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Affiliate Marketing With Amazon: Pros And Cons

Affiliate Marketing With Amazon: Pros And Cons

Affiliate Marketing With Amazon

Affiliate marketing with Amazon as an alternative to Google AdSense? The steadily increasing sales prove that the bill is paying off. Not least because the use of subject-related product links is less conspicuous and therefore more user-friendly than display ads. In this post, you will learn the pros and cons of joining the Amazon affiliate program and the sales you can expect.

Making Money With Amazon - How Does It Work?

Monetization with Amazon's affiliate program is no longer an issue that only affects niche blogs. The huge selection of products on Amazon makes affiliate marketing an interesting financial option for many content creators and business blogs. By integrating product links into website content, five-digit amounts can be achieved.

How does it work? When a user visits your blog and lands on the Amazon site through your affiliate link, you earn with every subsequent purchase. Amazon distinguishes purchases into direct and indirect sales. If the user purchases products from the same product category as the product you linked through your link, this is a direct, qualified purchase. In contrast, sales of other product categories are considered indirect qualifying purchases and have a significantly lower commission.

In any case, you should always link directly to a product page. This is the only way to count the sales triggered as direct purchases by the user. On the other hand, if you link to category pages, all purchases made are considered indirect sales that will earn you only a small ad fee.

However, with affiliate marketing on Amazon, you don't just receive your commission for the products you've linked. Each product placed in the shopping cart and purchased by the user will be rewarded with a credit on the PartnerNet account.

Commissions in the Amazon Affiliate Program

Where the commission in the Amazon affiliate program used to depend on the number of sales generated, product categories are now set at a standard rate of up to 10 percent. The overview shows that some product lines are more worthwhile than others. Nevertheless, you should keep in mind that the commission always depends on the amount of the shopping cart

Advantages and disadvantages of affiliate marketing with Amazon at a glance

Current predictions make it clear that affiliate marketing is far from over. On the contrary, marketing discipline appears to be a promising measure given the ever-increasing interest in user-centric content.

Advantages of the affiliate program:

Amazon is one of the global players, offering its customers not only a huge variety of products but also above-average customer service. With the affiliate program at Amazon, you also benefit from high customer loyalty.

The registration and integration of the connected links are possible without great technical know-how. Using the SiteStripe tool, you can easily create links and include them in your articles.

If you manage your website through the WordPress instance, you also have the option to use plugins to showcase the products using clear product boxes.

For tips and tricks, the Amazon PartnerNet Resource Center offers plenty of interesting contributions from members of the partner network. So you can learn from the experiences of seasoned affiliate marketers.

Affiliate marketing with Amazon is free of any logistical or payment-related effort. Your only job is to integrate links into your website to direct users to Amazon.

Enjoy the reliable payment of the commission.

Disadvantages of the affiliate program:

Amazon's wide range of products is both a blessing and a curse. For your affiliate marketing to work, you need to know which products are right for you. Not every product category is worth promoting through the Amazon PartnerNet. For example, in the field of technical devices (such as tablets, TVs, smartphones, or consoles), it is less suitable, as there is only 1% commission in this sector.

The lifespan of cookies is limited to 24 hours at Amazon. If the user does not make a purchase after clicking your affiliate link in this time window, you will not receive any commission even if they purchase a later date.

Without reach and traffic, you cannot hope for success with Amazon Affiliate Marketing.

Another drawback that affects not only Amazon but the entire digital ad industry is the so-called AdBlocker software. AdBlockers can be installed by the user and prevent ads from showing. To get around this in affiliate marketing, it's especially important to include links that are relevant to the context.

Violation of the affiliate network guidelines may lead to the exclusion by Amazon.

Tips for more success with Amazon PartnerNet

You can generate significant income with the Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program. Please note the following:

1. Which product category do you serve?

Ask yourself this question before joining the affiliate program. Only present and evaluate products that do not question the authenticity of your brand, but are appropriate for your field.

2. Put the customer benefit in the foreground

Rather than promoting the product, you should address the benefit to the customer. Consider in advance what benefits the customer will get from the product and what problem it solves for him. You need to make this the focus of your presentation.

3. Rely on reliable product reviews

Each product has its drawbacks. Don't just tell your readers what they want to hear, but instead present them with a balanced product review with pros and cons. Because at the latest when the readers check out the Amazon reviews themselves, they will also encounter one or two shortcomings. On the other hand, if you are honest, you offer your readers real added value.

4. Generate more sales through SEO

When users on your website find out about a product, they are usually already doing so with specific purchase intent. Take advantage of this knowledge: By using long-tail and generic keywords, you will intercept the user in their search and ultimately lead them through your content to the Amazon product page. Last but not least, traffic is one of the most important factors for a good revenue. Therefore always strive for a good ranking in the search results.

5. Use the ad compensation report for optimization

Amazon offers you a comprehensive overview of all reimbursements for sales and generated ads in the PartnerNet. You can use this analysis to understand which products work and which integration is best. Constant optimization allows you to improve your long-term income through affiliate marketing with Amazon.

Affiliate marketing is becoming a steady source of income through Amazon

The qualitative integration of product links using the Amazon Affiliate Program can become a real sales magnet. As a reliable brand, the major player offers several advantages. However, always pay attention to authenticity when monetizing your content: instead of the commission, you should always keep an eye out for customer benefits.

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