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17 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Ancient Egypt

17 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Ancient Egypt

Amazing Facts About Ancient Egypt

A land that has been the basis of most of the human culture. A land that for years was the pinnacle of civilization. They built great monuments for their pharaohs and made the rivers more powerful. These were the ancient Egyptians. Today we will talk about some facts about these mysterious and amazing people.

Disclosure: Friends, this article has been written completely by researching the internet, and this article has not hurt any beliefs of any person or group, but if any of you do not find any part of the article right. So please kindly tell them in the comment, if its logic seems appropriate then that part will be removed. This article has been written just to impart knowledge.

1) Block of granite. Pyramid. 

The Egyptians had a sense of devotion to their pharaoh. Contrary to popular belief, the people who built these powerful monuments were often not slaves and were generally very happy to create these huge wonders. Keep in mind that pharaohs were considered gods, so serving them in life usually means you would have a very good lifestyle. 

Now, about those granite blocks. They were tools used to build pyramids, weighing between 60 and 80 tons, and they came from about 500 miles away. How they got to where the pyramids are is mostly unknown, but most Egyptian scientists believe they landed in the Nile until they were as close as possible, so they pushed the rest of the way he gave. Either that or it was an alien. 

2) Religion. 

After the Egyptians left with their religion around Ra and Anubis around the 4th and 6th centuries, they replaced it with Christianity. Eventually, however, it was supported by Islam. Christians think their religion is about to return. However, unlike whose, religions often don't have everything. 

3) Wedding rings. 

Have you ever wondered where the tradition of exchanging rings for marriage comes from? Okay, we're not sure, but what we do know is that this practice was practiced by the ancient Egyptians. What we are thinking is a Tiffany of those times. 

4) Makeup. 

These days, you won't find many men in makeup, due to the way society treats him as unqualified. This is a sentiment that was not shared by the ancient Egyptians. In those days, both men and women wore makeup, as they believe this would have given them the protection of Ra and Horus of the gods. 

In addition, he believed that the makeup had magical healing powers. And they were partly right because the lead-based that they were wearing would actually help with eye infections. These days, it makes you better when you go to a club. 

5) Polytheism. 

Unlike most religions, Egyptians today worshiped a whole group of gods. How many do you ask Well, up to 1,400? Contains some of the best gods we've ever heard, such as Horus, the chief deity of heaven, war, protection, and light. 

He was also given the adorable nickname "The God of Vengeance" as he avenged the death of his father Osiris and ruled Egypt. It looks like something from the popular "God of War" video game series, but it was actually some people who adored it in the old days of human history. 

6) Naked children. 

These days, if a child were to walk around naked in public, it would be a total crisis. Social services will be called, the parents will be separated from their children and this news will go crazy. This was not the case in ancient Egypt. In fact, kids won't wear clothes until adolescence because the hot weather has made it superfluous. Nudists of the world, eat your heart! ) written language. 

7) Written Language.

If you've ever taken the time to look at Egypt, their people, and their culture, you're probably familiar with hieroglyphs. If you aren't, it was the writing system that the Egyptians came up with and adorned something with their tombs, papers, and walls. 

However, do you know they weren't the only ones who believed they invented writing? The Egyptians, the Sumerians, the Chinese, and the Maya all invented it independently. Of course, humans are naturally drawn to the idea of ​​writing things. At least our writers know that if they were ever detained they would still have a job! 

8) Graffiti. 

If you are one of the people who think graffiti is done only by punishment and mistakes, then you would be wrong. Apparently, the ancient Egyptian workers were also very eager to make their mark on the enormous wonders they had built. 

They also had weird tag names, like today. Some funny names have been found "Drunk of Mencure" and "Friends of Cheops". Drunk and friend carved your name on the walls? It feels like a normal Wednesday night! 

9) Pillows. 

Think You filled a hard day by dragging 80 tons of stones across 500 miles so that you could build a great mausoleum for this man who calls himself God. You and your friend, nicknamed "Friends of Khufu", have just returned from the drink and you are ready for bed. 

We bet you can't wait to give your tired head a nice, soft, pillow, right? Too bad, you are in ancient history. The Egyptians slept on stone pillows, which looks nice. If by cute you mean terrible and smashing. 

10) Board games. 

So were the Egyptians even when they didn't build tombs or were eaten by giant crocodiles. Apparently, they loved playing board games. One game, in particular, called the Senate, was very popular with the people. How popular is it, you ask? Well, so popular that some of its kings, like Raja Tut and Cleopatra, were buried with a plank. 

It's a shame that historians aren't even sure how this game was played, as we want to try and break in some Senate members on the night of our next board game. If it was good enough for the pharaoh, then it's good enough for us! 

11) Toilets. 

This fact was a double whammy for us. We had no idea that the ancient Egyptians also used toilet, we thought they would go into the Nile River or land or something. But here's the most unusual part: apparently they too were buried alongside the toilet! 

12) Pyramid of Giza. 

The largest and most majestic pyramid of the Pyramid, the Pyramid of Giza, remains inexplicable. There are still some passages that haven't been seen since humans were created, which leads us to wonder: what is hiding in these secret passages? Jewelry and gold? Do mummies walk? Toilet, perhaps? 

13) Perfume. 

So we just learned that the ancient Egyptians used makeup to hide their rough faces, but what do their creepy pre-hygiene standards smell like? Well, he solved the problem by wearing a lot of perfumes. And it wasn't just for women who wore perfumes, men sprayed stinky stuff to spread their stinky scent. Thanks also to God, we don't want the majestic king and queen of this beautiful ancient civilization to smell like dirty sweat. 

14) Cats. 

We know that in the days of the Internet, cats are revered as gods. If you hurt a cat these days, you will be completely irritated and ostracized by society. We did not know, this feeling began in ancient times. The Egyptians worshiped cats as gods, in fact punishment was excluded only from PETA events. Back then, you were put to death for hurting the kitten. Which, to be honest, is probably a very appropriate punishment. 

15) Other animals. 

Apparently, loving animals was a very popular sentiment in ancient Egyptian times. They also loved eagles, ibises, dogs, lions, and baboons, and those animals were often mummified with humans. Most of the Egyptian gods also had animal heads, which was absolute worship for these creatures. Ibis huh? Try to explain how the Aussies, who have lovingly called their version of the bird, "bin chicken". Something tells us that bin chickens will never be buried anytime soon with Australian prime ministers. 

16) Animal law. 

As of today, ancient Egyptian police forces often employ trained animals to help on patrol. Dogs and monkeys went with the authorities to enforce ancient Egyptian law. One wonders if they will smell drugs like today's dogs. 

17) Menstruation.

 Don't worry, it's not about the fact that Egyptians won't care about menstruation or periods at all. In fact, it is just the opposite. Egyptian men took time off work to take care of their wives and daughters who happened to be going through there menstruation. Would men of these times really want to spend time working with their loved ones and children during this critical time? 

What do you think of our list? Are there any Amazing facts about ancient Egypt that we have forgotten?

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