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Healthy Eating: 10 Rules for Fitness & Health

 Healthy Eating: 10 Rules for Fitness & Health

Healthy Eating

Eating healthy is so easy

Vegan, paleo, low carb - or is it high carb? Are you completely confused when it comes to healthy eating? No wonder: every day you hear about THE new nutrition trend that makes you even healthier, leaner, fitter, or more muscular. You don't need a miracle diet to eat a healthy and balanced diet - the following 10 rules for a healthy diet are completely sufficient!

1. Rule of a healthy diet: Eat versatile

The same low carb muesli every morning, broccoli, rice, and chicken at lunchtime and healthy fitness bread in the evening? Sure, all healthy foods - but honestly folks, that is not only monotonous in the long run, but in the worst case can even lead to deficiency symptoms because you only ever consume the same vitamins and nutrients. 

Much better: the next time you reach for a wide variety of foods - especially in the fruit and vegetable department. Combined with healthy fats, a good portion of protein, and complex carbs, your body is well taken care of!

Are you looking for inspiration? Then click into my fitness recipes here!

2. Rule of a healthy diet: water consumption

We have all heard what feels like a thousand times - and yet we don't (always) stick to it: Pay attention to your hydration! It should be at least 1.5 liters a day - depending on how much sport you do, whether you consume water-rich foods (especially fruit and vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, melon, ...) and how warm it is, the amount varies pretty here. 

I cannot, therefore, give you a general recommendation. As a rule of thumb: Just make sure that you drink a large glass of water before each meal - tea, e.g. Green tea also counts, of course, without sugar!

And for those who need an extra incentive: losing weight with water really works!

3. Rule of healthy eating: Win-win situation

The basis of any healthy diet - no matter what type of diet you choose - should always consist of fruits and vegetables. In this way, you not only ensure that you are supplied with all vitamins, trace elements, and healthy secondary plant substances but also save calories! Because, due to their high volume, fruit and vegetables are really filling with comparatively few calories. Win-win situation!

If you pay attention to seasonal and regional products or even use organic food, you can't go wrong!

4. Rule of Healthy Eating: Carbohydrates are not bad

Carbohydrates have fallen into disrepute in recent years. Not entirely unjustified, because most of us use the wrong carbs: white flour products, sugary juices, and lemonades, sweets, French fries ... But there is another way: 

Whole grain products and potatoes are anything but unhealthy and give you the power you need for the day. Brown rice, whole grain bread or noodles, oat, and cereal flakes can land on your plate several times a day.

Not only good for your health, but also for your gains: Carbs are considered the most important source of energy and give you a boost during your workout!

That doesn't mean, of course, that you should slip in bread after bread without thinking - as always, the dose makes the poison! You can also drink juices from time to time, but please press the ones you press yourself. By the way, making healthy juices yourself is very easy!

And why you shouldn't eat carbohydrates every now and then in the evening, you can find out here.

5. Rule of a healthy diet: You don't have to be vegetarian

Popular nutritional myth: a healthy diet is exclusively vegetarian! It doesn't have to be: Meat is a great source of vitamins and protein, so you can treat yourself to steak and co. 1 - 2 times a week. Fish is even healthier: it is one of the few foods that contain iodine and also provides essential fatty acids.

Also interesting: good food.

6. Rule of a healthy diet: Fat is healthy

You read that right. Please forget all the bullshit about fat makes you fat, sick and is unhealthy per se - it's not that simple! Firstly, fat is an essential macronutrient; secondly, there are the fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K, which - as the name suggests - can only be used by the body if the body consumes fat. But here, too, you have to distinguish, similar to the carbs: There are different fatty acids, some are healthy, others less.

To keep the whole thing as simple as possible, just remember that vegetable sources such as high-quality olive oil, avocados, nuts, and seeds tend to be "better" - the exception, as I said, is the omega fatty acids from fish. And again: the dose makes the poison. 60-80 grams of fat a day is enough.

More info: Healthy fats.

7. Rule of a healthy diet: Dairy products and eggs in moderation

Two tough fronts are fighting against each other here: on the one hand, the vegans and paleo supporters who demonize cow's milk, on the other hand, die-hard milk fans who rely on the calcium content and have "always lived like this". The fact is: even if milk is not essential for life and a healthy diet works without dairy products, the German Nutrition Society recommends that you use it daily, if possible with low-fat variants.

The following applies to eggs: not every day, but several times a week! The fact that they increase your cholesterol and thus damage your health also belongs to the realm of myth!

8. Rule for a healthy diet: reduce sugar, salt, and alcohol

Sorry folks, but unfortunately there is a salt and sugar freeze when we talk about a healthy diet. That doesn't mean that you should forego it entirely, but at least limit your consumption.

My tip: You can use herbs or spices instead of salt - give the dishes even more pep.

And: Even though I have just told you to drink a lot - of course, that does not apply to alcohol. As an athlete, in particular, you shouldn't drink too often for a beer after work anyway. Now and then this is allowed, but in general alcohol and sport are not a good combination! Exercising with residual alcohol is also not the best choice.

9. Rule for a healthy diet: the right preparation

Yes, that is also part of a healthy diet: If you only ever drown your food in fat in the deep fryer or overcook your vegetables in the pot, many valuable ingredients will disappear. Better: try steaming, grilling, or a pan in which you can fry without fat. Also tastes better!

10. Rule of a healthy diet: Weight, Wait, Walk

Not directly related to food, but it is definitely part of a balanced diet and lifestyle: The three Ws - Weight, Wait, Walk. That means: Pay attention to your weight because neither underweight nor overweight is healthy. It's very easy if you exercise enough in everyday life, do regular sport and also take your meals calmly - gulping in or shoveling in front of the PC is not!

So, enough sermon. Because the most important rule for a healthy diet is very clear: stay relaxed. No matter which trends are haunting the fitness scene - don't be confused!

What other tips do you have for a healthy diet? Write to me, I am curious about what you follow!

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