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14 electronics & technology gadgets for travel

14 electronics & technology gadgets for travel

Today I dedicate this article to the best electronic gadgets for travel. You can pick it up yourself or have it as a gift for Christmas - it won't be long after all! :-)

Travel case for electronic gadget 

Anyone who carries a lot of electronic devices on their travels knows about cables flying around, plugs that always get stuck somewhere, lost SD cards or USB sticks ... With a travel case for your electronic devices, everything stays in place, is faster by hand, and sandblasted, protected by Dirt & Co.

Action cam 

Moving images always have a different touch than classic photos. Action cameras are almost a standard gadget when traveling. While hiking, snorkeling, sightseeing, you come across small mini cameras everywhere.

Waterproof case for the camera

If you want to use your Action Cam in, around, and underwater, you should have a waterproof protective cover. This also applies to classic digital cameras!

Bluetooth headphones

Don't get tangled in the headphone cables with a backpack, jacket and hair are really cool! Bluetooth headphones are not only convenient for travel but of course also for sports activities.

USB batteries

Do you use electronic gadgets that require classic AA batteries? With these USB batteries, you never have to throw away the batteries or buy new ones, because you recharge them via the USB port.

4 Port USB Charger Charging Adapter

After a long day, all devices run out: mobile, tablet, Kindle, ... It's annoying when you have to connect your devices one after the other. It is practical if you have a 4-port USB charger. In terms of surface area, it is no bigger than a credit card and allows you to charge four devices at the same time, instead of one.

Cube-shaped power strip

If you have a PowerCube, you can connect multiple plugs to one socket at the same time. The PowerCube offers five non-overlapping sockets. A handy electronic gadget if your hotel room has only one power outlet.

Travel plug/adapter

Foreign countries, foreign sockets! Anyone overseas who finds other sockets from home needs a travel adapter. This Wikipedia article reveals which countries have which outlets.

Solar charger/power bank

Anyone who not only needs a power bank but is also on the prairie for longer without electricity could use a portable solar cell that serves as a handy emergency power source or power bank.

Travel router and USB charger

This electronic gadget is a combination of a travel router and a charger. This allows you to charge your devices via USB cable and set up your wireless network. If you only have wired internet in your hotel room, you can become the hero of the hotel guests and set up your WiFi.

Wireless keyboard

When I travel with my tablet, I like to type with a floating keyboard. I'm used to the spaces between keys and can type much faster and with fewer errors than on the tablet itself. I also see more of the display.

luggage scales

I have often paid too much for a flight, not because I had excess baggage, but because I overestimated the weight of my baggage. I am sure I am an exception. For a long time, I did not know that such practical and small luggage scales existed - today, they are a bestseller among electronic travel gadgets.

TAN generator

With a TAN generator, world travellers, work-and-travellers and au pairs abroad can make their transfers with TAN. An electronic gadget for world travellers, backpackers and work & travellers.

Headphone Splitter

Want to watch series on the tablet for two on the plane, but only have one audio output? With the right adapter, you can plug in two (or more) headphones and listen to music or watch movies undisturbed.


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