were abundant, but the hardware is the same, NVIDIA released the GeForce RTX 3000 series, AMD also 10 New products will be released in March. 

I would like to pay attention to the evolution of PCs. " Mr. Yanase introduced that he is supervising the manga "Tokyo Toy Boxes" with the theme of e-sports.

Finally, moderator Mr. Higashi summarized that the technological evolution of the game will affect the game experience, so please pay attention to it in the future, and the session ended.

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