Have you ever stopped in front of a garden or house because something caught your eye? You can set up such fixtures in your garden - for example in front of or on your terrace. Are you looking for unusual platform shading? Then let the following examples inspire you.



Garden planning is an important topic for many garden lovers and homeowners. After all, with the right planning, you have the opportunity to create a holiday retreat for yourself, a place that allows you to forget about the stresses of everyday life and where you want to spend a lot of time. The aim of this article is to show you what you should be looking for in garden design so that your bay is as you imagine it to be.


Whether you set up your garden behind the house or elsewhere, with a little preparation you have a chance to own a wellness oasis.

To do this, you need to know from the beginning what you want to do with the garden. Should it be full of your soul or do you appreciate fruits and vegetables from your own garden? Are there sources of water that you need to consider (garden irrigation) or do you want to build (pond, well)? Should children have their own kingdom?

If necessary, plan a place for your children for the treehouse, swing, or slide very early.

Think about the edges of the premises as soon as possible: where would the garage or drying area fit for laundry? How big should the platform be?

If you also plan these areas in your garden architecture, then your garden could be as beautiful as you imagine.

 Garden types

You have little choice between a kitchen garden, a luxurious garden, a classic hybrid of the two, or a natural garden.

Ornamental garden:

Trees and plants primarily meet the aesthetic demands of an ornamental garden

In an ornamental garden, you will find no vegetables, only green beds, and areas laid out exactly around a well or pool. The English garden or Japanese garden belongs to the ornamental garden.

Kitchen garden: 

In a kitchen garden, there are fruit trees in the meadow, potatoes, cabbage, and carrots that are planted in beds. The beds are much larger than in the ornamental garden. Ornamental plants, i.e. flowers, on the edge of the harvested area in its own bed.

Near-natural garden: 

This garden is easy to maintain and in harmony with nature. While an English garden or even a Japanese garden is in stark contrast to its surroundings, the natural garden harmonizes with the environment. So only native or local plants are used, for interest and ornament. The natural garden is a phenomenon of the 1970s, even if the idea came to it at the beginning of the last century.

What kind of garden do you want?

Once you know what to expect from your garden, you can start planning.


Set your garden boundary marking:



Consider the privacy screen too. A fence with a privacy screen should be around six feet. However, also pay attention to the legal conditions. A privacy fence to the adjacent boundary must have a minimum length of 50 cm.

Plan each area - as mentioned above, don't forget the garage, playground, pond, or similar items.

Define each path, at the beds, and paved paths to the terrace, garage, or exit.

There are many garden planners on the Internet for virtual planning. A few are presented below.



Garden planners are available in 2D and some in 3D for free for the browser or as a download.

 2D garden planner

A free garden planner can be found, on the internet example

 you do not need to log in at just download their free software.

2D planners give you an area where you can set things up and also increase or decrease them. This allows you to create a picture of the garden very quickly. Things like:

  • Building
  • Tree
  • Fences
  • Bedding plants
  • Landcover
  • Footpaths and pavement alternatives

In addition, special items such as swimming pools or irrigation tanks can be entered.

With the garden planner, you get, as it were, a “bird's eye view" of your garden.

The planner provides prefabricated objects via the "+" button. However, you can use the “Brush” button to let your creativity run free. Draw fences, hedges, and pools without templates. Ready Arsenal is again available for ground cover and other shapes, which you can resize.

The small blue printer planner offers a large number of things that are only available in a few other configurations. For example, you can plant a bouncy castle or dog house in the garden - found under "Decoration" - or let your garden be enriched with moss, which can be found under "Floor Decoration".

In order to be able to properly water your plants in your dream garden, the software button provides your sprinkler plan for your configuration from the start. Draw your plan first and then click through the sprinkler plan, or you can create it automatically. The garden planner software also provides this.

3D garden planner

Free 3D garden configurators are rare, but there are a few. This includes the software virtual garden from the BBC.

As with the other tools presented, you can use the garden planner’s virtual garden to define boundaries and position objects from pools to garden chairs. You can also choose templates, and your dream garden version may already be included. The 3D version, which is included with some planners, but is only available in the premium version, is offered by a free virtual garden. The garden planner is from the BBC so it is only available in English.

Platform planner

With most garden planners you can almost configure your garden, just by describing the individual objects “only” in height and width. But since terrace construction plays a key role for many garden owners, a terrace planner should be mentioned here. Of course, there is also a configuration for this complex construction, as the planner from Megawood.

