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If God Made the World, then Who Made God?

 If God Made the World, then Who Made God? 


There are many topics on which there can be a never-ending debate. In these, the existence of religion and God are the most discussed subjects and people can never agree on these things. Our religious texts and science have different views about how life started. According to science, this universe has been created automatically. Even animals and humans have all arisen on their own. Even great scientists like Stephen Hawkins said that whatever is in this world has been generated by itself. According to scientists, an author is needed to make anything, but science also says that there is no need for an author to make everything that is made.

Stephen Hawkins did much research and concluded that this universe is a natural phenomenon and that God does not exist. Stephen Hawking explained the creation of the universe through the Big Bang Theory, according to which about 15 billion years ago all physical elements and energy were collected at one point. Then this point began to expand. It was like an explosion that was different from a bomb blast. In this, the particles of the early universe spread throughout the space and started running away from each other. Stephen Hawking explained that time before the Big Bang did not exist and when there was no such thing as time, how God created the universe. This means that there was no role of God in creating the universe. He also said that some rules in the universe cannot be changed in any situation, they will remain the same. So when everything happens based on rules, what role does God play in creating the universe.

Now, if science is to be believed, can anything arise in such a systematic way? How is the structure of nature, trees, seasons, animals, humans, etc. all so well organized? The seasons change on their own time. Fruits and vegetables grow according to the season. The human body is considered to be the most complex instrument. It is so well composed that it also grows at a certain time. The human body develops according to age. The infant stays in the mother's womb for nine months and arrives in this world just after nine months. The mother becomes lactating only after the birth of the child. Even the baby starts breastfeeding on its own, it does not have to learn. The human body is structured in such a way that its different organs fulfill different roles. Heart, mind, bones, hands, feet, ears, eyes, etc. How they have become on their own and they are very well run. The same applies to all creatures of this world.

Do you think that such a systematic nature is just a coincidence? It all became this way on its own? Such a system has happened automatically, it becomes a little difficult to believe it. Think for yourself that humans have made complicated devices. For example, if no one had built a computer, could a computer have been created automatically and would have been able to function in such a way that today we and you can do everything sitting in your place through the computer.

In the many old forts, you must have seen that inside the fort, very large and deep pits were filled with water, so that if the enemy attacks, he would not get a chance to enter the fort, while the walls inside the fort were made in this way. The rooms were to be kept warm during the winter and cool in summer. Even though these walls, things happening in other rooms could be heard which was very important in terms of security. So if no one had done this much planning, was it possible to construct such systematic fortifications or buildings?

If you go through Hindu Vedas and read them, then there is complete information about the universe and this creation.

There is no end to this universe. We think that we are the most intelligent in the whole universe, so there is no one more intelligent than us. If you do not believe, then just read the explanation of the solar system and see where our existence is. Only in a moment, you will understand that from this point of view we are also as insignificant as insects.

We all believe that God, Allah, Jesus created us. God is given different names in different religions. So now the question comes that if God created us then who created God?


Man has been trying to know who God is from his origins to date. And who created God. Man has made so much progress that he has reached the moon and made many surprising inventions and discoveries, but when the question comes that who is God and who is his creator or inventor, then even today we keep silent because this question We have no answer to.

It is noteworthy in the Hindu Vedas that the universe has three dimensions, in these three dimensions there are different planets and there is life. Whenever God and God appear on earth, they come here from other dimensions, while some scholars say that God is none other than aliens, that is, they come from other planets. An example of this is the famous book "The Chariots of Gods" by Erich von Däniken. Listening to such thoughts, it seems that many people who call God as coming from Alien or other planets, only keep their views or their knowledge in this subject is limited. If people of this type read Hindu Vedas, then surely they will be forced to change their views.

Many scientists also believe that there are three dimensions in this universe, of which time is the shortest, but when compared to the Indian Vedas, science is far behind because in Vedas there is a description of 64 dimensions. If these dimensions are also divided, then there are innumerable dimensions. It is also notable in the Vedas that this three-dimensional universe is divided into different levels, which include the heavens, the earth, or the dead and hell. God incurs from time to time to teach religion on earth from different dimensions and explain the purpose of human life. It has been said that the gods reside in heaven, which is far better than the dead, but there is also death and if there are bad deeds or there is no living according to the scriptures, then he would have been born in the lower realms. 

Vaikunthadham is described in the Bhagavadpurana (A Holy Scripture of Hindus) where Lord Vishnu or Krishna resides and is said to be the destination of the soul, that is, when the soul attains salvation, it attains Vaikuntha Dham (Heaven). That is why we are dependent on God because He is our righteousness and decides everything in our life. According to Erich von Daniken, Lord Krishna also came here from another planet. Whereas the thing to think is that those who come from another planet come in their own form and not take birth on Earth. Lord Rama, Lord Krishna,  Jesus etc. were born on earth so that they could explain to us how a man has to lead a life. Imagine that an alien is coming here and taking birth and teaching religion in a human form, is it possible? So what do you think is all this knowledge, is God? Does God have no role in our life or in our creation?

If you believe even a little bit that God is there then love him rather than doubt his existence. Many such things have been said in the scriptures, which you can achieve through devotion. If God is not there then how is it possible? And yes, to love God, you have to love every living thing in the world because everything is its creation and God who is part of God also has God, every soul has divine abode. Disgust, condemn, criticize, cheat, remove all these feelings, and keep sharing the love. There is no better way to make life happier. And if you do that then God himself will love you.

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