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Big pharmaceutical companies spent millions of dollars against me in elections: Trump

Big pharmaceutical companies spent millions of dollars against me in elections: Trump

These companies advertised millions of dollars to spoil the image.

US President Donald Trump has accused the drug companies on Friday, according to Trump, that drug companies have spent millions of dollars on advertisements to spoil their image during the election.

President Trump, during a conversation with reporters at the White House, alleged that big drug companies had run up negative advertisements against him during the recently concluded presidential election by spending millions of dollars. 

Trump also announced rules to reduce prescription drug prices for the American people during this period.

Donald Trump said, "Well, in this election, I have won with about 7.4 million votes and you know we will find out."

Trump said it was very dishonest against us. Big pharmaceutical companies are against us. The media is against us. The big players in the technology sector are also against us. In fact, I noticed that during the promotion some big pharmaceutical companies have spent millions and millions of dollars in advertisements against me alone.

Reducing the price of medicines is a big reason.

Donald Trump said, he did it because we were going to reduce the price of drugs. I told them that I would do it. The unprecedented improvements we are making today are a direct result of the historic drug pricing executive orders signed in July.

Statistically, we had to go through a very long process and we completed it. I was very proud to do this. We have done this for the first time in 51 years. Now patients are going to benefit. Earlier patients had to pay a very high price. 

The action of stopping middlemen will save billions of dollars of American seniors. Currently, pharmaceutical companies offer large discounts on the price of medicines.

Denied Joe Biden as the winner.

In fact, in the recently concluded US presidential election, former Vice President and Democrat candidate Joe Biden were declared the winner on November 7 after winning in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

However, the US media had earlier declared Joe Biden as the winner only after the November 3 election, which US President Donald Trump refused to accept. Joe Biden received 306 electoral votes in the election and Donald Trump has 232 electoral votes.

At least 270 electoral votes are required to win the race up to the White House.

Verified Biden's victory.

Georgia's governor and top election official have verified the results of the presidential election on Friday.

Joe Biden and Harish discuss the relief package with the speaker.

America's newly elected President Joe Biden and newly elected Vice President Kamala Harris met with Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and senior leader Chuck Schumer on Friday. During this, the priority was to immediately help the families and small businesses affected by Covid-19. The power transfer team gave the information after a meeting in Wilmington, Delaware on Friday.

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