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Technology - Ten Crazy Gadgets of this Decade

Technology - Ten Crazy Gadgets of this Decade

Competition for Google Glass, smart keyboards, and making phone calls in the shower: The technology industry has produced a series of crazy gadgets in this decade. A quick look at these gadgets.

Baidu eye

Technology - Ten Crazy Gadgets of this Decade

The information is not provided visually but acoustically. According to the manufacturer, the official reason for saving electricity is: The Baidu Eye battery should last two hours. Google Glass, on the other hand, only lasted 45 minutes. Using the Chinese search engine company's camera-microphone construction, users can receive information about their surroundings. You wear it like glasses inside out.


Opening the front door without a key - the KIWI.KI gadget should make this possible. You arrive at the front door with the small "Ki" transponder, which opens thanks to automatically communicating with the door buzzer. The boring keychain search and search is a thing of the past. There is also an app that allows you to open the sofa's front door

Smart chopsticks

Baidu smart chopsticks are said to tell if bad oil has been used in food preparation. Besides, they can supposedly measure the pH of water, temperature, and the sugar level in fruits. Baidu has yet to announce when the chopsticks will hit the market. In the past, China has been repeatedly rocked by food scandals.


Because it is the name of a socket that independently learns the user behavior of consumers, this can reduce power consumption - the outlet is also connected to the home network via WiFi so that user data can be evaluated. The socket recognizes when electronic devices are used most often and can disable idle juice. This should save up to 200 dollars in electricity per year.

No more unpleasant emails

Four researchers from the Bangladesh Islamic University of Technology have developed a program designed to detect when the user angrily hacks the keyboard. So if the writer hits the keys too hard, the keyboard of the future might suggest taking a little break to cool off. The project is still in research.

The perfect drink

The Perfect Drink cocktail mixer can already be ordered in Internet shops. The smart scale is linked to an app. This measures exactly how much of the ingredient is still needed for the cocktail.

iGrill Mini

The "iGrill Mini Bluetooth Thermometer" might be of interest to barbecue enthusiasts. This device connects to the smartphone via an app. As soon as the desired target temperature is reached, the user receives a push message.

The shower speaker

The shower speaker is a speaker that doubles as a showerhead. In addition, it flashes in different colours and can be linked to the smartphone - even so, that you can call through the loudspeaker: important conversations should not be interrupted for personal hygiene.

Aldebaran Robotics: Pepper

Pepper is the name of a robot from a Japanese company. The four-foot-tall assistant hit the US market in the summer of 2015 and at that time many restaurants had ordered it before its launch. "Pepper" should be able to show emotions - and be able to serve the joke-garnished wine to some restaurant visitors.

Virtual reality with the iPad

On the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter, a project is supposed to turn Apple's iPad into virtual reality glasses. You kind of look like you have a board in front of your head - but it's a lot cheaper than the competition. Currently, the headset for the tablet is available for around $39. 

photo credit: Google Images

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