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The 10 most bizarre tech gadgets of CES 2020

The Ten Most Bizarre Tech Gadgets of CES 2020

Great toilets and yoga mats, cocktails, or tablets at the push of a button and brightly colored wearables for dogs - useful, or not !?

At CES 2020, in addition to high-resolution OLED and QLED televisions, new automobiles with electric drives, or smartwatches with EKG functions, many products were presented whose benefits are not exactly obvious at first glance.

We have collected the ten most bizarre, funniest, or most nonsensical technology gadgets from this year's CES for you.

1. Samsung's smart home robot Ballie

At its opening keynote, Samsung announced the "Age of Experience" - and then immediately presented a suitable product. Samsung's Ballie is a small, ball-shaped robot designed to meet the needs of its owners.

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Ballie can, for example, be used as a fitness assistant, as a remote control for the smart TV, or even as an intelligent dog toy. Whether a beeping ball that rolls after its owners everywhere is the best gadget for these tasks in the future?

2. The Muse S meditation headband

Smartphone in hand, AirPods in your ears, and the Muse S around your forehead: This is how manufacturer InteraXon will introduce itself to modern and smartly equipped people in the future. The intelligent headband supports its wearer with meditation exercises and should also help with falling asleep.

The Muse S has pulse sensors, measures the heart rate and brain activity (EEG). The smart headband costs around  $446

3. Brush your teeth for just 10 seconds thanks to the Y-Brush

Granted, having sparkling clean teeth in only ten seconds doesn't sound too bad. With this promise, the revolutionary toothbrush Y-Brush wants to create a breakthrough on the market worldwide.

The Y-Brush looks like a bit, a splint, or a mouthguard during sports, but with many small nylon bristles. To clean, it is simply placed on the upper and lower dentition for five seconds each, and cleaning works electrically.

4. Inupathy wants to see how your dog is feeling

Finally, understand how my dog ​​is feeling! Inupathy would like to fulfill this dream of many dog ​​owners with immediate effect. The wearable for the pet should work like a kind of mood ring or mood barometer.

It can be buckled onto the animal's back and show how the dog feels via colorful LEDs. To do this, sensors in the pad measure the dog's heart rate. Every mood corresponds to a different color - if the dog is happy, the wearable lights up in rainbow colors.

Of course, the associated app can record all sensitivities and, thus, analyze long-term changes in the animal's behavior.

5. Yogifi, the talking yoga mat

For many, yoga serves, among other things, as a digital break for a stress-free life. The Indian manufacturer Wellnesys, on the other hand, would like to combine both worlds with Yogifi. The smart yoga mat can give instructions during the exercises, analyze the posture via sensors, and play relaxing music. Of course, the talking mat is also compatible with Alexa.

6. Cooling off your thoughts with Ebb

Another wearable for the forehead against insomnia is Ebb Therapeutics. A special gel in the headband is said to help with sleep disorders by cooling down certain areas of the brain. The smart belt should use sensors to identify which regions in the brain need cooling to enable relaxed sleep.

7. The Numi 2.0 intelligent toilet

"Alexa, please rinse!" - Anyone who has always wanted to give this instruction to the Amazon voice assistant will be happy with Numi 2.0 from now on. The smart toilet from US manufacturer Kohler has loudspeakers, heating, lighting, and voice control.

Numi 2.0 can close the toilet lid automatically or preheat the toilet seat and provide atmospheric lighting and play suitable music. The control works either via the app, Bluetooth, or Alexa.

8. Personalized pills thanks to Nutricco

Dietary supplements have long been in vogue, but a system that spits out the individually appropriate pills has not yet existed. Nutricco wants to fill this gap in the market.

The system is informed of your eating habits via an app. A machine then dispenses the appropriate food supplements as tablets in the personalized dose.

9. Motion Pillow (2nd Gen): Smart pillow against snoring

The CES Innovation Award in the field of health and wellness went to the Motion Pillow (2nd generation) this year. The smart pillow is designed to prevent snoring. To do this, it should reposition the snoring person's head by filling integrated air chambers so that there is silence afterward. Sleep patterns and snoring times can be tracked and recorded in an app.

10. Bartesian, the first capsule machine for cocktails

The Bartesian capsule machine promises delicious cocktails at the push of a button - based on the well-known Nespresso principle. A container on the device's side must be filled with water and another with the desired alcohol. All other ingredients come into the glass through a small capsule.

The capsule range includes, for example, Margarita, Whiskey Sour, or Cosmopolitan. The strength of the drink can be set via a display. Well, then cheers!

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