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10 minute morning meditation

Morning Meditation

Morning Meditation

Good morning, beautiful people! I'm sure you've heard or read about the benefits of a meditation routine, but you may still feel a little hesitant when you get started because you find the whole concept of meditation too difficult or feel like you are meditating, practice will take a long time.

Or maybe you have tried once or twice but are frustrated because you feel like your mind is full of thoughts and you may be overwhelmed and maybe tell yourself that you are not good at it. 

In this article, I am going to introduce you to basic concepts about the 10 minute morning meditation, the benefits of incorporating this sacred practice into your life, and some simple tips that you must follow in order to overcome the obstacles that may arise in your daily practice. 

So wherever you are: in your living room, in your backyard, on a yoga mat, on your carpet, on your bed. Wherever you choose to do your exercise... do what you can. No pressure, no stress.

10 minutes of morning meditation

About the desire to bring more focus and peace to the day or how a simple morning routine helps us stay focused and not be disturbed. If you feel stressed in the morning, have very little time, and can immerse yourself in the busy pace of everyday life, you can give your day a whole new quality with just 10 minutes.

About a year ago I read the book "Mindfulness Training - 20 minutes every day it will change your life" written by Mark Williams and I was absolutely thrilled. From now on I wanted to get up earlier every day, consciously get into the mood of the day, and change my life completely in general. Who does not know this wishful thinking :)

 So after failing miserably to meet the requirements of the book, I developed my personal and much more realistic morning routine, which is so simple and yet so effective that I would like to introduce it to you today. For a long time, I thought about whether I could find the right words for this and whether other people also knew this feeling. You wake up in the morning and want to be in the mood for the day, without any stress and no busyness, but you have no idea how.

Because especially the first 10 minutes of the day can decide whether it will be a good day or not. A short schedule can be very helpful so that you do not ask yourself every day what I am doing here.

So let me tell you what my morning looks like. After waking up, I use a spoonful of coconut oil from last night.

Pulling oil for a few minutes removes bacteria, has a detoxifying effect, and whitens teeth. Meanwhile, I boil turmeric and cinnamon water, which strengthens the defenses of the body, especially in cold weather, and expels the body from the inside and out like a shower.

And recently I have been using this quick 2-step care in the morning, which makes my skin glow in just 30 seconds. All this does not really take more than 3 minutes and then I sit down, drink my hot Ayurvedic turmeric water and get in the mood for 8 minutes of meditation. For this, I set myself an alarm and tried my best not to think anything.

If that doesn't work very well, then I connect with a mantra or just watch my thoughts flicker through my head. Best of all, this is the only moment of the day that I am conscious of right now and here. Feel my body and be thankful for this life.

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