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How to Save Your Marriage - Saving Marriage Tips

How to Save Your Marriage

How to Save Your Marriage

Saving Marriage - Tips

It's not uncommon for couple relationships to change over time. Crises in the relationship between two people can hardly be avoided; they are often seen as an opportunity for the partner to develop further. However, some relationship or marriage crises can develop into a painful process that brings those involved to a point where they wonder whether there is still a future together for them

The most important thing about "saving marriage" for you:

  • A harmonious coexistence requires the commitment of the partners. If love has been neglected and the relationship is in crisis, breaking up is not necessarily the best solution.
  • With some effort, it is possible to revive and save a relationship. Various criteria indicate whether a relationship crisis can be overcome or not.
  • Daily attention is the foundation for romance, trust, and passion. A lack of respect makes it difficult to save a relationship in which the partner's affection has waned.
  • Compromises between the partners ensure that neither of the two has to give up their wishes and dreams. They enable a harmonious relationship despite fundamentally, different attitudes on essential issues.
  • Rescue efforts for a broken marriage require the willingness and commitment of the partners to practice common rituals with one another. Disgrace, criticism, and withdrawal tend to have counterproductive effects. Domestic violence should be used as a reason to leave the partner.

When indifference and frustration have spread

Although most people want a stable and happy relationship, it is not easy to permanently maintain harmony in living together with a partner. Various possible factors can cause couples to drift apart over the years or to argue with each other all the time. 

Love relationships must be nurtured. Many people are not sufficiently aware of this or they neglect to maintain their relationship with their partner out of thoughtlessness or because they believe that it will go by itself. But for a good partnership, you have to do something. 

If mutual awareness and care diminish over time, it leads to a decrease in the affection of the partners for one another. When a marriage no longer conforms to the (often glorified) ideal of a relationship with growing dissatisfaction, people today are generally more ready to divorce than a few decades ago.

However, only a few couples are so determined and after a short period of argument decide to put a line under their shared past. Most of the time, after indifference and frustration have gradually crept into the relationship and grown, it takes time for the thought of a breakup to actually come out. 

Often it is one of the two partners who has long been concerned with whether the relationship still makes sense. As long as love has not yet completely died out, there is usually also a chance of saving it. Sometimes the partners' feelings for one another have literally been buried, a mountain of everyday circumstances and habits has piled up over them. 

It will take some effort to revive a neglected love, and some couples break up without really trying. But a crisis in a marriage or partnership, even if it is painful, does not necessarily mean that a breakup is the best path.

Can I save my marriage?

Some people find at some point in a long-term relationship that their partner is no longer the same person they fell in love with years ago and decided to spend the rest of their lives with. It is certainly true that your partner has changed, but you have also changed yourself. 

People become more mature and develop, so it is foolish to wish that the other should be back to the way they were when the relationship began. What is understandable, on the other hand, is the longing that emerges for the loving and attentive interaction that a young couple had with one another. 

Whose relationship or marriage is in crisis may compare today's everyday relationship with the moments in love from the early days and wonder whether the relationship can still be saved. But as long as someone is asking this question at all, the signs are good that a relationship or marriage crisis can be overcome. 

To save an unhappy marriage takes some effort, which is literally working. But, as already mentioned, something must be done for every relationship. Couples who are freshly in love will not waste much thought on “relationship work,” and much of what couples might do to keep their relationship alive is lost in everyday life. 

However, if you are thinking of a breakup, you should be aware that after a certain period of time you would also see a new partner with different eyes. So why not invest energy in relaunching a relationship with a trusted partner?

Various aspects offer indications as to whether such an attempt is promising. Common interests and goals, as well as similar life plans, are to be seen as positive signs of this. 

Communication with one another and the way in which conflicts in the relationship are resolved must also be examined. Furthermore, you should honestly ask yourself whether there is still mutual interest in the other and whether mutual interaction is still characterized by admiration and respect. 

The physicality also plays a role, which does not only refer to sexual contact but generally to the question of whether both partners can still enjoy touching each other and being touched lovingly. The more such clues there are for a common ground that still exists, the more likely it is that a marital crisis can be overcome.

Care, Attention, and Respect

The efforts that must be made to prevent the ultimate breakdown of a relationship are of a similar nature to the efforts that are recommended to prevent serious crises from occurring in the first place. 

