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10 crazy inventions that you may not have seen yet

10 crazy inventions that you may not have seen yet

From solar bikinis to the worn stylus, they are here to amaze. Designers around the world have created devices that surprise. Some can be useful, but in the real world, are they ever going to be used? In public? This decision is up to you, so you'll need to see what's out there. Some of them that we can't really imagine in the real world outside of these pictures.

We've rounded up the most ridiculous, crazy, bizarre, and downright bizarre inventions ever made or designed.

While you can't get your hands on many of them, it's probably not what you want - there are still a few to buy. So if you want to treat this like your slightly offbeat shopping list, go for it.

Nose needle

crazy inventions that you may not have seen yet

Designer Dominic Wilcox came up with the idea of Nose Stylus as a way to make multitasking even more efficient. Obviously, the appearance was less important, or maybe he just liked a clockwork orange.

Pao Fit

This device may look like an old-fashioned torture device, but it's actually designed to work on your facial fitness. The muscle toning device has even been endorsed by Christiano Ronaldo for his many Japanese fans.

The Fliz

One way to overcome the discomfort of a bicycle saddle and unnatural movement of the pedals is to add a harness to a frame with wheels. Obviously. Great for downhill speeds rather than running like a fat kid. How it's not yet in all the streets is beyond us

Doryu 2-16 Camera

This camera, from the Doryu Camera Company, was created in 1954 as a police snapper that not only looked like a gun but actually made a loud noise like a gun. Before the game on the police camera filming at work, clearly. These are now very rare and one was recently auctioned for $ 25,000.

Metal detector sandals

If you are already walking along the beach, why not do shoe hunting for you? That must be the idea behind it all. Who knows, maybe they've already made someone really rich or arrested them for appearing to have escaped house arrest.

Sonic Grenade

This product costs $ 15 on the Firebox before being discontinued. One can imagine why. It's a noise grenade that could be the most annoying thing in the world.

Finger fork

Don't act like grabbing a fork isn't hard work. We all know this and that's why the finger fork was born - a real necessity. Of course. Slap this £ 1.50 metal knife on your finger and eat it without all that hassle of gripping.

Phone holder mug

Can't take your eyes off your small screen? So this device probably looks attractive. It is a mug with an integrated smartphone holder. All you have to do is fill the mug with your favorite drink, slip your smartphone into the straw holder, and start browsing and drinking.

iPhone fan

Is it a bit hot and boring in the summer months? How about a fan that can be connected to your Apple iPhone? This gadget is small and a bit crazy, after all, how are you going to hold and navigate your device? Unless you use it upside down.

Inner Selfie Stick

It could be the grossest invention of all time. We don't even want to write words, you know. Selfies have gone too far.

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