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The Hövding 3 Urban Rider airbag fits around your neck like a collar

The Hövding 3 Urban Rider airbag

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It may not be as secure as a helmet, but the Hövding 3 urban airbag may, in fact, be safer. By reading your movements 200 times per second, this airbag inflates in the event of an accident. 

When it detects that an accident has occurred, it inflates around your neck and head in just 0.1 seconds. And when you connect this airbag helmet to your smartphone via Bluetooth, it will automatically notify emergency contacts.  

In addition, this feature tells you the status of your bike's airbag battery and alerts you when it needs to be recharged. While the battery lasts for 15 hours of active cycling, it only takes two hours to recharge. In addition, the Hövding 3 cover is waterproof and dirt-repellent, and it is necessary to always have a cover on the airbag. Improve your safety with this urban cycling airbag.

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