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Tech Trends: These highlights may soon change our daily lives

Tech Trends: These Highlights May Soon Change Our Daily Lives


Whether it's a car, a smartphone, or the internet at home, technical development is advancing rapidly every year and offering highlights that were a wonderland just a few years ago.

In addition to the big changes in everyday life, for example, due to completely autonomous driving in a few years or decades, smaller inventions are already changing our habits. Below you will learn about gadgets and technologies already on the market or that will be introduced in the near future as a real relief from everyday life.

The smartphone is now a complete replacement for the wallet

Cashless payment has undergone several revolutions over the decades. With the transition to EC cards, a well-established solution was launched in the 1980s and credit cards have become much more established in the private customer sector in recent years. In particular, booking through travel portals and convenient payment in online stores has led to a growing percentage of private households having a credit card.

The development of stress-free payment is now taking the next step, more and more banks are offering new payment apps and want to make the use of money cards completely unnecessary in everyday life. A simple Android mobile phone is enough, which is held in front of a POS terminal. As with contactless payments with modern EC cards, contributions of up to 30 dollars can also be billed without entering a PIN.

As bank customers in Germany tend to be more critical than in other countries, banks try to convince other technologies. One example is Bluecode, an app that generates a scannable barcode for a single payment transaction. With this, the user must explicitly initiate a digital payment process; the generated code cannot be reused after scanning it once.

With foldable smartphones for a flexible control surface

As varied as apps use a smartphone or iPhone, aside from varying sizes, nothing has changed in the basic format of a mobile phone for many years. This may be different in the near future, as demonstrated by Samsung's launch of the foldable smartphone in November 2018. The so-called foldable has been under discussion for years, now the technology finally seems ready for the market.

The technical innovation is made possible by the Infinity Flex Display developed by Samsung, which was presented together with a fully functional prototype of the new generation of smartphones. Far-reaching technical details have not yet been presented, but the smartphone could be opened with just one movement and its usable area increased. The market launch of series laptops already looks realistic for 2020

Support for Android already presented by Google

The operating system used must also be set to a mobile phone in the opening with a larger display as a user interface. As part of the Samsung product presentation, Google was involved in providing appropriate support for Android. Newer versions of Google are expected to support one or two displays, with display continuity being an essential feature of the operating system. After all, users should rely on a seamless overview of the control surface when switching from a classic smartphone format to a display that's twice as large.

While Samsung has not yet announced a date for the market launch of the new Galaxy series, this does not appear to be the only development in this segment. During the presentation of the product, Google made it clear that other smartphone vendors are also very interested in the technology. At the latest when Android supports the use of laptops in all new versions, the corresponding smartphone range will be of interest to all manufacturers.

Immerse yourself in virtual worlds without a PC

The smartphone has not made the classic PC or laptop completely superfluous over the years. In addition to the professional area, it is mainly gamers who rely on high-performance hardware. A few years ago, the introduction of the Oculus Rift as a powerful virtual reality glasses for PC gamers was a small revolution that is currently taking the next step into the future.

As a subsidiary of Facebook, Oculus has now introduced VR glasses with which virtual reality can be experienced without a PC. With Oculus Go, users are no longer plugged into the cables connecting powerful glasses and computers. Instead, the entire technology is in the glasses themselves, without them gaining significant weight.

For the technical implementation, the developer relies on a smartphone chip, which technically is only used to represent virtual reality. This creates high-performance images with a resolution of 1,280 x 1,280 pixels in the center of the viewing area. Sound is emitted to the wearer's ear through a special channel on the headgear so that no separate headphones are needed. Even a clear and loud reproduction of sounds has almost no effect on the surrounding environment - another judgment of the contemporary and independent VR glasses.

Make everyday life easier with digital servants

Anyone who wants to switch from control via smartphones to natural, voice control can already rely on the concept of digital servants. Voice-controlled devices have been available from Apple's Amazon Alexa or Siri service for a few years. Set up as external loudspeakers in the room, these devices can easily be coupled with other devices in a smart home.

Research on digital servants focuses primarily on expanding the range of functions in the home. It should soon be possible to control heating or kitchen appliances via a servant and distribute tasks with more complex voice commands. The artificial intelligence of the devices contributes to these developments so that individual devices can even independently perform tasks for the benefit of the user.

Voice control of the individual household and kitchen appliances such as microwaves has long been ready for the market. Instead of having to make settings by hand, the order to heat certain dishes can be given via voice. Artificial intelligence comes into play here to determine the correct time for heating or preparation simply by specifying the food.

An overview of further developments in the tech sector

- Fitness trackers for the wrist have been helping to keep track of your pulse, the number of steps, and calorie consumption for a few years now. In combination with the technology of smartwatches, the areas of application of the devices can be varied in the latest models. Music playback is one of the modern technical standards, the replacement of a credit card as with the above smartphone technology is one of the latest trends.

- Not a new trend, but the wireless charging of smartphones and other devices are much more established. Tables and larger furniture for office landscapes are still in the background compared to separate charging plates or stands for individual devices. Their portable character and the comparatively fast charging are arguments that smartphone manufacturers are increasingly issuing devices with Qi-compatible batteries.

- For product presentations or discussions in meetings, new digital solutions offer an alternative to classic charts and flip boards. For example, the Flip from Samsung, as a digital replacement, provides the option of simply writing on the chart board by hand, uploading digital content for presentation, and much more. In addition to the presentation, all content can be edited directly on the flip.

- The developments in the smart home do not stop at pet owners either. In this way, devices can be integrated into the network that presents the activity of the animal from a distance via a camera at eye level with the dog or cat. At the push of a button on site or worldwide, the devices dispense a treat or offer other functions that are required for the beloved animal.

Never miss any more industry trends online

For private users, it is difficult to keep up to date with the latest trends in the industry by visiting trade fairs. In many cases, the presentations are only intended for a specialist audience or journalists. A look on the Internet is often the only way to keep track of the latest trends. The same applies to information about when a market launch will take place and which price range can be expected.

Individual shops and platforms also offer the most important technology trends in the digital world clearly on their website. The advantage here is that in addition to the pure presentation, the articles can be accessed directly. In this case, a price comparison is still worthwhile, although there are usually only minor price differences for genuine innovations. It is therefore advisable for consumers and technology freaks to wait a few weeks before buying. The price often falls rapidly during this period and makes the purchase much more worthwhile.

Guide to choosing the right devices is crucial

As appealing as the acquisition of the latest products from the technology sector may be, innovations do not always meet your own needs. Comprehensive information must be obtained before consumers unnecessarily invest in the latest articles in the tech industry. In addition to the technical specifications and other information from the manufacturer, a look at specialist magazines has always been sought. They have long been offering many tests and comparisons online. The product reviews of verified buyers provide additional insights. When reading reviews about new products, it is important to consider whether they are authentic. From advertised entries to spoiling the competition, there are disruptive factors online that falsify a meaningful result. Quiet research pays off in the truest sense of the word.

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