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How much do you earn per visitor with an affiliate website, articles, affiliate links and sales

How much do you earn per visitor with an affiliate website, articles, affiliate links and sales?

How much do you earn per visitor with an affiliate website, articles, affiliate links and sales?

Not only can you make money with an affiliate website, but you can also make a living from it. But how much do you actually earn per visitor with one affiliate website, articles, affiliate links and sales?

Especially beginners in affiliate marketing ask themselves these questions and I find it very interesting.

That is why I am going to get to the bottom of this question in my article today and I will definitely report on my experiences and learnings.

Can You Really Make Money With An Affiliate Website?

When I started my own online business several years ago (to be precise in 2009), I didn't really think about making money with a website. I started as a web designer and only started a blog myself because I wanted to report on my experiences and test a few things before implementing them on customer websites.

But the number of visitors increased and I started establishing affiliate links first. One of the first affiliate programs I used was Google AdSense, which still existed.

You can advertise AdSense publishers and if they earned something with AdSense, you get a commission. And so one day I got a message in my mailbox saying that I had just received a $ 150 commission. Of course, it was a happy moment that I did not expect. But it showed me the potential of affiliate marketing. This was my first real income from affiliate marketing.

Even though the AdSense affiliate program was discontinued after some time, I saw what an affiliate website could bring and gradually add more affiliate programs.

Affiliate income has grown in the last few years and today I can make a very good living from my website. I have many small affiliate websites, but I also use intensive marketing on my blog.

How much do you earn per visitor with an affiliate website, articles, affiliate links, and sales?

You will not prosper overnight with an affiliate website, but if you stick with it and build your website, you can generate a very good income with it.

But how much can you actually earn with an affiliate website? Is it enough to work or do you need different websites to make it work?

In the following, I will go through some of the factors that influence affiliate income and give my own examples.

Money per visitor

Of course, on an affiliate website, you do not get any revenue for direct website visitors. Affiliate marketing works in such a way that if a customer reached in the online shop, and if they buy something there, you get a percentage commission.

But it is also clear that having more visitors to your own affiliate website is a good basis for earning more.

Through microphones on my affiliate websites, the click-through rate on Amazon Link was 18.6% in August. An affiliate link was clicked on almost every fifth-page view.

And this click rate is very stable for me so that the link associated with twice as many page views will have twice as many clicks. This in turn naturally ensures higher income.

On my microphone website, I made around 35 dollars for every 1,000 visitors in August. It is estimated that Statics only shows page views and not the number of individual visitors, but when I was still using Google Analytics, it was about 1.8 pages per visitor, which was up to about 5,000 visitors in August Speaks

On my projector website, it is around 20 dollars per 1,000 visitors.

So you can see here that it varies from website to website and also depends on what kind of visitors you attract to your own affiliate website. If they already have a strong buying interest, more of them will click on the affiliate link and then buy something.

And of course, it also depends on the establishment of affiliate links and how specific they are.

Money per item

Revenue per article is also exciting because beginners often think that they have to write a lot, a lot of articles so that they can get off to a good start.

But this is not true, as my niche websites show. These are particularly small affiliate websites with relatively little content. Often only 20-30 pages. My projector website has just 20 articles, plus 6 pages (2 of which are imprint and data protection announcements). I made around 5 Dollars per page/article in August.

There will definitely be differences here too, it depends on how you set up your own affiliate website. If you rely on some long articles that have many affiliate links, then the revenue per page/article will increase. If you do it more like me and publish more short articles, the revenue per page/article decreases. Therefore, this value is also not necessarily so favorable for comparison.

By the way, you can make money on an affiliate website not only with affiliate programs. So I use VG Wort tracking pixels on my affiliate websites because I wrote the texts myself.

And it's worth it if you believe that at least some articles are viewed 1,500 times or more per year. After all, last year it was reached 50 Dollars per article.

Money per affiliate link

If you look at the revenue per affiliate then the valuation becomes even more difficult. Of course, on the one hand, it helps click rates if you include a relatively large number of affiliate links in your own texts. Then visitors click it more often.

However, you shouldn't overdo it, as it scares not only visitors but also Google. I add 3-5 affiliate links per article (which has about 500 words). On a bestseller page, of course, is significantly higher, and often less so in a background article.

But if we consider 4 affiliate links per article/page, then in my two examples it is about one euro per month per affiliate link income.

Money per sale

This is the most accurate way to say how much you earn per sale. To do this, you simply have to look at your own affiliate statistics for the partner programs used.

Since I only use the Amazon Partner Program on my microphone page, it is very easy to find out how much I earn on average per sale there. The conversion rate in August was around 4%, which is not great. It was over 6% in June. In August I earned around 3 dollars per sale.

This also varies from website to website. The conversion rate of my projector website was around 6.5% in August and I earned around 2.5 Dollars per sale there.

But these, too, are prices that may look different on other websites. Depending on the products advertised, you earn different amounts. Those who primarily advertise cheap products will not earn a lot per sale, but will make a lot of sales and therefore earn a good total. People who advertise expensive products, on the other hand, actually earn a good amount per sale but do not make many sales per month.

In addition, seasonal fluctuations occur. On my board game blog, where I use affiliate marketing intensively, I had by far the most visitors in December (2,00000-page impressions), because the Christmas business works great there.

Prices were very good in December, with an affiliate click rate of 16% on Amazon and an affiliate conversion rate of 15.1% in the Amazon store. And although I only earned about 2 dollars per sale (card and board games are not so expensive), I made a lot of good money overall.

Affiliate marketing course

In this course * you will learn step by step how you can earn very good money from affiliate marketing.

How many visitors does it take to make money from affiliate marketing?

It is difficult to consider individual factors in isolation with affiliate websites. Instead, it is important to make an overall assessment. Of course, it helps if you have several affiliate websites that you can compare with each other.

From my own experience, I can say that you usually need 3,000 to 5,000 visitors per month to earn 150 Dollars with affiliate marketing. But it's just a hard guideline

How much time it takes to earn money from Affiliate Marketing?

In this article, I have shared my experiences on how long it takes to make money with an affiliate website.

Here, it should also be noted that there can be no concrete statement because the commitment of the affiliate is important apart from the website. People who invest more time and work in their own affiliate website make good money fast.

A survey is currently underway and accordingly, around 60% of survey participants do not yet make any money. For about 10% it took a year. Only 6% made immediate money from their affiliate website.

The conclusion

You can make very good money with an affiliate website, but it takes time and you have to do a lot of work.

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