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How to Lose Love Handles & Lose Thigh Fat Quickly

How to Lose Love Handles & Lose Thigh Fat Quickly

In this article, I will show you exactly how to lose belly fat fast, even how to get rid of love handles, or how to lose thigh fat fast! 

So stop everything you're doing, and read this article till the end, because I will give you for free the Exact diet plan and exercise routine to follow to lose fat from your stomach and thighs area, and if you follow it for a month, you can easily lose 1 inch from your thighs and lose 2 inches from your waist. 

Now, before we continue. In this article, I will teach you how to lose stomach fat, how to get rid of love handles, and how to get rid of thigh fat fast. But before this, there is something very important: and that is HOPE!

You must believe in yourself! If you are very low self-esteem, you wake up every morning, look in the mirror and you are just unhappy with the way you look. That was a reality for a long time, but it was wrong! nothing works if you think like that! If you hate the way they look, and you don't really expect to look better, none of the diet plans or exercises will work! So, don't be like that, be positive about your future, appreciate yourself, smile, think of yourself as the sexiest person in the world, because this will really help you... 

Now, to get rid of belly fat fast and reduce thigh fat, your body must consume a lot more calories than what it takes from the foods you eat. So, in order to burn more calories and fat from the stomach area, you must increase your metabolism. 

To have a fast metabolism you must stay active and exercise almost every day. Normally your body consumes around 1400 to 1500 calories per day. In order to lose belly fat fast and get rid of thigh fat, it should consume over 2000 calories per day, or even more, which is possible, but only if you follow the next 6 tips! 

Tip #1  

for losing belly fat and getting rid of thigh fat is to drink 3 liters of water mixed with fresh lemon juice every day. This will detoxify your body, boost metabolism, and fill your body with vitamins. Also, first thing in the morning, when you wake up, drink half a liter of this lemon water. This will also reduce bloating and eliminate all excess water from your body. 

Tip #2 

The tip no.2 is to replace all table salt intake with sea salt. Table salt is filled with chemicals and increases water retention, while sea salt is natural, and if helps in weight loss and losing belly fat. 

Tip #3 

The tip no.3 is to do an intense workout in the morning, in which you work all your muscles. The most important aspect if you want to lose belly fat and thigh fat is to work your lower body because this will force your body to burn more calories. 

Tip #4 

The tip no.4 to get rid of belly fat, get rid of love handles, and lose thigh fat fast, is to consume a maximum of 1200 calories per day. 

You must take your carbs from fresh veggies, eat enough fibers, vitamins, and proteins because this will give you lots of energy and burns lots of fat from your stomach area and your lower body. Try to consume mostly organic foods, mostly fresh veggies. 

Tip #5 

The tip no.5 is to use a massage brush. They are many so-called experts who say that spot reduction is impossible. 

But I have a different opinion. If you massage your stomach area and your lower body with the massage brush, this increases blood flow in those areas and breaks down fat deposits. This is absolutely great if you want to get rid of love handles, and lots of women have had results using a brush.  

Tip #6 

The tip no.6 is about bacteria imbalance. The latest studies have shown the fact that belly fat is also caused by bacteria imbalance in our bodies. You see our bodies should have 85% good bacterias and
15 % of bad bacterias in order to be healthy and have a fast metabolism. 

Studies have shown that all overweight people have more of the bad bacteria and less of the good bacteria and that if you want to lose belly fat you need a fast metabolism, which can easily be increased by fixing the bacteria imbalance. And if you think that antibiotics can help you against bad bacteria, stop right there because they will only make you fatter! 

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