The customizable LED mask What's Your FACE lets you change in any character of your choice

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Design for self-expression, with the customizable LED mask What's Your FACE you can become any character of your choice. With 2000 built-in full-color LEDs, you can present the image of every character you download from the internet. 

You can choose the face of a superhero you find online. And then all you have to do is send it to this customizable LED mask! Just download the app on your smartphone, pair it with your LED mask, and be creative! This USB rechargeable mask is easy to use all day long due to its 12-hour battery life. Are you not interested in being a character? 

Instead, you can write text on your skin, and you can coordinate any appearance with the musicalized effect with songs on your phone. Decide who you currently want to be with the What's Your FACE mask.

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