The most important piece of advice that can be given to (spouses) partners is to turn to each other and not to turn away from each other. The care and attention that you give each other is the basis for an emotional connection on which romance, trust, and passion can be based. 

Many couples believe that the best recipe for restoring the emotional base of a relationship is to have a candlelight dinner or a getaway together. In doing so, they overlook the importance of not taking everyday togetherness for granted, as is often the case with carelessness. 

Turning to each other in small things every day is a more important contribution to the existence of a marriage than a two-week vacation in the Caribbean because the small (and often seemingly insignificant) gestures of attention help the partners maintain a positive attitude towards one another and so save the relationship.

Once affection has waned in a relationship, it can only be rekindled if the partners are aware of the importance of this feeling to happiness in the relationship. Even if you sometimes want to pull your hair out at each other's mannerisms, you should still feel that the partner is worth treating with respect.

 A marriage in which that feeling is no longer there is unlikely to be saved. After a serious breach of trust, possibly based on an affair or even an affair between one of the partners and a third person, it can happen that this respect is lost. In this case, it will be very difficult to revive the feeling of affection. 

In all other cases, it is relatively easy for the partners to bring back the loving feelings for one another, namely by talking to one another about their past, about getting to know each other and the past years.

The art of compromising

Conflicting attitudes on the part of partners about essentials are often seen as an insurmountable barrier to a relationship or marriage. It's also hard to imagine that a couple, where one of the two insists on living in the city while the other prefers living in the countryside, for example, will ever end up on a green leaf. 

That said, it's hardly surprising if one of the two people one day takes the disagreement over where to live as an opportunity to end the relationship. In happy marriages, however, the goals of both partners are met without one trying to convince the other that his or her attitude is the only true and correct one. 

In such cases, it is a conflict that can never be completely overcome, but the partners learn to live with it. Such a conflict can be a circumstance that has been tolerated for years by a partner in which his wishes or dreams have not been taken into account. If certain longings, which are part of one's own identity, have been neglected for a longer period of time, this will lead to problems sooner or later.

In a “good” relationship or marriage, the partners keep talking about their wishes, dreams, and desires. Neither of the two tries to influence the other into giving up his wishes. 

If one of the partners continuously adjusts in marriage and buries their own dreams, sooner or later it will turn into a serious argument. Where spouses are in conversation, they work together on compromises that enable them to live in harmony with one another. 

In theory, it is always possible to start a conversation with the other, even if the partners have not spoken to each other about their innermost desires and needs for a long time.

What is the difference between happy and unhappy couples?

In order to save a marriage that appears to be quite shattered, both partners must be willing to devote time to "rescue operations." First and foremost, constructive conversations should be mentioned here, because the neglect of communication is one of the main reasons why spouses and relationship partners move away from each other. 

Often it is only insignificant, small rituals that distinguish happy couples from unhappy ones. Happy couples talk to each other in the morning (and listen to each other!) Before they break up and exchange ideas at the end of the day. 

While talking to each other, find a way to show appreciation for the partner. They consciously touch each other during the time they spend together. Hugs and tender kisses are exchanged daily. Couples who describe themselves as happy consciously do something together at least once a week. For example, they visit an exhibition, a cinema, or theater performance or just go for a walk together.

What has no place in a happy marriage is hatred, (wordless) withdrawal, and criticism. Contempt for the partner is expressed not only in negative thoughts but also in disparaging and disrespectful remarks. It is an expression of a negative attitude towards the partner and makes the solution of problems more difficult if it does not make them impossible. 

If one of the partners is constantly confronted with rejection, at some point he will react by withdrawing. In the majority of cases, it is men who would rather withdraw than grapple. However, those who avoid an argument in this way also withdraw from the marriage. 

Criticism is not to be understood as every statement with which a partner complains about a circumstance that is deplorable (from his point of view). 

A complaint or complaints are always related to a particular condition or thing that is wrong, while criticism is mostly aimed at the character and personality of the partner. Criticism is often associated with blame.

When the marriage can no longer be saved

In a marriage in which criticism, contempt, and withdrawal dominate, it will be difficult for the partners to find each other again and to save the relationship. The same applies if trust in one another is disturbed or fear and mistrust determine how we deal with one another. 

Where fistfights or violence has occurred in the marriage, it is better to abandon the idea of reconciliation or salvation of the marriage. 

Affected people should leave their partner as quickly as possible without telling them that they are going and, above all, where they are going. In the case of domestic violence, going to the police is also strongly recommended.

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