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Coronavirus: Myths and their truth related to deadly disease, know everything here

Coronavirus: Myths and their truth related to deadly disease know everything here

The coronavirus has become an international health emergency for the world. People are also afraid to go to a public place and shake hands, and this is the reason why many kinds of confusion about this disease are also on people's minds. We tell you about similar myths and their reality related to CoronaVirus.

The highly dangerous and deadly coronavirus, which started in the Chinese city of Wuhan, has so far spread across the world, infecting millions and killing large numbers of people. The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared the coronavirus an international health emergency. Millions of people around the world are under observation because they are infected with this virus and scientists are trying to find a cure for this disease and virus.

There is an atmosphere of fear among the people about Corona

When the disease is so big, obviously there is an atmosphere of fear, panic and panic among people. Some say that homoeopathy can heal the crown, while others say that their Ayurvedic medicine is available. Many types of myths about Coronavirus are spreading on social media. Therefore, we tell you the myths related to the Coronavirus and its reality ...

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Myth: Coronavirus will be eliminated by eating garlic

Reality: these days there are many messages on WhatsApp that claim that consuming garlic can prevent coronavirus infection, but this is completely wrong. Garlic, rich in antimicrobial properties, is a healthy food, but there is no indication or evidence that garlic can cure the coronavirus.

Myth: the pneumonia vaccine helps protect against the coronavirus

Reality: No, this is also completely wrong. The WHO has also stated that the pneumococcal vaccine for pneumonia does not provide protection against this very new and dangerous coronavirus. This virus is so new that a separate new vaccine is needed. Currently, researchers are also trying to make a new vaccine for the coronavirus.

Myth: pets can transmit the Coronavirus

Reality: This fact has not been proven so far in any research or study and there is no solid evidence to suggest that pets such as dogs or cats may be infected with this dangerous coronavirus. So far, no cases of corona spread in humans have been reported from these pets. However, after handling your pet, it is very important that you wash your hands well to prevent the spread of any type of bacteria.

Myth: eating Chinese or fast food can cause the coronavirus

Reality: It is also a social media spread that there are confusion and myth according to which people should stop going to Chinese food and Chinese restaurants entirely because they spread the coronavirus but this is completely wrong. The WHO has not considered Chinese food or any fast food to be a risk factor for the spread of the coronavirus. So eating Chinese noodles won't make you sick from the corona.

Always keep in mind that if you have a cold, don't make the mistake of calling it the seasonal flu. Identify the symptoms of the Coronavirus and get tested. Use the mask as much as possible to avoid the coronavirus.

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