In addition to the free versions, there are also paid versions. However, some are only really free in the "basic version". You have to pay for certain features. For example, is more honest. 2D and 3D versions are available at a very cheap price plan. What pcon-planner has to offer other than 3D is just a garden config with which you can plan the outdoor lighting. pcon-planner also has a comprehensive plant encyclopedia where you can find the right plants for your needs and at the same time inform you about their care.

Garden planner needs for computer

The current Flash player and the current version of Windows are sufficient for you to use the browser-based planner. This also applies to the planners you have to download first, such as the BBC virtual garden.


Your dream garden can be created down to the last detail on the computer. In the 3D view, you can almost go around in your new garden. When planning, think about all the walks from the patio, your toilet, your pool, and other places you would like to venture out to and from.


Schedule irrigation in the garden

Planning for water too. A small blue printer garden planner gives you this possibility. Consider the water source (well, rain barrels, domestic connection) and all the necessary equipment (pumps, domestic waterworks). These things also need parking space so they should be visible in the garden plan. It is advisable to use the virtual garden plan as the basis for the irrigation plan. For good construction, you should be familiar with the development plan.



Light is an important guarantee for the emotional character towards the evening. Many garden parties do not start in the early evening when the fire in the fireplace or barbecue area shows its bright effect. But you can also add other light sources to your garden:

Sea of ​​lights above the garden pond

Underwater lights for the pool

Light garlands on the terrace

Lighting an indirect path from the garden gate to the terrace

... and much more.

You should plan for this early too, as these mood-enhancing light sources usually require a socket (or solar panel). 


Even if it doesn’t seem like a garden planner to date, it should be mentioned here that acoustic electronic entertainment should also be considered. You may want to invest at least one or two ideas in the space for "invisible" decorative stone loudspeaker boxes and the necessary power connections when planning.

Sun protection

Sun protection is essential for you and your children. You should, therefore, plan for natural and man-made early sun protection.

Natural sun protection

Trees with a broad crown provide natural protection from the sun. You should, therefore, pay attention to the choice of trees when planning your garden. Trees that provide protection from the sun should be planted at the swimming pool, garden benches, or the playground.

You may already include this planning in your garden config.

Example of Trees with a broad crown 

  • Trumpet tree: at first the crown is like a sphere, but later it becomes wider and gives excellent protection from the sun

  • The spherical linden: the crown of the spherical linden is initially round and then expands

In addition to width, density is also important. The closer the crown, the better the sun protection. At the same time, such a deciduous screen or dense fence is a decorative privacy screen. Privacy screens can be what you need to pay attention to so that you do not annoy your neighbors about getting legal information on privacy screens.

However, you need to keep in mind that a tree or fence provides shelter for many insects, which many garden owners tend to list as unwelcome garden guests.

This happens as often as canopies- and if it does, you can remove the insects with a hand brush or something similar.

Sun protection with awnings

If you can plan your sun protection with trees, shrubs, and hedges, it looks different from sun sails. To date, there does not appear to be a garden planner that takes into account the installation of sun protection.

So, here are a few key points you should pay attention to get the best sun protection with sunscreen in your own garden:

 How strong is the solar radiation on the side (north, northeast, northwest, southeast, southwest)? Pay attention to the location of the sun.

Where will your platform be and how well protected from sunlight?

Where should your swimming pool be built and will trees adequately protect the area or are you planning a sun sail over the pond?

What is the frequency of precipitation in your latitude and what is the strongest wind speed?

If you keep these features in mind, you can plan your sun protection early with awning configurators like the one from Pina.

Most configures allow you to choose between shape (triangle, square, polygon), color, choice of fabrics, frame, and accessories. When choosing the fabric, you can choose between water-permeable or waterproof or water-repellent. You should already know the worth of a solar sail that offers a great deal of protection from the rain. You decide on the frame depending on your specified spending plan and the strength of the wind in your region.


Construction of a pond

If you are planning to build a pond, look at the development plan and regulations in your state or municipality. You can find out more about the principles and construction of a swimming pool here about Building a swimming pool.


With just over 10 square meters of free space in your garden, it’s worth a playhouse or plays tower with a plug-in slide, covered sand pad, and swing. For the swing, you have to calculate the oscillation or length of the chain that holds the swing. If your free space is not large enough for an extension climbing frame, you could set up a simple climbing frame or climbing tower with a climbing number. These will take up about 3 to 4 square meters.



To build a well, possibly to build a garage, side house, terrace, garden house, and garden house, you should definitely refer to the development plan for your property. You can also find out about your local building authority. It may be necessary to apply for building permission in advance from the building authority. For a garden house, this depends on the state and the proposed cubic meters. In the case of a house with sanitary facilities or a fireplace, you must always be able to show permission.

photo credit: Google Images


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