Expert Views on Coronavirus Pandemic Safety Precautions, COVID-19 Vaccine, and Herbal Remedies to Boost Immunity - The Comprehensive Minds

Expert Views on Coronavirus Pandemic Safety Precautions, COVID-19 Vaccine, and Herbal Remedies to Boost Immunity

Expert Views on Coronavirus Pandemic Safety Precautions, COVID-19 Vaccine, and Herbal Remedies to Boost Immunity

Coronavirus Pandemic Safety Precautions, COVID-19 Vaccine

India's top 5 health experts have given their opinion on coronavirus, pandemic, vaccine, immunity enhancing herbal decoction, and the challenges ahead.

When will the coronavirus epidemic end, and how will it end? How long will people get the Kovid-19 vaccine? Is the peak time of the coronavirus epidemic in India over? These are some such questions that arise in our mind every day for the last 7 months, but no proper answer can be found. 

This is why there was a panel discussion among the top 5 experts in India at the Healthcare Heroes Awards 2020 event. In which people asked a lot of questions about health and lifestyle during this time of covid 19. Let us tell you what the experts said in response to those questions.

How long will the vaccine for COVID-19 come

Professor Priya Abraham, director of the ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research) of the National Institute of Virology, said that the covid-19 vaccine should not be expected before next year, i.e., June-July of 2021. There are currently over 180 vaccine candidates worldwide, with competition for licenses. 

But the vaccine cannot be recognized without all the trials. That is why people still need to be vigilant for a long time. As the winter season approaches, flu cases will also increase. Therefore, caution is essential, keeping other infections in mind.

How does the vaccine work if the virus is mutating?

When asked about how effective the vaccine would be when Professor Priya was asked whether the virus was continuously mutating or changing in simple language, he responded very accurately. He said that the mutation of the virus is not very much. Thousands of coronavirus strains have been found worldwide, but all of them are homologous to 99.95%. The vaccine will be tested before use.

70% of COVID patients do not spread the virus

Speaking at the program, Professor Lakshminarayan, director of the Center for Disease Dynamics, Economics and Policy Washington, said that 70% of patients do not spread the virus even after being infected, based on studies on coronavirus infection. 

Only 8% of infected people are behind the spread of more than 60% of covid cases worldwide. We are learning new about this virus every day. He said that wearing a mask is necessary because it is currently the most effective way to avoid the coronavirus epidemic. He said that the virus's risk of spreading in closed places is high, while in open spaces, this risk is less.

Covid is a big challenge with dengue-malaria and other infections.

Dr. Sandeep Nair, director and head of Chest and Respiratory Diseases at BLK Hospital Delhi, said that the virus is completely new and is behaving differently. There have been many difficulties in the fight with this virus due to misinformation, fear, and fake news. 

He made it clear that we should get into the habit of living with the coronavirus because no one knows how long this epidemic will be with us. He said that dengue and malaria are also a major threat this season. If someone has had dengue or malaria problems with the corona, treatment, in that case, can present many problems.

Dr. Nair said that people are constantly making mistakes. Masks are worn such that the nose and mouth are not covered. Fashionable masks have come on the market, with protective standards not taken into account, not many hand sanitizers meet the standard. 

In such a situation, people need to be careful and alert. If all the rules are followed properly, then the risk of the person getting vulnerable to the virus can be reduced from 90 to 95 percent.

Heart patients need more caution.

Dr. TS Claire, chairman of PSRI Heart Institute, said that the coronavirus is more vulnerable to heart disease people. Healthy people are also prone to coronavirus infection; some heart-related problems are being seen. Patients who have blockage problems may have blood clotting due to Covid-19 and increase the risk of a heart attack. 

Therefore, if there is any discomfort or a heart-related problem at the time of corona, one must go to Dr. He also said that the coronavirus epidemic had changed the health care industry. The epidemic has explained the importance of telemedicine.

Overdose of home remedies and decoction can be dangerous.

In the panel discussion, international sports dietician and public health nutritionist Swati Bathwal said that there had been much discussion on immunity since Corona's arrival. People have accepted decoction as a boon to increase immunity. But using too much of any home remedy, including decoction, can be dangerous. 

He said that every herbal thing should not be added while preparing the decoction, but instead of decoction made using herbs should be consumed daily. Apart from this, some ways to increase immunity are absolutely free, which are not noticed by people, such as taking vitamin D from the sunlight, getting good sleep, reducing stress through yoga and meditation, etc.

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