Hi everyone today I will be sharing with you how to teach your babies and kids to read. I will reveal to you the secrets of how mommy taught me to read when I was a baby. 

So strap yourself in and let's get ready to learn number, one pray for your kids. The bible says in James 1;7 If any of you lacks wisdom let him ask of God who gives to all liberally and with outreach and it will be given to him mommy and daddy, used to pray for me and with me when I was a baby up to now. 

So parents pray for there kids and make it a habit to pray together. I also bought this book My First Prayers we read it together every night before going to sleep.


Number One 

Read to your child every day according to Nemours kid's health, reading to your baby has many benefits it teaches a baby about communication builds, listening memory, and vocabulary skills and gives babies information about the world around them. 

I purchased a set of books the talking pen .it's like this, what would you like its lunchtime, I'm taking orders for food if you are busy you can let your child read using this talking pen just point to words and it will read for you. They enjoyed reading these books with a talking pen when a kid was little.

Number Two 

Sing the alphabet song and let your child memorize it you can also sing it as your baby's lullaby when I turned one-year-old I can already sing and recite the English alphabet, number & identify the 26 letters of the alphabet which consists of 5 vowels and 21 consonants. 

You can use flashcards like this to teach your child the alphabet, for example, A for apple B for ball C for cat, and so on and so forth number five familiarize the letter sounds each letter of the alphabet represents sounds in words and this relationship between letter symbols and their sounds is known as phonics, say this is A the A says very good how about B good job, how about C very good number.

Number Three 

Know the vowel the letters a e i o and u are called vowels. Vowels can make short and long sounds, for example, the letter A the short sound for A is an as in apple while the long sound for A is an as in acorn.

Number Four 

Identify and decode written words. All of the words are made by putting letters together to listen to the word cat is written in three letters C A T so when your child already knows the letter sounds He/She can easily decode a word like this number.

Number Five 

Teach your child sight words, sight words are words that appear frequently in most of the texts people read but can't be easily sounded out. Learning them helps children become more confident readers some of the kindergarten sight words are said that look-see and that so 

Those are the five easy steps on how to teach your child to read. These tips may work differently for every child. Since each of them has his or her own phase, as a parent just be patient and let your child have fun while learning to read. 

When my kid started reading at one year and nine months I was so surprised that she can actually do it. So don't wait until your child goes to school before, you teach them to be their parent-teacher as I am my kid teacher-parent.  

My child is only five years old and she can read almost all of the words from the dictionary. so that's all for today. If you want to develop your child's learning skills tremendously and that too in a very short time, this product helps my little too much to develop her learning skills effectively, then just check out this awesome product by Clicking Here

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