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The US will sell this deadly 'Weapon' to Israel

The US will give this deadly 'Weapon' to Israel

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With growing anger from Iran, the United States is ready to deliver its largest non-nuclear bomb to Israel. This bomb is capable of penetrating a bunker. Officially known as GBU-57 Mass Ordinance Penetrator Precision Guided Bomb. Whereas, in simple terms, it is called the Bunker Buster Bomb.

The bill will go before the US Parliament.

US Congressmen Josh Gottheimer and Brian Mast plan to introduce the bipartisan bill. With the passing of this, the largest non-nuclear bomb in the US arsenal, the GBU-57 can be delivered to Israel. Without the approval of this bill, this bomb, which weighs 14,000 kilograms called the State of Ort, cannot be delivered to any other country.

America is giving bombs to deal with Iran

Both members of Congress, who are going to introduce this bill, said that we must ensure that our ally Israel remains fully armed. It is surrounded by many terrorist groups, including the threat of Iran’s nuclear weapons. We are therefore proud to present this bill to protect Israel from this bill.

Iran's atomic facility may be destroyed

The bomb is capable of wrecking any of Iran's nuclear plants. Recently, there have been many such intelligence reports that Iran is rapidly making nuclear bombs. The report also said it was constantly promoting uranium after the United States pulled out of the nuclear deal. If it continues to enrich uranium at the same rate, Iran will make a nuclear bomb in the next year and a half.

How powerful is America's bunker buster?

America's Bunker Buster Bomb is capable of penetrating any thick concrete wall or armor. This bomb has been manufactured by Boeing Defense. So far it is only used by the US Army It can be fired from the US Air Force B-2 strategic bomber. With a weight of 14,000 kg, the length of this pump is 6 meters. The pump is capable of carrying warheads weighing up to 2404 kg.

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