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8 reasons why you won't lose weight despite your best efforts

8 Reasons Why You Won't Lose Weight Despite Your Best Efforts

reasons why you won't lose weight

Do you pay attention to your diet, do you exercise, but still not losing weight? There could be several reasons for this. We'll walk you through seven reasons why you might not notice any weight loss on the scale despite exercise and eating healthy.

Despite exercise, I am not losing weight, despite eating healthy, I am not losing weight: Are these phrases familiar to you? Whatever you do to lose weight, sometimes it seems like there is no success? After the effort, your scale displays a few hundred grams less. But are they back the next day? What You Need to Know: Exercise and nutrition are important, but not everything, to effectively losing extra pounds. Why is losing weight not working? Here are eight possible reasons:

1. You drink too little

In order to have a healthy and active metabolism, your body needs enough water. However, if you don't drink enough fluids, your metabolism will literally go to sleep, making it difficult for your body to burn fat. Losing weight doesn't work.

The solution: Drink at least two liters of water a day to boost your metabolism.

2. You sleep too little

If your body is getting too little sleep, it will be more difficult to maintain your exercise routine. Plus, when you don't get enough sleep, your body secretes appetite-stimulating hormones which can lead to food cravings.

The solution: sleep at least six hours a night. This means that you will have enough energy to exercise and that you will lose your appetite.

3. You have stress

Are you stressed out at work and can't really switch off at home? It can also lead to weight loss issues. When stressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol, which inhibits the breakdown of fat but promotes muscle breakdown. Two things you absolutely cannot use if you want to lose weight.

The solution: take the time to consciously relax. A little yoga helps relieve stress while promoting physical fitness.

4. You eat too little

Even if you don't eat enough, you won't lose weight. Too little food can cause your body to think that a famine has occurred. It then particularly protects your reserves: fat. This means that your body will get rid of other reserves first. Mainly muscles.

The solution: Eating a regular, healthy diet provides your body with enough energy and also helps you avoid overeating during a meal.

5. You only do endurance sports

Despite the exercise, the pounds do not want to drop? Endurance exercise is incredibly good for fat loss, but strength training is also important for successful weight loss. With regular strength training, you strengthen your muscles and thereby increase your body's basal metabolic rate. Your metabolism is constantly being boosted, which promotes fat loss.

The solution: Combine endurance and strength training for successful weight loss. But as always: don't overdo it, as muscle aches can mean you can't exercise for several days.

6. You eat too much healthy food

Have you changed your entire diet and basically eat only healthy, low-fat foods, but still can't lose weight? This could be because: You are eating too much healthy food. Because you can "overeat" with that too.

Your body doesn't know what to do with the amount of energy you are giving it and decides to just spread it out. You will soon notice this on your hips.

You should also keep an eye on calories, even with a healthy diet: just because you eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain bread doesn't mean you can eat as much as you want. After all, bananas, avocados, and the like also contain calories that you need to add to your daily turnover if you want to lose weight successfully.

The solution: Portion your food and start a gentle diet change. Also, be sure not to eat too fast, but rather to chew slowly. Otherwise, it can prevent your body from telling you it's full soon enough.

7. You are wrong

Let's be completely honest: It's not always easy to be disciplined to stick to a strict training and nutrition plan. Of course, it's easy to find ways to get behind the light a bit. You often tend to reward yourself, for example after a successful day of healthy eating and exercise. Rewards are of course important and help us endure a tough dieting time, but they should also be included in the nutritional plan. Otherwise, we will be so wrong that we will suddenly eat even more than we would otherwise without a diet.

8. You have an underactive thyroid

Are you not losing weight despite exercising and eating a healthy diet? Then you may have an underactive thyroid. This ensures a slower metabolism. This means that your body is on the back burner. The result: you have trouble losing weight or you may even gain weight.

The solution: See a doctor and get your thyroid levels checked. If you really have hypothyroidism, your doctor may be able to advise you on weight loss.

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